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  1. 2nd Round of Playoffs Lineup Help

    I like ATL def a bit more than NO. Good luck!
  2. Ingram is a stud & i think he will be solid again for NO & 5th rd value is really good. But I like the idea of keeping Henry. He will eventually be the guy & I feel you can get a solid player in the 5th Rd. But no issues if you roll with Ingram. NO wants to keep Brees & their run game allows Brees to not have to throw 40 times every game & keep his arm/shoulder a bit healthier. Good luck!
  3. Good problem to have (3 Keepers)

    I would keep the 3 RB. Worse case, you can always trade 1, should you need a WR.
  4. Week 17 Lineup Help WR 2

    I agree with this. Good luck & bring home the ship!
  5. Week 17 DST Help

    Good luck & hope you bring the ship home!
  6. Replace Kareem Hunt for Week 17? WHIR

    Would probably go with Davis. Good luck!
  7. Wk17: Start Garrapolo over Big Ben?

    Would roll with Jimmy G. Good luck!
  8. Post Your Tough Calls for Championship

    Congratulations! Had to decide between Goff, Foles, or Keenum & whether to go with D Lewis or pick up JuJu for my 2nd flex. Went with Goff & Lewis, & it paid off with a win. Thanks everyone for your help this year! Good luck to those still in contention!!
  9. The Final Countdown? WHIR

    Did you go with initial starters or switch someone out? If you stuck with them, after 1st game, you should be close right?
  10. Foles vs Carr WHIR

    I like Foles. Good luck!
  11. Best DST Dyno stash?

    Lean CAR. Looking outside their games vs NO & ATL, they have been solid.
  12. Crabtree or Bryant?

    Completely understandable. No issues if you roll with Bryant. Go get them bud!
  13. Crabtree or Bryant?

    Possibly a small concern, but usually teams like that, try to be the team that hurts the others making a playoff run. Especially since PHI has a chance to get #1 seed.
  14. How Good Are My Odds

    Pretty good odds, especially since you have Bell. Good luck!
  15. Crabtree or Bryant?

    Bryant is safe play & Crabtree for upside, because he should see a ton of a targets again, even if Cooper does play! Good luck!
  16. Which d? whir

    Which def: LAR or NE?
  17. Mike Davis or gillislee? PPR whir

    Davis. Good luck & thanks for mine!
  18. QB / WR Help whir!!

    Foles & AJG. Good luck & thanks for mine!
  19. Which d? whir

    CHI is available.
  20. Woukd stick with what you have. If you feel the need to start 1, would probably go with Crabs, since Copper is still dealing with issue & may be limited, if he plays. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690091-which-d-whir/
  21. Goff or Foles? WHIR

    I have both & am rolling with Goff. But to me, I think both are great options. Especially since PHI needs to win, to keep pace for #1 seed. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690091-which-d-whir/
  22. Bears or Chargers??

    Agree! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690091-which-d-whir/
  23. Which 2

    I think Jimmy G does fine, but the safe play are those 3 rb. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690091-which-d-whir/
  24. Green or Lewis in ppr. WHIR

    I like AJG, but it's close. Good luck!
  25. Duke Johnson or Dede Westbrook? WHIR

    Can't see team, but out of those 4, I like Dede, but Duke is close. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690091-which-d-whir/