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  1. Ravens should be losing most the game and forced to throw. Hollywood should have Volume!
  2. How did DWill get hijacked by SD RBs. DWill is average as stated previously. I do believe that being on KC adds tons of value but he cannot afford an injury now. He is going to be Wally Pipped by a better RB now.
  3. Lol, dude trade Malcom for someone who plays a full game. Even Mixon will out produce Pollard and Mixon sucks.
  4. After kickoff returns he wasn’t in on the next play or two. But he is in virtually every play thereafter. Both look good and I think Robinson was getting the same type of looks as Sammy. But his 2 week snap count looks spot on for the 3rd wr when the teams at full strength.
  5. The stupid Lions thought to use him as a decoy and throw to James.. lol how Detroit of them. James running like Frankenstein looks terrible
  6. I says why buy him, who would you play him over. I would rather play almost any 2nd stringer over him. I would have a hard time not adding a FA instead of playing him. I drafted him last season and got 1 s---y quarter out of him, it might have been a half. I actually giggled when one guy drafted him then said he might be a top 10 back. Lol
  7. The Browns look like poop. Problem is they played a team that might lose to Miami. So now the Browns and OBJ and Baker are disillusioned by tonight’s game. They are probably talking about what hotel they are staying at when they go to the Super Bowl. What they don’t know yet is they will be watching from the stands. Straight trash. Being a Bears fan and how stupid Nagy and Trubisky are makes watching the Browns feel like a Bears game.
  8. I agree. I’m sure the supporters of him will come back with he missed 2 games last year bla bla bla. Cincy as a whole is below average and the O line is worse than that. At least Andy’s a solid Pro and the other weapons are worth the trouble. Mixon will have some success but I feel like if your starting him your not going to be beating the top teams on a week to week basis. There are too many questions regarding RBs after this weeks games. At least we don’t have any more about Joe.
  9. Sounds like he had an okay debut for BB and the Patriots nation. Now if he would start paying all the folks that worked for him and also pay off the people he has been inappropriate with he will be awesome this year. I don’t think anything we hear is wrong or inaccurate including him being an awesome football player. If only he would have listened to Hines Ward who as far as I know is a good guy he would be trending up. The way I see it is why would anyone want to be affiliated with him. He makes Alex Rodriguez look like a choirboy.
  10. Dudes a mfn stud.. if he gets the looks he will get you the points your looking for. The emergence of Hocketron should get Golladay some nice single coverages occasionally. He has great body control and hands. I’m trying to trade for him in every league I’m in.
  11. I guess people think Gurley is almost dead. News flash... Gurley is a top 5 back and if he gets hurt then you have a nice back. Maybe top 30. Congratulations Malcom owners.
  12. For crying out loud, the comparison is in regards to his playing time and production. Week 1 boom, week 2 not so much booming.
  13. Waste of time. Malcom is the next Ronald Jones.
  14. That’s what I said basically in the Malcom Brown outlook, some guy said I must not be paying attention. The Rams are lucky to have a good stable of backup RBs but Todd’s a superstar and will be getting all the work he can handle soon. All these Malcom Brown people are the same ones who Drafted Damien Williams and also grabbed Ronald Jones after a okay 1st week. I think they just look at box scores and rush to judgement.