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  1. at this rate and the way the mets run the organization i wouldnt be surprised to see tebow in the majors before rosario
  2. yes it will get matt reynolds called up
  3. maybe they should fire the whole front office staff and hire some kids from 1st grade that can do some basic math. im sure those kids would also figure that rosarios batting average in AAA is higher than reyes
  4. i was thinking they could make a trade for kelly johnson
  5. knowing the mets im sure matt reynolds is already on his way up
  6. A's are calling up matt chapman
  7. according to mets announcers lastnight they said the mets have no intentions of calling up rosario anytime soon. and it had nothing to do with super 2 . the mets front office wants to make sure he'll be ready to succeed so they dont have to sendhim back down
  8. josh hader is being called up by the brewers
  9. nygiantsfan913@live.com
  10. so exactly what kind of stat line would he need to be a candidate to get called up
  11. hed probably have to take a cab and pay the fare himself.
  12. but its the mets and terry collins they would rather play a man down all week then let cabrera go out and play a couple games to the point its a season ending injury. so they can call up some bum to sit on the bench while reyes plays ss. the mets organization would rather do everything a** backwards than do something that makes sense
  13. its the mets ,hes not coming up anytime soon. they dont know how to manage injuries and that organization doesnt do anything that makes sense
  14. i was offered kevin gausman for chris owings should i accept it?
  15. Berrios could be recalled to start Saturday's game against the Indians, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press reports. but seeing i have him on my team the twins will probably use adam wilk who they claimed from the mets