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  1. If you think it's bad, may keep Vlad & go from there. Good luck!
  2. 12 team, h2h points, no keepers. Current team Nola, Bregman, KB, Segura, L Castillo, Murphy. SP went so darn fast. Thoughts on next few picks? 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, mi, ci, of(5), ut(2), P(9), 3 bench. Robies or Puig & someone like Z Wheeler at 7th & 8th rd?
  3. Pretty solid team imo. No ace, but SP isn't too shabby. If you can make the deal for Buehler, without over paying, I like it. Feel like he has SP1 stuff. High on Robies & Rosario as OF as well. Good luck!
  4. Agree with this. If you need a RP, Diaz would be my pick. Or if you have a MI slot, go with Segura & if Hampson gets solid playing time & does well, you could turn around & deal Segura during the season. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  5. I would take a flier on him & drop Caleb. Maybe you get lucky & he puts up good #'s, but if not, still a better option than Caleb imo.
  6. Pretty solid offense. SP lacking an ace, but has depth. I do feel Buehler (ace potential) & Madbum (hopefully offense will help with W's) will be very solid this year, which will help. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  7. I like Buehler over Berrios, but prefer KB & Votto over Lindor. I would pass on this trade.
  8. I like Senzel, if wanting another bat. Otherwise I may go with Barnes, as I think he has a chance to pick up some saves for a very good BOS team. J Hicks is very close. In my points league last year, having as much pitching as possible SP / RP, made the difference on making the playoffs & making a deep run in the playoffs. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  9. Yeah, I am high on Robies this year & no issues with taking a chance on the young guys, in hopes they have a good year like Acuna / Soto. Appreciate it!
  10. I like Meadows, but no issues if you are more comfortable with Santana. Definitely keep an eye on Hampson & Bradley Jr.
  11. ESPN 12 teams, h2h points, no keepers, snake draft.I have pick #12 & looking for different strategies for Rds 1 & 2. 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF (5), UT, P (9) Bench slots: 3 Obviously the top 4-5 hitters are gone & think the top 3 SP will be drafted ahead of me. Which 2, if available, would you take at picks 12 & 13: Acuna, Bregman, Freeman, Rizzo, Kluber, Nola, Cole Acuna projected to be the 22nd best hitter, so hoping people pass on him on pikcs 7-11. Also read where CWS are talking to Eloy about a contact extension. If so, where do you look to draft a guy like him? Especially since we use 5 OF. Thanks in advance!
  12. I think getting Wheeler & a couple of those guys are worth it, to pick up Puig & Vlad.
  13. Really like your offense! High on Hampson too! SP is a bit of a question mark, but there is potential. Just keep an eye on the WW & when some young arms may be brought up, go after them & I think you will do just fine this year. Worse case, you have enough offense you can trade for a solid arm if you need to. Good luck!
  14. Do you think you can get quality SP after rds 4 & 5? If so, take both Puig & Vlad. If not, grab Clevinger &Vlad, as long as you can wait for him to get called up (also oblique injury). Good luck!!