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  1. i would trade AB and in return i get DK metcalf and ronald jones? its 1 pt ppr and my other receivers are cooper, hopkins and watkins
  2. glad your having luck finding guys cuz im not
  3. just recently set up. 10 teams FREE h2h points dynasty on fantrax. 30 rosters spots and 10 minors spots. we need 1 more owner. . thanks
  4. are you still looking? i recently started a new dynasty league on fantrax. its the 1st year. free 10 team h2h points with daily lineup changes. 30 rosters spots and 10 minor league slots. 10 g oalie starts per matchup
  5. keeper league we keep 13 and have a 7 rd draft. i have the 1st pick do i take kyler murray,josh jacobs or david montgomery? currently my only qb on the roster is watson. and i have barkley and carson as starting running backs but not much depth after them. its a 10 team league and its ppr. we are able to start 2 qbs every week. i only have 1 early pick due to trades. or do i trade the pick and try to acquire more. thanks
  6. dont add iron city cap he'll quit the league before you even draft
  7. rangers are calling up kolby allard https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/rangers-promote-kolby-allard.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  8. dont invite this to take over any team in your league. he'll quit after a couple weeks saying hes not a fan of the league anymore
  9. dont join this guys league he'll stat it u p then delete after a week or so
  10. his next start wont be any better against the yankees
  11. im actually sitting him tonight. but only cuz i have keuchel going in the same game
  12. i read leblanc and milone will still be used as the bulk guys