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  1. I am suprised how bad Aldridge has regressed. He's days in Portland he was considered to be one of the best PFs in the league. What happend?
  2. Jaguars defense was ranked top 7. It wasnt bad at all last yr. The only issue is the QB and offense. Bortles just flat out stinks.
  3. Celtics need to trade away IT2 for possibly a draft pick or two. He's a good offensive player but hes defense is just horrible.
  4. Calling someone a coward beacause they retired at the age of 39? Wow. Smh.
  5. Shaq is such a bum. Always getting personal on Inside the NBA show.
  6. Danny Woodhead 1.0
  7. Why is he doing the beating while the OT Tretola that is twice bigger than him watching.. this story is sketchy
  8. Cavs will sweep the East. Wizards nor the Celtics could even come close to competing.
  9. i see the Titans offense exploding this year. They were pretty good last yr. Hopefully Mariota stays healthy
  10. Alot of great highlights on tape. But also alot of drop balls.
  11. Lmao "zero deep accuracy" wtf r u talkin about? He completed 68% of his passes.
  12. A white running back? I'll pass.
  13. horrible accuracy is 67% in your book 😂😂
  14. His "noodle" arm got him a National Championship, MVP, 33-5 college record, and a 1st round draft pick... his arm obviously workin! Lmfao
  15. Mariota had no run game, no oline, no recievers his rookie year. My point was, as a real life QB, Mariota was being criticized for not having deep ball accuracy.