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  1. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    Same with James Anderson of rotowire. TBH I agree. Outside of Vlad there is no prospect with the ceiling Wander has IMO. I think the high quality hit tool and eye makes him relatively safe too. IF proximity wasn't a factor he could arguably be the #1 fantasy prospect. Outside of Vlad, Eloy, and Tatis though he's my guy if you do take that into consideration. I guess you could make a case for Senzel and Tucker.
  2. Miami Marlins 2019 Outlook

    I will have my eye on Brian Anderson this year. Nice hit tool, and elite plate discipline. If he can lift the ball some more and add some pop people will be on him. Austin Dean is another one, had a rough cup of coffee, but put together a nice minor league campign in 2018. Pablo Lopez is interesting. Gallen, Neidert, Yamamoto will up later in the year. I could see them having value Outside of the obvious interesting guys like Caleb Smith and Alcantara. Brinson has always been a player that has needed to make adjustments when going up a level. Would not surprise me one bit to see some improvement. The question is how much? Obviously, mileage may vary depending on league size.
  3. How deep are benches? Is there a minors system? If so, how deep?
  4. What is the scoring format? What website is the league run on? Is there ML pick-ups / drops in season? Contract extensions? If not, how long are the contracts and how do they work?
  5. Title says it all looking for a deeper dynasty league that is 16 teams plus preferably on Fantrax. I love the minors aspect of the game and want to make sure more than just the generic top 100 prospects are rostered. Willing to pay up to $100 in league fees. I have plenty of experience in this format. Ideally would like to find a slow draft starting soon.
  6. Jake Kumerow 2018 Outlook

    Debut looks to be happening this week. https://www.12up.com/posts/6234408-jake-kumerow-hints-at-long-awaited-return-to-the-packers The main negative though is it looks like Cobb will be back as well....
  7. Jake Kumerow 2018 Outlook

    He's going to get an opportunity. No one else has been able to take the job and run with it. The Pack is looking for any type of spark at the #2 spot as far as receiving options are concerned. Now will he be successful? That's the real question. Looked amazing during preseason... All I have to say. If you are hurting at WR and don't want to mess with the low upside options of the world. I'd be fine with taking a hailmary on hitting it big. Would I feel comfortable starting him this week? Absolutely not. Next week however that could be drastically different.
  8. Jake Kumerow 2018 Outlook

  9. 2019 Draft Steals

    Love this call. It's been reported they are going to use him as a starter next year. Austin Hedges is on record saying he has 4 plus pitches.
  10. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    People do not understand Enunwa is not just a short pass specialist. He is explosive and is just as good at deep tracking, patterns, and routes. Dude is a beast and he pops off the screen when you watch him.
  11. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    If they thought so highly of Ebron why would they reduce his snap count share week 2? 28% of snaps does not scream to me: priority player. I don't know, color me not concerned.
  12. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    Doyle snap count week 1: 77 - 94% 10 targets Doyle snap count week 2: 59 - 97% 5 targets Ebron snap count week 1: 37 - 45% 5 targets Ebron snap count week 2: 17 - 28% 4 targets Everything is going to be okay guys... patience.
  13. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    If I have to go with one of the 3 I'm going with the one that has the most talent and upside, and that is Aaron Jones. Typically these situations have a way of unfolding to where talent eventually wins out. It's just going to require some patience.
  14. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Also, outside of the missed wide open TD Darnold missed Enunwa on a streak down the field where he had clearly beaten his man in the beginning of the game. If he threw that ball a few feet shorter we may have been looking at massive game.
  15. Jakeem Grant 2018 Outlook

    I don't doubt this guy's talent at all. Every time he has had an opportunity he has performed. It may take an injury for him to tuly breakout on to the scene though. 4.34 40 yard dash. Tyreek Hill type skill set.