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  1. How in the world are they batting him 5th? Obviously he has cured his woes. They need to move him up ASAP.
  2. I read it was a finger issue. I'll have to dig up the link.
  3. BABIP is . 179 and HR/FB% is 0 everything else is not too far off from 2017 & 2018. Definitely not enough to be this bad.
  4. I love his batted ball profile. He's not one of those guys hitting 50% ground balls with a 3 swstr%. It's early, but if the changes stick it could be huuuuge for his power potential. His hit tool is amazing and you know those guys are always going to maximize their power. Especially if he keeps lifting the ball like he is this year. 7 doubles & a triple is a great sign.
  5. Buyer beware. 451 BABIP, elevated K rate and swstr%. Hitting a few more fly balls but too soon for batted ball profile to stabilize.
  6. I mean, I've heard he made ANOTHER swing change in the offseason. If this is leading to actual tangible results of increased launch angle & improved exit velocity while not damaging other peripherals then the obvious answer is yes. Then the question becomes HOW MUCH improvement are we going to see over prior years?
  7. Rays are legit AL East contenders. Lineup is so underrated. Top 3 of Snell Glasnow & Morton with more nice arms coming back (Honeywell) Chirinos is going to be solid this year & the bullpen is absolutely loaded but still under the radar mostly.
  8. To be fair Greinke got absolutely no help from his defense this game. Absolutely terrible.
  9. BB% up 5%, K% down almost 8%. Hard hit% is still an extremely healthy 45%. BABIP is at .167. He's going to be just fine, sorry everyone hasn't gotten their instant gratification yet.
  10. Taylor Ward called up for the Angels
  11. Got the call last night and looked pretty dang good imo. It's too bad the Dodgers are stacked. He could be a nice RP with SP eligibility if he stays up with the big clu ala a Seranthony Dominguez last year with the Phils last year with upside for more.
  12. Dennis Santana of the Dodgers if he stays up after he got the call last night. Serious K upside and swing & miss stuff (high RPM FB&SL w/ a developing curve). I think he's a legit starting candidate, but with the Dodger's depth probably not with them. Put up this line last night: 2.2IP 2H 1ER 1BB(Hit a batter on his 1st pitch) 2K