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  1. I was offered him in a trade and I'd only give up some annoying guys I don't want to start anyway. Doesn't sound like there is much confidence in him here?
  2. I’ve been the Commissioner of a keeper league on going on its 8th year. There were 5 replacement owners in that league this year, but there were several potential owners who did not get spots. So this year I’m starting a new league with all the same written rules as the other league. We will start this season with 12 teams (potentially only 10) depending on quality and quantity of potential solid owners (rather have good owners than a lot of owners). We currently have 5 owners paid in full. Draft order will be randomly generated by FFToolbox Draft Generator once the 12th owner is recruited and paid. The Draft (serpentine) will take place live online Sunday, August 27 at 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific). I’m located in Las Vegas and plan on getting together with local guys at Buffalo Wild Wings on Draft Day. So if you want to make a trip out of it to Sin City, and meet up for beer, wings and football, come on down. First round of beers is on me. But again, the draft is administered completely online so you don't have to be in Vegas. All owners will keep three players from their rosters for the 2018 season. Non-PPR. Long TD bonuses, yardage bonuses and reception bonuses. Here are links to 1) scoring settings and 2) League Bylaws. Eight teams make the playoffs. First Round Home Field Advantage applies based on seeding (see rules). Consolation Bracket winner gets #1 pick in 2018 draft. Three waiver periods every week (Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays at noon Eastern. All players dropped by owner go to waivers until next period; become free agents thereafter. Starting Lineup: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 "Flex," 1 TE, 1 Kicker, 1 D/ST ALL rules are written. PLEASE read all rules and scoring settings before joining. Commissioner pays the fees, so 100% payout. $200 buy-in via Paypal. 1st Place: $1,500 2nd: $400 3rd: $300 4th: $200 NOTE: these payouts are based on 12-team. Will be slightly different with 10 teams. Shoot me a message if interested and I’ll answer any questions and send you an invite to the league.