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  1. Archer feels good, but i am not trusting Stroman to take the ARMBAR. I feel a swerve coming
  2. Darvish or Cmart. Not a fan of either after last season.
  3. Kind of odd to have Whit, Pollock, and Kikuchi in the free agent pool in a 10 team league. Lots of green beans? Oh and yes to all the moves.
  4. I would honestly just wait. None of them are really that helpful to own and you have JD who is not a major injury risk guy that is going to play DH for you 99% of the time.
  5. Your pitching is strong for 12 teams, but your hitting is a massive dice roll. Your really gambling hard that most of those guys pan out this season.
  6. Taillion Then I would look for some RP first and then another solid SP before rounding out my lineup.
  7. Verlander- The wheels have to fall off at some point and at a 3rd round price I would not take that risk. Castellanos- Hes been around for awhile and is just to meh for that price point. Jansen- Don't really have to explain this one. Corbin- To many seasons that were ruined by injury or were just meh. Conforto- Can you please just pan out for once? Kimbrel- You can't save games from the free agent pool.
  8. The biggest problem I can see is that there is really no one other than Eloy that has the opportunity to be significantly better than what your expecting, but on the other hand there are a lot of guys that I can see regressing and being worse than what your expecting. Overall pretty solid team.
  9. I would keep Paxton. I personally believe that Donaldson is going to be like Miggy going forward. A big name, but a shell of the player that made name big.
  10. No I would want way more than that for someone like Altuve.
  11. The only real value Price has to you is if you are playing to win next season. If you think you are a year or more out than I think this is a fair haul for Price at this point.
  12. I would say no to both. Your not really giving up much in the first, but Holland has never been able to stay health and has a bad habit of missing most of if not the whole season. As far as the 2nd one goes I would just want much more for quality guys like them.
  13. I hear Arkham Asylum has an opening. It could be really good for you and you would get to be neighbors with John Doe.