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  1. Still not in ESPN's player pool.
  2. Great article about Morton on Fangraphs: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/charlie-mortons-electric-stuff-has-never-been-more-electric/
  3. Is there anyone that has watched Mike Minor pitch? Was looking into Strahm and Stumbled upon him. He's a former first round pick (7th overall by Atlanta in 2009) that had his career sidelined by injuries. He seems intriguing. Anyways, if any Royals fans could shed some light on where he stands in the bullpen hierarchy that would be great. Here's an article I found on him: http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2017/5/13/15634498/mike-minor-royals-reliever-breakout-spin-rate-statcast
  4. Can't believe Swarzak still hasn't allowed a single run.
  5. Yeah a guy with a career era of 2.82 over 377IP is pretty terrible.... not to mention 9K+/9 and 25 saves last year. Here are his stats look for yourself. http://m.mlb.com/player/518553/steve-cishek
  6. Also Cishek is very close to returning for the Mariners after being injured to begin the year. He was very good last year and seems to be widely available in most leagues
  7. I think Strahm is a guy that should be watched closely. He has been much better after being recalled compared to his horrendous start. High upside guy and their top ranked prospect.
  8. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/welcome-back-again-alex-wood/ Recent fangraphs article on him for anyone who hasn't seen it
  9. I think he meant steals title guys
  10. I understand that, but I'm just saying I've been hearing and reading conflicting reports on where they will ultimately use him this season. However, saying they are preserving him for a start is just speculation on my part.
  11. Sounds like the Diamondbacks don't even know what they are going to do with Bradley. Might be preserving him to start?
  12. Everyone is going to say Judge because he is the hotter hitter right now, but overall I'll go with the guy with the best plate discipline which is Thames.
  13. Part of me really wants to drop Healy and pick up this guy instead. Looks like the superior player so far this year and I'm buying the changes.
  14. Let up 3 in the first and now will go on to pitch a gem for the rest of the game just to confuse us further.
  15. Teoscar Hernandez carted off the field. Any chance this guy is next in line for the call if he goes to the DL as well?