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  1. I'm sure he'll have a couple of 5 TD games later on haha!!!
  2. Very true! Dissly isn't the "name guy" that Kittle is and of course much much less proven so he wouldn't return as much. and you're right, til Kittle has that big game (which he hasn't yet), he's not going to get back value either
  3. same here! I'm trying to trade Dissly for something but what are you going to do, think it's better for you to trade your Dissly or your Kittle?
  4. Whatever you do bidding on those guys I'd go cheap - both CDan and McColt are temporary QB's who won't be starting for long...
  5. Yeah I'm thinking he could be had pretty cheap, most likely he's forgotten now after the bad week vs Buffalo. Same league someone dropped Mike Williams, I'm thinking he's worth bidding for as well right?
  6. Someone dropped Dorsett in my league over the weekend - how much FAAB out of 100 would you bid this week (post-hype of last week)? Thanks!
  7. How many weeks would it have been if he were put on IR? Has to be less than that at least...
  8. Gallman is mediocre at best, it's not like where you can plug in any RB in a given system/situation (e.g. KC, Dallas, Pitt, etc) and get big numbers. Saquon only puts up big numbers in the NYG situation as he's a freak. Only if desperate at RB would I put up more than 3%. You'd be better off starting a guy like Ronald Jones or even Chris Thompson while Saquon recovers, in my opinion.
  9. definitely Ronald Jones, I can see him taking over that backfield shortly!!
  10. Defense was still focused on Kittle and making sure to shut him down, then they got killed by the WR's. Now maybe more attention will need to be paid to the WR's and Kittle will get some nice one-on-one coverage
  11. If Minkah gets traded who steps up at DB for Miami in his place?
  12. Yeah I've been considering him, but not sure as that's VERY long term. I guess it wouldn't hurt to stash him in the IR spot until I see that I need the spot for someone else...
  13. Other than CJ Mosley, any injured players with an "Out" designation for this week worth stashing in an IR spot?