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  1. Miggy has always been awesome, one of the best players since he came onto the scene. He was born to hit!
  2. He's looking like a ticket into the playoffs now that hes playing everyday and hitting in the top 3rd of the lineup. Much safer than taking Tre in the first round. I should already have Judge and Story/Baez when i draft him. Yes!!!
  3. If you are just here to put players down and be negative nobody needs you. if you have anything to contribute it would be greatly appreciated. and when i say pound for pound he his harder than anyone i was including all players from all teams. i am really looking forward to watching Cargo go off on the AL.
  4. Pound for pound Cargo hits harder than anybody. I feel like the Indians have added a huge asset for nothing. I love Cargo and his talent and hope he has the pundits scratching their heads as to why Colorado let him walk. i also think hes the best OF on the Indians now.
  5. hes going to have to knock a little rust off for sure. That said his Defense is as good as anyone and once he gets his bat going he will be a good real life player but for fantasy purposes he wont help much first 10 weeks. by then we should be seeing Didi coming back. i hope he makes it tough on the Yankees to sit him. The guy loves baseball and i hope he gets to play everyday and prove all the haters wrong.
  6. Nagy is as big an idiot as there is at the HC level in the NFL, I been stating it all,year long in the JoHo thread. He is directly responsible for every loss besides the NEP game. It was such an unbalanced game plan along with some really stupid calls. I would rather see Wandstat coaching again. At least he knew when and where to take dumb chances. 52 on a 2pt conversion and you don’t give him the ball. Hmmm really sad.
  7. He ain’t no Trevor Story, now that’s a bounce back. CC is going to hit 265 with pedestrian stats, whatever he had is lost. He and Tulo are going to have similar numbers at the ASB. Racy but true
  8. That’s a stretch but 40ish is probably the number. If he hits 55 the twin towers would get a lot of cheese to hit. I’m taking the over every game and winning 75% of my bets.
  9. I bet Bryce goes to NYY and Manny to the Cubs. Harper between Judge and Stanton, wow
  10. I agree, Rivera is definitely a HOF guy but there are numerous players who should have been 100% voted in, Joe D, Teddy Ballgame, Ruth, Jackie, Cobb etc. A RP does not deserve that distinction. Not even the great closer ever.
  11. Sunday night showdown and I think this will be the defining game for the Titans and Derricks marriage to each other. I hope game flow keeps Derrick involved all 4. Anyone have insight to his production this week?
  12. It’s all sketchy but I can see Teddy Ginn maybe, Amendola longshot. I would grab a wr from LAC, NYJ, KC.... somewhere where you know the team will throw more than run. And then there’s some bad QBs in play this week stay away from wr there. Pats, Chi etc will run mostly. And everyone else already owned it’s very slim pickings for wr this week week. Maybe a HOU wr.
  13. No INT since week 5, he is good but from a fantasy perspective it’s unfortunate you were left with only Carr to play for a championship, makes me wonder how lucky you were to get there in the first place.
  14. , but who else is a clear choice over Rodgers? Watson,Ben,Breese,Wilson,mayfield, it isn’t 2012 and Rodgers is falling.
  15. One of the best and brightest futures in football. He will be a top ten all time player if he avoids injury. Just a few guys to have a better start to a career (Warner, Mahomes and Marino) he’s just scratched the surface of his ability to play in the NFL and I think this is a great measuring stick for what’s to come. Cam was at his best his rookie season and then everyone realizes he can’t make half the throws= he Dante Culpepper. Watson is going to be a pure QB who will make all the throws and has great speed when needed. Furthermore I think a bad coaching philosophy or game plan is holding him back. Just imagine if the offense wasn’t so stagnet. Seems like they only play fast and loose is when trailing. They need to put the game away early and play fast and loose all 4 quarters. No need to play mistake free football when you can score at will.