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  1. They'll rotate them based on matchups. Schoop might get some time at shortstop.
  2. Highly doubtful because of innings cap. He only pitched 43 innings last season.
  3. He's done a great job maintaining his solid numbers from last season. There's talk he could be up for the Brewers around June. He's easily their third or 4th best pitcher right now. Lots of analysts think he's a solid #3, or low end #2.
  4. Keep in mind he only threw 75 innings last season after Tommy John surgery. 125 innings might be his max this season. Definitely looks like a great prospect but doubtful he'll help your fantasy team this season.
  5. Around April 13th is what has been suggested for a call up date.
  6. Double A.
  7. Possibly out of the bullpen for the Dodgers this September. He's on roughly a 100 innings limit this season.
  8. He's scheduled to start tomorrow.
  9. He is in Yahoo's database.
  10. Depends how Story and LeMahieu are doing. It would take a serious slump or injury to get Rodgers up at super 2 next season. Unfortunately September 2018 call up is realistic at this point.
  11. He puts up good numbers but the thought is he'll be a utility guy with the Brewers.
  12. Coming into the season I've seen reports of him between 2019-2020. I read today that it could be 2018 if he keeps producing at AA.
  13. Tonight for Rodgers. 3-5 5 RBI and a grand slam.
  14. First start for Tulsa will be on Friday.
  15. Homer Bailey is getting closer to being healthy. Maybe by the end of the month.