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  1. i have the 1st pick in my dynasty draft which one should i take? and why
  2. nygiantsfan913@live.com
  3. team isfilled at the moment
  4. ok its public. yes all trades process immediately. league has been around 7 years. most of the guys have been around since the beginning. also after we draft when u make trades u can include next years pick to sweeten the deal. we keep a thread of picks exchanged then go through after espn updates the following year and swap all the picks around that were traded
  5. looking for an experienced, dedicated owner to take over . would like to have an owner who will be in the league for many years. please be able to follow simple rules set by league manager. if interested please respond with an email and experience playing. team http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=439164&teamId=6&seasonId=2016 settings http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=439164 . league rules JUST A QUICK REMINDER OF LEAGUE RULES You must fill your starting lineup with NFL players. Not players who are unsigned or inactive for any reason. Multiple issues of any matter will likely result in replacement. must answer all trade offers and respond to emails in a timely manner.. Remember to make sure your lineups are set daily. A missed day due to daily life is expected out of all of us but when it becomes a noticeable habit I will send out one message and only one message to you about the issue. If the issue persists you will be replaced. I expect every owner in here to give it their best day in and day out for the entire season. This league is here to stay with or without you. If you notice a lineup not set plz bring it to my attention. The better the owners the better the league. IR Rules: You will have around 24 hours or so to activate any player who has returned to action for his team. If you fail to do so I will give you a heads up and go from there. Holding active players on the IR is not acceptable in any of my leagues. Any questions or issues with this or anything else for that matter lmk, im always around.
  6. espn has him listed as probable pitcher tomorrow which means a 2 start week if hes called up
  7. maybe he'll get traded tomarlins in the ramos deal so the marlins will actually call him up
  8. kemp left the game with a hamstring strain is it possible acuna comes up if theres a DL stint?
  9. any of the dodgers prospects have a chance to be called up with kershaw heading to the DL????????
  10. no hes not
  11. i understand that blair might be called up to start if garcia is dealt but will that just be a temporary fix until they can get one of the prospects ready to go and if so which prospect will get the call 1st?
  12. did he jam his finger flipping alderson the bird?
  13. any chance he comes up when the braves trade garcia to the twins? or will it be one of the other pitching prospects?
  14. so whos running this team alderson or assdribble?