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  1. 2019 Draft Steals

    Love this call. It's been reported they are going to use him as a starter next year. Austin Hedges is on record saying he has 4 plus pitches.
  2. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    People do not understand Enunwa is not just a short pass specialist. He is explosive and is just as good at deep tracking, patterns, and routes. Dude is a beast and he pops off the screen when you watch him.
  3. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    If they thought so highly of Ebron why would they reduce his snap count share week 2? 28% of snaps does not scream to me: priority player. I don't know, color me not concerned.
  4. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    Doyle snap count week 1: 77 - 94% 10 targets Doyle snap count week 2: 59 - 97% 5 targets Ebron snap count week 1: 37 - 45% 5 targets Ebron snap count week 2: 17 - 28% 4 targets Everything is going to be okay guys... patience.
  5. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    If I have to go with one of the 3 I'm going with the one that has the most talent and upside, and that is Aaron Jones. Typically these situations have a way of unfolding to where talent eventually wins out. It's just going to require some patience.
  6. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Also, outside of the missed wide open TD Darnold missed Enunwa on a streak down the field where he had clearly beaten his man in the beginning of the game. If he threw that ball a few feet shorter we may have been looking at massive game.
  7. Jakeem Grant 2018 Outlook

    I don't doubt this guy's talent at all. Every time he has had an opportunity he has performed. It may take an injury for him to tuly breakout on to the scene though. 4.34 40 yard dash. Tyreek Hill type skill set.
  8. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    For anyone wanting to read the article I think he may be referring to... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/09/13/healthy-again-jets-enunwa-emerges-as-go-to-guy-for-darnold/37810095/
  9. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    No one is discounting Anderson's talent. I just see a lesser version of Thielen and Diggs on the Vikings last year. With Enunwa playing the Thielen role / slot in the offense. Anderson being the big play home run hitter that takes the top off and draws the harder CB matchups.
  10. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Fitzpatrick (2016), Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg are no where near equivalent QB play to Josh McCown in 2017. Just stop.
  11. Jalen Richard 2018 Outlook

    My biggest concern is DeAndre Washington was inactive so we don't know how he will factor into this time share yet either. Jalen looks to have the passing back role secured, but we don't know how Gruden views Washington's role yet either.
  12. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    The Lions are not going 0-16 if anything you are over exaggerating in the exact opposite direction. Look this isn't a fluke. If anything he is picking up right where he left off where he had the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg throwing to him in 2016. Darnold is CLEARLY better than all of them. (At least the 2016 iteration of Fitzpatrick) Not only that, but the coaching staff was CLEARLY going out of their way to scheme him into the game. They did more so with him than any other receiver on the field. If that is not a true endorsement of what they think of him I don't know what else is. Also, Slay was not exclusively on Anderson the whole game. If you watch the video of all his targets you can clearly see Slay on Enunwa in a few of them. (Enunwa torched him on a slant in the slot but dropped the ball)
  13. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    They were playing him out of the slot almost exclusively it looks. I figure it's Pryor/Anderson that is the biggest loser. I envision Enunwa as the Adam Thielen (obviously different caliber QBs and passing games) in this offense, this year.
  14. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    If it wasn't for the game script he was well on his way to an even bigger stat line / game then he actually put up.
  15. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Watch this and tell me you don't get hyped... Not to mention that season was with nothing but absolute bottom of the barrel QBs in a dumpster fire of a year. You have to think Darnold will at least be some sort of improvement over them. He out performed Brandon Marshall when he still had some physical skills left in the tank.