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  1. Profar actually showing signs of life, holy s---.
  2. Go Soroka and Weaver! Hopefully Eloy gets activated today.
  3. Looks like he’ll be back Monday. Hopefully the time off gave him some time to adjust his approach to big league pitching. The talent is definitely there. Homered last night in AAA.
  4. I’m taking a chance in my streaming spot.
  5. Profar looks lost at the plate. About to give up on him.
  6. Going to be a really tough loss for him if the Indians don’t get a run here.
  7. Yep if he doesn’t heat up by the end of next week I’m dropping.
  8. I didn’t start watching until the 4th but he settled in nicely. 6 IP 6 H 3 ER 1 BB 8ks. I’ll take that all day.
  9. Looks like they’re giving Van Meter a start, but why at LF and not 2B or DH??
  10. I hate David Bell already. Makes no sense.
  11. Haha if he keeps this up he will absolutely not be on my team all year I don’t care wheee I drafted him. He’s been riding my bench whenever possible the last 2 weeks anyways.
  12. how much longer should I hold onto him in a 12 team? Seems like there’s less and less chance he turns it around every game.