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  1. Consciously or subconsciously Trevor's arm has been going for awhile now. These things take a lot of time and exertion to tear, and when they do even partially there's only one route to take if you want a chance at playing ball again, especially at a position like SS where a powerful arm is needed. My brother had this surgery along with several of his teammates. He told me (pitcher) that his arm had been hurting for several years but he played through the pain, but you can only play through a tear so long...and good luck doing that at the major league level...Best of luck in his recovery either way, but there's a 99% chance if it's UCL damage, season over, surgery required.
  2. Even a partial tear and you are in trouble here, those injuries linger until you get the required operation. They do not heal on their own.
  3. The good: picked up Mondesi last week, and lucked into grabbing Soto earlier in the year. Without them I would have lost for sure last week. The bad: I dropped Ozuna (a keeper) the day before he hit 2 HR and went on a tear a few weeks ago and it could come back to bite me.
  4. And to think I almost dropped Evan Gattis because I thought this guy had it in cruise control when he come back...guy has been putrid...this guy seems have about 2 runs and rbis in the last 15 games lol.
  5. As an owner of Rizzo and Bryant it's been a little disappointing.
  6. I'll give this guy another 7-10 days to perform on my bench then it's time to cut a fish loose.