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  1. I would consider dropping W Smith & picking up Marco. Keep an eye on Winker, Bauers, & Gardner, should you need to add an OF/Bench slot.
  2. Would you trade Acuna and for who? WHIR

    I would float Acuna's name out there & see if anyone is interested. Thy guy has great upside, but understand how the injuries / inconsistencies are frustrating. Someone in your league may over pay, so it can't hurt to try. Good luck!
  3. Blackmon, Betts, Bauer, Sale WHIR

    I like your counter a lot better. Giving up too much in the 1st offer. Betts alone, should net you Sale & Osuna. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  4. Pick up any FA SP? whir

  5. Pick A Side. H2H Dynasty League Trade Offer.

    Can't see team, but Faria is just working on a return & Duplantier is still out. If deep on SP, then getting Inciarte isn't bad. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  6. Team in sig. For those on cell, my SP: Max, Thor, Jake, Dallas, Bieber, Buehler, Gibson, Eovaldi, M Gonzales, Bucholz-DL Drop any of my SP for any of the FA: Suarez, D Rodriguez, Lauer, Marquez Also, should I drop Nimmo or Eaton for Winker or Cargo? Thanks!
  7. Accepted trade. Dynasty league! Thoughts? WHIR

    No issues with the trade.
  8. I want JoRam, would this get me close?

    Would probably have to start with Correa & Buehler, then see who else he wants. Good luck!
  9. Better Dynasty Trade Target: B. Rodgers or C. Seager

    I like C Seager. Thanks for mine!
  10. Trade for Bellinger?? whir

    Allowed 3 bench spots & those are filled with SP for me. C: Posey 1B: Hosmer - dropping him 2B: Whit 3B: KB 1B/3B: Bregman 2B/SS: Escobar OF(5): Benny, Haniger, Branltey, Nimmo, Eaton UT: Acuna Bench: Torres-DL SP: Max, Jake, Thor, Buehler, Dallas, Eovaldi, M Gonzales, Gibson, Bieber RP: Chapman, Iglesias, Familia, Morrow
  11. Trade for Bellinger?? whir

    Probably an OF & SP.
  12. Trade for Bellinger?? whir

    His OF: Stanton, Bellinger, Upton, J Pedersen, Heyward. He needs SP as well. Thing that stinks is Eovaldi just got roughed up, so offering him now is probably out of the question.
  13. Think I would keep him over Smith. Bieber wasn't too bad tonight vs NYY.
  14. Dynasty JD Martinez Trade

    Pass. Trading JD should land you a better package of players.
  15. Think Jake will be better in the 2nd half, but he may be the 1 I drop. Freeland pitching at Coors scares me some, but he has done well this year. And I like the upside of Bieber. I'm sure others will provide more input as well. Good luck!