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  1. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    I think there is still upside in the AVG and SB department. While everyone is screaming regression this also may be your last chance to get him before he is a consensus first rounder as well. He is clocked as the fastest guy on the Dodgers. He dropped his K rate by 5.3% from first half to 2nd half. Yes it spiked in September/October. I can't hold it against him to much he is 22 and it was his first time in the playoffs where the pitchijng landscape changes dramatically.
  2. Walker Buehler 2018 Outlook

    He definitely won't start the year in the rotation he only threw about 88IP last year. That would be a massive jump in workload. They handled him with kid gloves last year he would only pitch about 4 innings per start maybe 5 if he was lucky and I expect a bit of the same this year.
  3. Alex Kirilloff - OF (Twins)

    Put on 30lbs of muscle. With his hit tool we could be looking at some monster numbers in the AVG and HR department.
  4. Jordan Luplow CI/OF

    Not the greatest praise but something. " 1:13 Kiley McDaniel: Me and Eric disagree on some guys and I’m definitely the high guy on Jordan Luplow. Never really been on Slater much but I think Luplow could be a 45 FV that has a 50 FV season once and hangs around for awhile" He usually gets no cred at all.
  5. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    I'm hoping for a Devenski like situation / usage. He was absolutely money for me last year in my league with a starts limit. Parked him in a SP spot with all my other relievers going and banked all the extra Ks and Holds and most weeks he helped with WHIP and ERA too.
  6. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    Another one I like is Randall Delgado in AZ. Kind of like Brad Peacock. Could be a nice starter with an injury to someone in the rotation as well.
  7. Jon Duplantier - ARI-SP

    Would like to see him succeed at the higher levels before I buy in on him. He should dominate A and A+ considering his age, which he did. How he does This year in AA will make or break his prospect status. If he struggles his value will tank being old for the level.
  8. Monte Harrison -- OF MIA

    From the making of Fangraphs top 100: " So last thing here is, people tend to ask us to name a prospect outside of the top 50 who we could see being in our top 10 next year. Who is your pick to click? Eric On the 100 or off of it? Kiley Either. Eric I really think Will Smith is very good. The amateur reports were all about his rare athleticism and speed at catcher and his feel for contact, but he’s added that leg kick and is getting to real power. I think he could be a special all-around player. Top-10 might be rich for him, but I think he’s moving up. Feels like you’re baiting me into fawning over Monte Harrison some more. Kiley Really like Smith; he was one of the couple guys I was looking at. Especially with where the game is going, I’m drawn to guys with home-run power and some kind of defensive value, so I’m looking at Heliot Ramos, Seuly Matias, Brandon Marsh, and Monte Harrison. I’ll go with Harrison since he has the most tools and has already performed."
  9. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    I thought it would be great to get a thread for SP eligible relievers and put a database together. They can give you a serious advantage in daily leagues. I'll get the list started: Brad Peacock.
  10. Miguel Andujar - 3B Yankees

    I really think he gets the job. It will boil down to who is playing better in ST between Torres and him. Torreyes will be the place holder for whoever doesn't win a starting job. It may mean he stays down for a month or so for a bit more seasoning, but he should be up most of the year. According to reports he was untouchable along with Torres when talking to the Pirates about Cole. He already posseses a 55/60 potential hit tool and 55/60 raw power depending on who's evaluations you go by. If he can fix his launch angle we could be looking at a Willie Calhoun type that can stick at 3B.
  11. Fangraphs 2018 Top 100 Prospect List

    Brian Anderson over McMahon is crazy to me. I guess they are factoring in defense. Also, they put a current grade of only 30 game power on Monte Harrison... dude just hit 27 bombs this season... O'Neil, way too high as well IMO.
  12. Which Prospectors Evaluations Do You Value The Most?

    I'm really excited about Fangraphs top 100 dropping on Monday.
  13. Which Prospectors Evaluations Do You Value The Most?

    Too afraid to post about the deeper guys on here. Too many league mates on the forums...
  14. Brad Peacock 2018 Outlook

    The plus side is he has SP eligibility so you can plug him in SP slot and get some elite ratios and extra reliever while waiting for the inevitable injury to one of the guys in a rotation.
  15. Bo Bichette - 2B/SS TOR

    Pretty high success rate on that list for some solid fantasy contributors.