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  1. I can imagine him a tiny bit of value in a 20+ team or AL only league. 1 cat specialist is still worth owning there especially if you need to gain ground in steals. All of that said, Eric Young sucks.
  2. dodgers are gaming the **** out of the DL hahahahaha
  3. Jacob Barnes save.
  4. @wily mo I actually added Leblebijian to my minor league list in a deep dynasty league. Not even recent, and def cherry picked, but that was a sweet swing. More recent.
  5. can we start using goose eggs instead of saves and holds, please? https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/goose-egg-new-save-stat-relief-pitchers/
  6. As a rule of thumb, I refuse to roster RP with sitting fastball velo in the 80s. Maybe LeBlanc can make it work but I just feel like those kind of guys are a ticking time bomb.
  7. no mitch white = this list is dead to me haha. Only half /s. Or 1/4.
  8. 1st ER of the game was because the catcher couldn't handle his slider (in the dirt, but still).
  9. JBJ bomb...hopefully a sign of things to come...
  10. see the Toles thread, he's out for the year. I'm so sad about it as a dodgers fan. Good news for Bellinger though, from a fantasy perspective.
  11. dude there are so many peraltas...gotta help me out here. Drop Wily? Probably yes Drop Wandy? Depends on whether middle relievers have any value in your settings. Drop Jhonny? Hell yes Drop David? Maybe in shallow leagues, I kinda like him though. I'm probably missing at least one Peralta.
  12. for my SP/RP lovers out there http://www.heraldsun.com/sports/milb/durham-bulls/article149564384.html Keep an eye out for Chih-wei Hu's call up...I'm not sure he's completely finished as a SP prospect, but there's no denying that his stuff can play up in the pen. He was one of my favorite pitchers in last year's futures game. Absolutely think he will be legit.
  13. Plug and play for me. But I'm definitely the high guy on Perdomo. Agree that rangers bats aren't amazing.