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  1. I would, because even if AB doesn't play all season, you still get D Montgomery.
  2. Only drop I see is Penny, but who knows what his status will be after Carson fumbled 2 times yesterday. Could become a RBBC soon. My order: Crowder (Darnold will eventually return), Gallup (check status, as he is getting an MRI), Scary Terry, DK, Chark (good chemistry with Minshew)
  3. I would make that trade. Don't have to worry about when MG3 is coming back & how they will use both of those guys. Kyler has played well in his first 2 games & I think he only continues to get better.
  4. I would consider packaging Kittle & M Williams for a top WR, then that opens up a slot for AJG. If no deal can get done, would consider dropping Mattison.
  5. I would make the deal. Mixon / CIN have to figure the line out & when they do, Mixon will be solid & he has no real competition.
  6. I would go after Ryan, so you could pair him & Ridley together. So many weapons on NE, hard to tell who is going to get involved each week. I am hoping to trade Edelman as well, while value is still high. I think he will still put up solid #'s, but not near what he would have before the AB deal.
  7. Very good advice! Unfortunately, you & I both thought Jameis was the guy to go with late in the draft & now paying for it. Solid team, so keep grinding!!
  8. With how R Freeman has ran the 1st couple of games, I would hold onto him. I agree on picking up Dalton.
  9. I say hold, unless you get a solid offer. He might be a buy low right now, so don't sell for peanuts.
  10. I like it. Mack is a solid RB & I think Godwin is the real deal. Really like JuJu, but with Ben out, who knows what is going to happen with the PIT offense.
  11. Start with Brady & Landry, to see if you can land Nuke, from the team that has Brees. Always aim high, as you can always work down.
  12. Yeah, I would make the deal. Who are the FA at QB in your league?
  13. I am not sold on Cam, but also concerned with R Anderson, now that Darnold is out a few weeks. Who are the FA at WR?
  14. With Damien hurt, I would make the trade, even though it is hard to part with Godwin.