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  1. ^^^
  2. I hope his injury was something that could have been found on an MRI before today's start...
  3. k machine this year, supported by a massive leap in swinging strikes. Still a small sample, but I think deGrom owners may have stumbled into more Ks than they anticipated. Not that he was a slouch before. Great pitcher, obviously, regardless.
  4. I will never stop believing.
  5. Nothing's changed for me. Innings maintenance (and sure, build up calluses too). I sincerely believe Hill is still gonna be lights out for me in my h2h leagues when it matters most as a STARTER and lights out for the dodgers in the playoffs. I don't mind if he pitches a little temporary relief. So much hysteria ITT. The faithful will be rewarded.
  6. Both Pina and Bandy are playing better than Lucroy, lol. It's an unfortunate situation for Susac. Would have to be an NL only or very deep league to have Susac as a stash.
  7. petition to rename thread Shelby Miller 2018 Outlook
  8. It's been a while since I looked at Lamet, but from what I recall, he's a fastball/slider guy all the way. It seems likely that he will have issues with lefties at the MLB level, but a top end projection might find him looking like a Joe Ross type, which certainly has value. I've heard speculation he's ultimately destined for the bullpen, but I think he'll get tested as a starter first. Not a bad stash due to proximity.
  9. Normal Average Fastball this year. A few mph down today, only touched 90 a few times, 87-88 common per stadium gun.
  10. per broadcast crew, diagnosed with left shoulder tightness.
  11. If you make your decisions or conclusions off of 10 PA sample sizes, I would recommend choosing a different fantasy sport.
  12. JOE BLANTON IS THE CLOSER /s obviously
  13. Agreed. Embarrassment of riches. I think a few of the prospects are almost bound to get dealt, though. Probably someone like Verdugo. Bummer about Forsythe's toe, but I still think that deal makes sense too.