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  1. I like Lockett. Russell Wilson is having a signature season and it will continue. They are run first, but Lockett is Russ’s guy and will always have huge upside.
  2. I’d do this, Waller looks like he is here to stay and definitely is an upgrade over walker. Thanks for the help on mine.
  3. .5 PPR Just landed in LeVeon, is T.Y. Montgomery a must add in order to secure his handcuff? QB: Kyler, Jameis WR: Godwin, Jeffery Bench: Hollywood, G Tate RB: Chubb, Bell Bench: McCoy, Saquon, TE: Kittle Bench: Waller Flex: Gallman thank you!
  4. I’m starting Gallman, has showed he will be featured, and is not sharing the ball with anyone else. Probably has the highest floor, and highest ceiling out of them. For this week ROS is Tevin
  5. I’d throw a couple Watkins + Juju offers around to guys in your league targeting the Hopkins, obj types. See if it comes close, if not I’d probably relegate to like an Amari type
  6. Conner and mixon are a toss up, both underperforming this season, after his matchup with cardinals Mixon has a couple tough matchups. Losing Lockett would be a big hit for you, I wouldn’t do this deal as Pitt has at least shown the motivation to get Conner involved, and it worked,.. l
  7. If the guy is willing, I’d do that deal. I think it would take more to get Allen, especially if he is 1-3, he is not going to want to wait on AJG. Cooks and Edelman could be a fair deal. Also a Carson (might have to see if he likes Carson or Henry better) Mixon, Edelman for Kamara and Keenan deal would land you the most premium of players . Would try to slip Carson in that one, and move Lockett into your flex
  8. Think it’s a toss up and comes down to personal preference, I’d probably lean Gurley, I think Chargers will still feature Ekeler enough to where Melvin may not get the same load as he has in years past.
  9. I would do this deal, you are definitely getting the best player in the deal, and Bells best days are ahead of him.
  10. I would do that deal too, As mentioned above, Tyreek is what tips the scale for me. Gurley and Carson are pretty even in, both have showed promise, but we don’t necessarily know what we get from them the rest of the year.
  11. I think Carson is a bit rich for a TE trade, not involving any of the top 4. I’d say no and use jimmy graham while Adams is out or hobbled, and pick up Herndon and see how that shakes out. There will be plenty more options to trade for a Te later in the year if you end up needing to.
  12. Do this and run, Watson’s best games are in front of him.
  13. I want to say yes you should do it, but I think you may find yourself in trouble if you do. Davante Adams, was a struggling buy low opportunity, prior to his 10 catch 180 yard game where he came down with the turf toe. If you’re doing this trade, you’re counting on more of the 180 yard games, and less of how he started the season. Before the turf toe, I would expect more big games, but now that he’s dinged and I could see him playing through it most of the season, it’s a tough sell. I’d stay put, and maybe fling this offer over to the Hopkins owner. thanks for the help on mine.
  14. .5 PPR, Looking to target Le’Veon Bell.. Would you offer Mixon and Carson for Le’Veon ? QB: Kyler, Jameis WR: Godwin, Jeffery Bench: Jeffery, Hardman, Tate RB: Chubb, Carson Bench: McCoy, Saquon, Gallman TE: Kittle Bench: Waller Flex: Mixon