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  1. Add Doyle? WHIR

    No issues adding Doyle. Feel both him & Ebron can put up solid points ros. Good luck!
  2. 0-2 Need Trade HELP (WHIR 100%)

    I like your team. If ARI gets DJ more involved, like they said they will, that helps a lot! If Mixon comes back strong, makes your team even better. But if wanting to do something now, I agree on offering Enunwa & Ingram, for possibly Thompson & A-Rob or Cole. See what happens. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  3. Trading for OBJ (WHIR)

    I also have M Gordon & trying to trade for Ekeler, with no luck. I would offer up TY & Rex for OBJ, to see how that goes. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  4. BULL**** Trade Ethics!!! WHIR

    I would ask what his thoughts were & if he really knows value. Nobody is dropping Mixon or Golladay. Would put the players back as is & tell him to drop Benjamin for Bortles. Then if he does something like this again, I guess let it be, as he will have to eventually learn. Personally, if he is trading K Allen, he should target 1 of Alan's solid RB. Hard being a commish in this spot & hope it works out for everyone & keeps the league going. Would also explain to league & get their thoughts. Makea people feel better when included in something like this. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720655-offer-conner-or-hold-whir/
  5. Which side whir

    Mixon side for me. SEA doesn't know what to do with their run game at this time.
  6. Jimmy G for his David Johnson?

    If you can get them to accept, that would be great for you! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720655-offer-conner-or-hold-whir/
  7. Team that has Bell: QB: Wilson,Wentz, Kirk(not sure why 3) RB: Bell, CMC, Sony, Kerryon WR: Funchess, TY, Callaway, J Gordon,DJAX,Edelman TE: Ertz 1: Conner,Lindsay, & R Freeman for CMC? 2: Conner for Sony & J Gordon? Crazy? 3: Different offer or stay put for now? FatHeads Trade Depot team in sig.
  8. Who to drop?

  9. Pick up Clement?

    Agree, with dropping Garcon for Clement.
  10. That probably won't cut it. Gronk owners will want a top player in return & Collins/Doyle are not it. If J Gordon can stick with NE, he helps take away coverage from Gronk in the RZ, which now makes Gronk's value even higher, imo.
  11. Flex start help! WHIR

    It looks like Sproles will be out, so if Ajayi is also out, think I go Clement. If Ajayi plays, go with ARob. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720549-trade-for-b-cooks-whir/
  12. Zeke for DJ/Evans? WHIR

    I really like this offer!! DJ gets it going & you will be very tough to beat!!
  13. Take a hit at RB, but I would make that trade. Then look at flipping Collins/WR for a better RB. Have great depth at WR, once Edelman & Jeffrey return.
  14. I need some PPR roster advice...WHIR

    I would look at dropping 1 of your TE, so you can see how Barber does this week. Right now A Jones is 2nd fiddle at RB, but that may change if he has a good game this week & such.