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  1. Everett at TE Williams WR matchup and floor higher
  2. 12 team standard scoring non PPR Tyler Boyd vs JAX Michael Gallup vs PHI Will help in return
  3. Precedent already set. It has happened a couple times before. Same thing trade stood.
  4. I like the trade for you. Wilson is an upgrade. Bell potential stud at RB. Worth the risk in my opinion.
  5. We just processed a trade involving two teams. One team traded away Singletary RB BUF for R. Anderson WR NYJ. The trade was proposed and accepted on Friday. Both teams agreed on trade. We have a two day wait period for the league to vote in case collusion is suspected. Been that way for many years. Well, the manager of the team getting Anderson is claiming he was injured on Sunday and wants the trade to be vetoed. The trade went through and put the players on each team on Monday at 12:01 am. We have always considered a trade to be final when proposed and accepted. The only reason to change it otherwise would be collusion. I told him that the trade is final. Any input on this trade situation? Will help with yours.
  6. White will be active out of backfield today. He's your play.
  7. Edelman may play fewer snaps. When on the field he is the first guy Brady looks to 75% of the time. Good Luck
  8. Who would you start as WR3? Tyler Boyd CIN @ PIT Demarcus Robinson KC @ DET
  9. I would keep McKay. Thanks for help with mine.
  10. 100% drop. Get a hot player. Good luck
  11. Yoan Moncada 2B,3B CWS Yordan Alvarez OF Hou Bo Bichette SS Tor Cavan Biggio 2B, OF Tor Without a doubt keeping Alvarez and Bichette. So really comes down to Moncada or Biggio. Which one would you keep? Moncada 13th round, Biggio 14th round Will help with yours
  12. Bichette and deGrom 100% Maybe Marte or Soroka
  13. Freeman. Gordon may not play and if he does he will miss 60-75% of season.
  14. Matt Breida SF Peyton Barber TB Drop either for Derrius Guice WAS? My other RB are Elliott, Jacobs, Montgomery Thank you for your help Will help with yours
  15. You have a solid team. Work the wire to improve at TE if needed throughout the year. You own RB in your league. Good Luck