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  1. Is suicide suppose to be funny?! Thanks for deleting that ignorant comment.
  2. McDaniels is a garbage HC. Thats why he isnt hired as an HC anymore. Lol. The same guy that thought Tebow was a great QB.
  3. Its going to be funny if Dak actually starts sucking.
  4. Tennessee defense is underrated. They have one of the best front 7s in the league. They are probably two secondary players away from being a top defense.
  5. Guy is a loser. Glad Tennessee got rid of his lazy a**. Dude was late to meetings, practices and just isnt that passionate about the game. He just left a good situation to a bad one in Chicago. Lol. What a failure of a scum this guy is. Haha.
  6. Pretty shocking that he retired. I still thought he had atleast two good yrs in him.
  7. Cutler at this point is an upgrade over Paxton and the Siemen
  8. I wouldnt call Patriots path to the SB "easier" next yr. With an healthy Carr and Mariota, those two QBs from their teams can upset the Patriots. And no I am not kidding, I am being serious. Especially the Raiders.
  9. Wooow. Genius, yeah no sh*t. But Henry still hasnt had a real chance to show his talent. He could be better than Murray and have a longer career. To compare both right now is unfair, lol. Just dumb.
  10. Let Demarco do his magic catching the ball and let Henry pound the ball.
  11. Because humans aren't cars. They age regardless, and even the act of staying in shape and ready takes some tread off the tires. And it's not even that he needed to feature him significantly more. He averaged 7apg. Bump that to say 13-15. Yanno what that accounts for? Always giving the ball to Henry in late down, short yardage situations. 3rd/4th down on anything 3yds and in, if it's gonna be a run (cause I trust Mariota too), you give the ball to Henry.
  12. Oh do you mean the Andre Johnson that made the game winning catch against the Lions last yr? Granted he was nowhere near the prime Andre Johnson, he was pretty decent for the recieving group lasy yr on and off the field
  13. There was alot of times when Mularkey refused to put in Henry on 3rd and shorts situations. He was def the right guy for those. Just plain disgusting.
  14. Thats dumb. Why cant you just have two talented RBs on the field together? Thats scary for the defense. Better game planning would of made the Titans a playoff team last yr. The team has talent its the coach that was to blame for their failures.
  15. That idiotic mindset. Henry is young and having him carry the ball or split the carriers wouldnt hurt him long term. It was pathetic seeing Mularkey not use him in the redzones either.