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  1. so exactly what kind of stat line would he need to be a candidate to get called up
  2. hed probably have to take a cab and pay the fare himself.
  3. but its the mets and terry collins they would rather play a man down all week then let cabrera go out and play a couple games to the point its a season ending injury. so they can call up some bum to sit on the bench while reyes plays ss. the mets organization would rather do everything a** backwards than do something that makes sense
  4. its the mets ,hes not coming up anytime soon. they dont know how to manage injuries and that organization doesnt do anything that makes sense
  5. i was offered kevin gausman for chris owings should i accept it?
  6. Berrios could be recalled to start Saturday's game against the Indians, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press reports. but seeing i have him on my team the twins will probably use adam wilk who they claimed from the mets
  7. looking for an experienced, dedicated owner to take over an abandoned team. prefer someone who plans on joining and staying in the league for awhile and can follow simple league rules. we are looking due to guys who cant follow rules. team is gonna need a real dedicated owner that has the time and experience to rebuild. team needs alot of TLC rules You MUST answer all emails and trade offers as promptly as possible. Don't let them expire plz. It's simple to answer either accept, decline or counter. Use your DL on your injured guys. Those spots are there for a reason. Put them to use. Every point matters so grab a guy off the wire to help you out until your everyday guy gets back from the DL. Also be sure to get those guys back off the DL when they are listed as active. Keep those prospects out of your lineup spots and on your bench. Under no circumstances should you have a non MLB player in any slot on your roster other than "bench". You MUST fill out your entire lineup. By this I mean for instance theres 3 RP spots and you must have 3 rps rostered. We enforce the 10 start rule for starting pitchers. You cant have more than ten weekly so be sure to follow your starts. For an extended week like the all star break and the extra Sunday at the beginning of the season the match up will adjust the start limit accordingly. Always check your box score to check the limit and keep pace. Be sure to read all trade emails top to bottom just in case there are picks involved in the trade offer. Remember that both parties doing the trade must contact me and let me know the specifics in the pick swap so I know there is no confusion. If there ever is any confusion I will reverse the deal altogether . settings http://games.espn.com/flb/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=8213 team 1(free pete) http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=8213&teamId=10&seasonId=2017 please only respond if your committed. were not looking for a temporary solution. we want a long term owner. respond with email and your experience playing fantasy sports
  8. was thinking the same thing. wouldnt be surprised if during the week he ends up needing surgery
  9. mets announcers said cabrera has a thumb injury MRI tomorrow
  10. they just asked sandy alderson about cabreras injury and if there is a need if they he would hesitate to callup rosario despite his hot start. alderson replied if there is a need they wont hesitate to bring rosario up
  11. hes not in espns system yet
  12. robbie ray vs rockies jerad eickhoff vs dodgers zach eflin vs dodgers joe musgrove vs A's eduardo rodriguez vs cubs
  13. any chance he comes up with the injury to haniger?
  14. starting in LF and batting 8th
  15. any chance he comes up if pederson's injury forces him to the DL?