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  1. Trade Help. WHIR

    I like this trade. Eaton should return soon & as others have stated, will help your stats. I like R Lopez as well. If CWS can give him some offense, he has a chance to put up solid #'s. Thanks for mine!
  2. Drop J Bruce? whir

    Have Acuna on my bench & Eaton hopefully returning soon. Dropping Pirela to open up a spot for Pomz start on Friday. Am I crazy to drop J Bruce? He has been cold lately & wondering if NYM will sit Bruce more for rest/rotate, with Nimmo & Lagares doing well. Some FA, should I need to pick up an OF: Mallex, S Pearce, Kemp, O Herrera, Bradley Jr
  3. JD Martinez/Rizzo trade WHIR

    If he will include a SP in the deal, I would take it. Hate to see you lose Rizzo, but JD will help the loss some & I like Duffy or Junis better than Fulmer. Good luck!
  4. Who to drop?...WHIR!!

    I agree with this 100%.
  5. Did I give up too much for Votto?

    I think it's fine. Your SP is still solid & Votto should get it going. Good luck!
  6. Choose 4 of these closers **WHIR**

    Treinen Iglesias Vizcaino Middleton If not sold on Iglesias(great stuff!), due to CIN eh team & lack of save opportunities, then I would probably put Kela in there.
  7. Votto for De grom? WHIR

    Think I would keep both, because Benintendi looks be your best OF. But if you are comfortable with the OF, then DeGrom will absolutely help your SP. Good luck!
  8. Stream options...whir

    Looking to do a 2-1 trade, as I need to open up a slot for Pomz (Friday) & Eaton should hopefully returning soon. For now, I am going to drop an OF, to try & stream a couple SP this week. Thoughts on following match ups: Today: Velasquez at ATL(rough 1st start vs ATL, Matz vs WASH Thursday: Tropeano vs BOS Saturday: Mikolas vs CIN Sunday: D Duffy vs DET, Z Wheeler at ATL Thanks in advance!
  9. Who is the drop WHIR

    Would probably drop Greene for Myers & then when Sal comes back, drop Cervelli. Thanks for mine!
  10. Trade/FA Help In Deep 20-Teamer: WHIR!

    I like going for Morrow & agree on probably dropping Hicks. Thanks for mine!
  11. Help with trade... WHIR!!

    I agree with the others on targeting Nola, then Berrios.
  12. Too much for Otani? WHIR

    I think Marte & Devinski are a bit much, but like others have said, if he only takes one slot, I would do that & then check out the FA pool. Thanks for mine!
  13. I like both offers & think that the deal for Rizzo is definitely more than fair. Would target Rizzo first. Thanks for mine!
  14. Stras for Acuna

    I would make that trade. As others have stated, your pitching staff is solid & you have more than enough bats that you could trade for a solid arm if need to.
  15. Ian Happ or Matt Davidson

    I want to say Happ, but his playing time & k's worry me. The way Almora is playing/hitting, he may jump ahead of Happ. Think I would go with Davidson, as his playing time is a little more secure at this time. But both are kind of a coin toss at this point. Thanks for mine!
  16. Am I dumb to sit

    He pitched well vs NYM last time. The only thing that concerns me is if can pitch 6.0 innings. He has only done that 1 times in 3 starts. I still think I roll with him. Good luck!
  17. Team in sig. 10 team, H2H points, redraft $$ league. Curious to hear thoughts on if he is a buy low player or not? Team that has him is looking for a RP. Offer a RP & a bat for Keuchel? Thoughts?
  18. If looking to drop a bat, it may need to be Whit or C Taylor. Don't really see any other bats or P to drop. Good luck!
  19. Help with SP pickup...WHIR!!

    Agree. Not sure why they just dropped Keuchel, but if you can get him, go for it. If you are unable to, I would look at dropping Gray for one of those FA. Good luck!
  20. Buy low on Keuchel?? whir

    He needs some OF help. Think Bruce & which RP would be a good start?
  21. I would make that trade. Votto is solid, but I prefer Goldy! Good luck!
  22. Rank these players

    Mallex/Pirela(either way), then Desmond/Cargo. Clevinger
  23. Drop/adds? whir

    Team in sig. Currently 1-1, H2H points league & looking at some FA. Even thought it's total points, currently ranked in following CATS: Batting: Runs: 9th Hits (1b-3b): 4th HR: 9th RBI: 7th BB/HBP: 1st K's: 10th (this is a good thing!) SB: 6th Pitching: IP: 8th Hits: 10th ER: 10th BB: 8th K's: 6th W's: 5th L's: 9th SV: 2nd FA bats: Pirela, Bour, Mallex Smith, Zobrist, Pearce, Schebler-DL(have a DL slot open) FA P: Bettis, Cashner, Z Wheeler, D Duffy, Matz Any potential drop/adds to be made?
  24. 3B replacement for Donaldson

    Safe play may be Frazier, but I like the high risk / high reward that comes with Villanueva. Worse case, he goes cold & you probably still have Longoria or Frazier to pick up. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/700522-dropadds-whir/
  25. Should I make any moves or be patient?

    Team looks good. Any FA to pick up over I Happ? Just not quite sold on him, but weather has been an issue early on, so he may heat up when conditions change. Good luck! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/700522-dropadds-whir/