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  1. Big Boi gonna eat with the injury to Seags.
  2. Richard Rodriguez, 69.1 IP 88 K 2.47 ERA 1.07 WHIP, hm..... Middle relief somewhere behind Felipe Rivero Vazquez.
  3. I think he will get chance to hit lefties and be an every day player. Sample very small from MLB last year, only struck out once in 14 PA vs them though and he could hit both in minor leagues.
  4. Tulo will get a couple days off a week, andujar will get one, voit will get one, and miscellaneously one of the rest of the team will get some time off. He will end up playing almost every day in that OG Zobrist kind of way, I think.
  5. DJ really underrated in this thread. I think wrc+ overly penalizes coors players. There’s an acclimation difference going to and from coors all the time. We’ve seen matt Holliday flourish with 4 additional all star years after leaving coors... last year DJL sacrificed some contact to try and lift the ball. He hit 15 HR. He’s moving to a still friendly park, yankee stadium. He’s gonna have multi eligibility and play most days. Would not surprise me whatsoever if he ends up hitting more HR this year than last and has a rebounds of sorts; and yes, outside of coors.
  6. It's gonna be a young guy who flashes excellent tools and, luckily for us earlier investors, continues to produce when advancing up levels. Freudis Nova, D'Shawn Knowles, guys like that come to mind. Some others already mentioned ITT.
  7. That outfield is so bad though. I think he’ll at least get a shot at lefties and if he puts up even like a 70 wrc+ vs lefties that’ll be enough for him to still play most days vs lefties. His defense is great.
  8. Missed a lot of last year with a life-threatening bacterial infection. Recovered fully from it in the offseason. Quietly appears to be making a late career advancement in his bat skills. Will be batting leadoff for Cleveland in a bad outfield and should be playing almost every day if he's truly healthy. https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-leonys-martin-is-the-most-overlooked-player-in-fantasy-baseball/ This article sold me on him. I'm not as bullish as the writer, although I do see potential for 15/15+ and a full slate of at bats, which makes him a deep league bargain and potentially someone who is relevant in shallower formats too. He piled up 2.5 fWAR in only half a season last year. I really do think he'll play almost every day, Greg Allen, Tyler Naquin, and co. are not stealing at bats from him.
  9. he's an ace, who cares what his attitude or politics or antics are. He's an awesome pitcher with cy young potential and he's not terribly expensive compared to his upside. I'd rather have him than Corey Kluber and Blake Snell, he's probably my #6 or #7 pitcher. Waffling on whether I prefer Bauer or Cole.
  10. Richards is very interesting for the elite tier changeup alone. He’s a guy with real strikeout upside, that 9+ k/9 could remain and perhaps with more seasoning we see the ERA and WHIP go down a bit.
  11. Always believed in JBJesus, swing changes, success on base paths, potent lineup, guaranteed playing time because of gold glove (finally!) defense. Good ingredients for fantasy success are here, so let’s get a stew going.
  12. I don’t have the cite handy, but I’ve heard Yandy can play 1B, DH, 3B, and OF this season. It may be a semi/poor man super utility situation.
  13. Looked into oberg further, he got better as season went on, slider success, more Ks. 10.34 k/9 2nd half. I’m liking him more and more. The only negative is coors home field, but whatever. I think I gotta find a way to add him, just figuring the drop is tough. is he better than joe kelly or tony Watson? I’m a massive believer in cy kelly and tony watson really good at limiting walks too... i think i toss back watson if I have to make a swap. My other RPs are too good to consider dropping (Diego Castillo sp/rp, Edwin diaz, Kirby Yates, Alex colome)