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  1. It's a real issue in sports today and I feel like some league's talk about and it and some leagues do something about it. NHL games are taking longer... SEC Football, well you may as well carve out about 5 hours to get that thing done... And in MLB I'm ready to start calling balls for endless throws to first base... I've always felt like the NFL has a real handle on the length of its games... You can pretty much bank on them lasting 3 hours... Last year games averaged 3:07 according to commissioner Roger Goodell in a recent interview on The Commissioner said he'd like to see that number get down to 3:02... I have not been the Commissioner's biggest supporter lately, but I love hearing him talk about an exact time he'd like to see games get to. That's a "real" goal and not just political talk. Goodell expressed a desrive to decrease the amount of "double-ups"... He said they even drive him crazy and the should.... Two commercial breaks sandwiched around a kickoff are a killer on TV, but they're even worse for the game experience at the stadium.Replay can also crush the flow of the game and if they are only suppose to change "obvious" mistakes with "clear" evidence how come we so rarely agree on the outcome? They are talking about centralizing replays so we no longer have to wait for a ref to get under the hood and ask for 10 different views... The review process can begin immediately with all the angles immediately available and with the same people doing them we should see more consistency as well. 3:02 in 2017... That's the campaign and I'm on board.
  2. Kinda pointless to have all this RBs when your line sucks
  3. Marshall and OBJ are a pretty deadly duo. Too bad they got a s---y QB at the helm.
  4. No regression. That oline is a beast and he should have all day to throw.
  5. Jared Cook isnt that talented. He's solid at best.
  6. Ramsey acts like a child too. Henry is obviously the better out of the two character-wise.
  7. He's testing the market. And the Titans have the money to do it.
  8. What is the market for a guy like Butler? Would really love to see Titans pair him with Logan Ryan. Two ex Pats!
  9. Titans dont need a WR1. Mariota likes to spread the ball, and Mathews should be fine of what they have. They need to upgrade their defense and let the offense catch a break. I just hope they unleash Henry this year. We also had a very promising rookie that kind of struggled (thought he would be our WR1) last yr, but dude needs a year or two to develop. Has a hard time fighting press. Needs to bulk up. Hopefully Sharpe developes into WR1 in the near future. So far Mathews is the main reciever and it looks like Jon Robinson will go defense with the very first two picks.
  10. Mathews could've easily cracked top 10 production if the Titans decided to get him going week 1. Instead they let a washed up Andre Johnson get his targets.
  11. Just curious; how does the reinstated process work? Who does it go through? And what are the chances of him not beinf reinstated back to playing football?
  12. You know the owner of the Browns is Jimmy Haslam. Brother of Governor Bill Haslam. The same Haslam family who are the most influential University of Tennessee alumni when it comes to athletics! Conincidence?
  13. Kessler should get the Nod but they should bring another solid QB. Chase Daniel maybe and draft one Mid round. Or Trade for AJ McCarron but dont give up a ransom. Garret needs to be the pick. Mike Williams the Second pick at 12 or move up to get him. Simple as that. The Browns will win 6 games Or so next year by doing this.
  14. Don't matter the cost. He won't play for them.
  15. Yes he did. He was much better then Peyton Manning 2015.