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  1. Rate My Team

    I don't think that is overpaying at all. Carlos is a good SP & Benny is a stud bat imo. Have to offer someone pretty good in order to get someone like Max or Kershaw. Would offer it & see what they say.
  2. 3 for 1 trade WHIR

    Freeman for me. Would have to drop 2 if you trade & I don't see anyone other than Pomz. Don't want Sano either. Good luck!
  3. Rate My Team

    If DeGrom could get traded to a contender, you definitely have an ace, but even if he doesn't, you are solid at SP. Dozier seems to be doing well, so him & a SP may land a better SP. Or can look at another RP, as you have depth at SP & bats. Other than that, team is solid & should hopefully give you a chance to win.!
  4. Soto, Acuna, or Vlad? **WHIR**

    Looking at what Tony has stated, Acuna has the better line up & doesnt have to worry for at least a few years, because ATL isnt getting rid of Freeman or Albies any time soon. Like Soto & feel he will be good regardless if Harper stays or not. Vlad is the intriguing one, but think he will be just as good. May come down to position you want to fill between OF & 3B, if that is where Vlad ends up playing. If you have to choose 1 now, think I roll with Acuna, but to be honest, I don't think you can go wrong with either. Good luck!
  5. How much for Hand?

    Tony is spot on!
  6. Drop Familia? whir

    Thanks buddy!
  7. WHIR—Muncy for Senzel trade?

    I like it. Always try to win when you can . http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/706367-drop-familia-whir/
  8. Drop Familia? whir

    Team in sig. Familia going to OAK. Drop Familia(don't count holds) for Gsellman or keep spot open to stream? Thor came away from yesterday's game fine, but don't really want to worry about hand ros. Thanks!
  9. Nick Castellanos, Dynasty League. WHIR

    I like getting Nick. Should be a solid player for a number of years. If Dallas returns to form, then helps your staff even better. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  10. Which trade to pick???

    I think I take a chance on Vlad being that guy, which still leaves you with a #1 pick, but getting Goldy is a great option as well & helps your IF. As for keepers, like Trout, Soto, Acuna, Goldy or Vlad (if you trade for either) & probably Buehler, then look at SP when you draft next year.
  11. I like the 1st offer. Torres & Sevvy are great young guys for a great price! Would imagine your keep JD, Sevy, & Torres, with possibly adding Buehler & Bieber in there, depending if you want to stock up on SP before your draft or bats. Thanks for mine & good luck!
  12. Correa a buy low candidate?? whir

    That's what I was figuring, so will look at offering some different players for him. Thanks!
  13. Can only keep 3 - WHIR

    I like #2, so you can have an ace to build your staff around. But if no go, then option 4 works as well. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/706254-correa-a-buy-low-candidate-whir/
  14. Team in sig. 10 team, H2H total points, redraft (no keepers) $$ league. Is Correa (back issue) a buy low candidate & is he worth trading for ros? Could an offer of: Andujar, Familia, & an OF for Correa be a good place to start? Team who has him, could use another OF & his RP: Rodney, Minter, Doolittle-DL, & Hader (do not count Holds but do count K's, ip, bb, h, er w/l/s). Thanks!