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  1. Agree with this 100%. Foles needs live reps to get ready for the playoffs. But understand the concern & would go Flacco, as they are still fighting for a playoff spot! Good luck!
  2. Help with QBs. WHIR

    I think I would look at keeping Keenum as well. Has been playing really well & feel he could be signed/traded (not sure if he is a FA after this season or not) by a team like maybe CLE to help bridge a gap, should they be done with Kizer & look at another QB in next years draft. If not, then I would stick with Winston & probably Mahomes, with Gabbert a close 3rd, if you feel ARI will look at him as their next QB.
  3. QB/Flex help. WHIR

    Foles & Watson. Had a good game vs CLE last time & Joe should target him again. Next choice would be Blount or Bryant, as Ben may need him, if JuJu is banged up still. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  4. Alot to ask...WHIR

    Baldwin, Cooks, & think Adams still stays hot with A-Rod back. Lynch is next in line & would roll with him, if you feel A-Rod may have a rough game back. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689058-qb-helpwhir/
  5. D/ST issues...WHIR

    Dang that is tough. Almost have to go LAR & hope Wilson has a rough game. Not sold on WASH either. Good luck!
  6. D/ST issues...WHIR

    Is NO available? They are vs NYJ & Petty at qb. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689058-qb-helpwhir/
  7. Ivory or Mike Davis?

    CMC is probably the best option. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689058-qb-helpwhir/
  8. QB help....whir

  9. Funchess, as long as he is good to go, with the shoulder. I like Crabtree, but if you want the safe play, go with Fitz. Thanks for mine and good luck!
  10. Which 2? whir

    I did play Hill. Right now got Goodwin in. Thanks.
  11. K Williams has done well, but like Davis a bit better. Good luck!
  12. BIG WR help WHIR

    Completely agree. Is Hurns out tomorrow? If so, may lean towards Dede. Hogan should see more targets than last week, but understand the concern, because Brady will also throw to his RB a lot. Plus with Fournette out, JAX could have to pass more, if Ivory/Yeldon don't get going.
  13. QB help....whir

    Going back & forth on QB. Lost Wentz. Have Goff, but worry vs SEA FA: Foles, Bortles, Jimmy G, & Keenum. Those on cell, my team: 1pt ppr Qb: ? Rb: Kamara & Hunt Wr: AJG & T Hill. Te: Engram Flex: J Gordon & Goodwin Def: NO K: Elliott Bench: D Lewis, Perine, Goff, LAR, Ajayi, Hogan, Fournette(out). Thoughts??
  14. BIG WR help WHIR

    I like Hogan, but it's close. Just see PIT focusing in Cooks & Gronk, which should give Hogan some looks. Good luck!
  15. Fournette Out - Replacement?

    I like Davis as well. Been running the ball well & SEA will need him vs LAR. I also lost Fournette. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689030-which-2-whir/