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  1. Different era, sir. You can score more now. You are not allowed to play defense in todays era.
  2. The only teams worth a damn in this era in the afc were the ravens colts steelers other than the pats . None were great . Those teams montana beat were GREAT ballclubs !!
  3. Exposed as being a Brady homer. So why is it valid comparing Montana and Brady since both played in different era's
  4. Brady faced two real good defenses in his career wich is 1-1 by the way. One of them he got beat in the AFC Title game. The other one was handed it out to him. Its embarrasing putting Brady in Montanas legendary status, as to where ite also embarrasing comparing LeBron to Jordan.
  5. No one will ever pass Montana and Michael Jordan as GOATs of their sports. They dominated leagues in a competitive era.
  6. So Johnny unitas and Otto Graham.have no place in an all time discussion?
  7. Montana played against the bears great defense all pros all up & down that defense . Same goes for the giants all pros everywhere on that D . How bout the eagles awesome defenses back then , all pros everywhere !!! The redskins also !!! All won super bowls , except eagles . TOUGH teams to get thru !! What teams does brady have to go thru ?! Nowhere near the great defenses Joe went thru !! The real question should be how did he get it done vs such great defenses !!
  8. Terry Bradshaws playoff winning percentage is better than Brady's
  9. Brady should honeslty have 3 rings, two were given to him.
  10. No undefeated means a lot more than losing multiple super bowls
  11. If we're doing it Olympic style. Brady has 5 golds, 2 silvers, 4 bronze. Montana has 4 golds, 0 silvers and what, 2 or 3 bronzes? I'm not sure how mant NFC title games he lost.
  12. How is Montana being 4-0 in the SB an "idiotic" argument? I would love for someone to explain that to me.
  13. Montana played in an era that the rules hardly protected the QB. He's the goat followed by Manning. i put Brady around #3 or 4. Brees is also better
  14. regardless of seasonal stats. Patriots did not match up against falcons. We saw that the first half. Keep the foot on the gas. Pats cant score with them. That's what it is. Matt Ryan' prob had the best offense in the game this year definitely weapons wise. On another note go look at all quarterbacks who have won multiple rings . They all had great coaches.
  15. I don't hate anything I've already given credit with him and belichek. I'm also a realist. Answer me this: why in the f*** did the falcons only run the ball a total of 4x after being up 25points. They choked man. You, I and the world knows it.