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  1. LeBron respond back lmfaoo
  2. LoL @ Draymond Green throwing shots at LeBron at the Parade today.
  3. As a Titans fan I would love it. But as a fantasy owner I would hate it
  4. I hope he lands in Baltimore. I am hearing alot of rumors to Tennessee though. Has a house here and his wifes studio is in Nashville.
  5. Looks like he has something to prove this yr. “What motivates me the most is I probably was the best receiver on the Titans roster last year, and I was playing like 10 plays a game,” Wright said, via Kevin Fishbain of Pro Football Weekly. “That’s how it goes.” Wright, a first-round pick in 2012, doesn’t have an explanation for why he was phased out of the Titans’ lineup. “That’s a question I can’t (answer),” Wright said. “Ask them. They’ll feel it after this year.” Wright signed a one-year deal worth up to $4 million with the Bears in March.
  6. What do they do in the offseason to improve and clear cap for CP3? I personally think they have to make a decision on Aldridge and Gasol, especially Aldridge. Maybe a straight up deal to the Raptors for Ibaka
  7. I think Leonard is better than Durant. Curry is better than Cp3.
  8. I dont understand how they could get better though. Their pretty much screwed, unless they trade TT and Love, if that was to happen I dont know what they could get in return, maybe Griffin?
  9. I think he retires before he does go to a diff team again.
  10. I dont get addicts. Especially marijuana addicts. I've been smoking ever since I was 14 in Middle school with the homies, but I can honestly say Im not an addict. I to could go cold turkey whenever I want, and I have too many times. I dont get how you really become a weed addict.
  11. People really think LeBron ever leaves again? I am betting NO. I think hes totally fine knowing he has 3 rings already. I just dont see LeBron leaving again.
  12. With the bench the Spurs have, if they land cp3 somehow they can compete with GSW.
  13. Gus Bradley was a horrendeous coach for a long time. I am suprised it took them this long to fire him. My 2nd biggest concern was a) QB play. Bortles stats looked impressed a yr agk but those stats were very misleading. He's accuracy is scary bad, and his mechanics are terrible. I think their defense is good enough to give them atleast 5 wins this yr.
  14. You're right. Cavs have a much better chance of making the Finals next year than the Warriors. I hope SAS lands CP3 next yr and they give GSW a run for their money next yr.
  15. Love was pathetic all finals long. I dont know if its Lous pathetic system thats preventing him, but 6 pts on a Finals game is pathetic from a guy thats an All Star. They need to trade him or fire the coach for not utiliazing him right.