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  1. Nuk or Odell ROS? (PPR) WHIR

    I get it. I like Alvin & Jones with the rest of your team. GB needs to protect Rodgers & Jones should be a big part in doing that.
  2. Martin or Carson? Whir

    As much as I hate to say it, roll with Martin. I think SEA goes with a 2 headed monster, if not a 3 headed one vs GB, to keep Rodgers off the field. Hopefully OAK will get him & Jalen going. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734453-roll-with-hooper-ros-whir/
  3. Nuk or Odell ROS? (PPR) WHIR

    Think you are giving up too much in that deal. Like Alvin, but not at the expense of Zeke & JuJu. Is there another player they would take over JuJu?? Or if you feel A Jones will be that guy ros, then go for it. Alvin is a stud & will be leaned on heavily. Starting to think GB will lean a little more on Jones too. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734453-roll-with-hooper-ros-whir/
  4. Salty Clams team in sig. Hooper was dropped & wonder if I should put a claim in for him? If I get him, do I drop both Reed & Rudolph or keep 1 for a back up? Thanks!
  5. Nuk or Odell ROS? (PPR) WHIR

    Looking at weeks 15 & 16 for playoffs, it looks like Zeke & Nuk have better schedules, mainly because MG3 has BAL week 16. If you have no worries about that match up, I would make the trade.
  6. Ranking WRs TOP 5 ROS? (PPR)

    Based on weeks 15 & 16, my order would be: AB Nuk Hopkins Adams Thielen And this is only going off the teams they are up against & those teams current rankings vs WR, in 1 of my leagues. But to be honest, these are like 1A-1E, so it's a flip of the coin. All of these WR are studs & can help win a ship!
  7. A Jones, Fournette, or Mixon WHIR

    I like Fournette's volume, but prefer Jones match up vs SEA. Good luck!
  8. Nuk or Odell ROS? (PPR) WHIR

    It's a fair trade for both & comes down to preference of players. Even though it's hard to part with Nuk, I like the MG3 & OBJ side.
  9. Nuk or Odell ROS? (PPR) WHIR

    I like the 2nd deal better. RB: MG3 & Zeke, with OBJ, Nuk, & Thielen at WR/Flex?! Very tough combo & you don't have to worry about Gurley's bye week.
  10. Nuk or Odell ROS? (PPR) WHIR

    Are you trading Nuk & A Jones for OBJ? If so, that is too much. It should be a 1-1 imo. I prefer Nuk, but if you like OBJ, then go with your gut. You will have a great WR1 either way. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  11. Trade Barkley for WR? WHIR!!!

    The team who has Chubb, are they needing a RB1 & have really good WR? Maybe see about trading Barkley & J Brown for Chubb & a better WR? This allows you to keep your depth at RB, plus upgrade at WR. With Tate now at PHI, think it takes a little bit away from Jeffrey. J Brown is too streaky for me & Sutton needs to show more, before you can trust him going into the playoffs. But if those types of options are not available, then I would think about doing a 1-1, to pick up Nuk, then maybe drop Sutton to pick up a cuff for Conner & MG3. Thanks for mine & good luck.
  12. Stash Def?? whir

    7-3 & right now top points. 2 teams are 7-3, 2 teams are 6-4, & 4 teams are 5-5. 4 make the playoffs. If I win 2 during weeks 11-14, I am definitely in. If I just win 1, I still have a good shot, just need some help. Will look at yours.
  13. Stash Def?? whir

    FatHeads Trade Depot team in sig. Wondering if now is a good time to scoop up some defenses? Right now I have CAR & someone just dropped LAC. Hoping they clear waivers. LAC weeks 11-DEN & 12-ARI TEN weeks 13-NYJ & 14-JAX MIN weeks 15-MIA & 16 at DET Would drop CAR for LAC, drop Gio & MVS for TEN & MIN. I know Gio becomes an RB1 if Mixon gets hurt, but I would still have MG3, Conner, & Chubb. I currently have #3 waiver, which is basically #1, as the teams who have #1 & #2 are 9th & 10th in the league & officially out of the playoffs. So if anything happens to Mixon, I am hoping I could pick Gio back up. Or I can pick up 2 Def & stash someone like Coutee or Ty Montgomerey, which BAL seems like they have a nice schedule ros. Don't need either one, but nice to prevent others from picking them up & beating me. lol!! Make any of these moves??
  14. Cousins or Trubisky ROS? WHIR

    The way Mitch has been playing, I lean him, but feel Cousins has the better offense. Looking at playoff schedules, think I like Cousn's a bit better. Good luck!!
  15. Drop Njoku for Larry Fitz? wHIR

    I would pick him up & drop either J Brown or Miller. Leftwhich has ARI at least attempting to be a decent offense & getting Fitz & DJ involved, like it should be. I would keep Njoku, just in case Olsen has any set backs. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734371-trade-michel-for-chubb-whir/