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  1. I know we’ve touched on his last start and the upcoming final rehab start already, but I stumbled upon this great little read and had to share. Adds a little more on where he is now and the gains he’s made since 2017. Not only is his recovery impressive, but how he was able to do all of this while also going through so much in his personal life, is really amazing. Such a great story and really happy for Jimmy and the Nelson family.
  2. “Shohei Ohtani slugs first homer vs. Royals Ohtani turned on a 91-mph heater from Royals’ starter Jakob Junis, launching a two-run homer -- his first round-tripper of the season -- to right field in the sixth inning. The 24-year-old two-way sensation has been limited to a designated hitter role this season, but he's gotten off to a fantastic start, hitting .286/.362/.429 with four runs scored and eight RBI in 47 plate appearances since returning to the Angels' lineup earlier this month.” Tonight was his 2nd HR of the season. He hit his 1st on the road in Minneapolis on 5/13.
  3. I think it’s gotten to the point where he needs to break out the black magic/voodoo. Put on some women’s underwear, sacrifice a chicken, breath through your freaking eyes...anything! seriousky though, might be time for the ole phantom injury DL stint to hit the reset button, work on some things and come back refreshed with a better mindset. This is getting regoddamndiculous!!!
  4. Hi, my name is Kris “Big Al” Bryant and I hit dingers!!!
  5. I get bringing him out to face McMahon (single), lefty vs lefty and trying to save the bullpen as much as possible. Wolters (Ground rule double), also a lefty and not the most intimidating hitter, maybe we can get an out or double play as it’s a good matchup even with ERod fading...He’s an automatic pull after the Wolters double with professional hitter Blackmon coming up (HBP). I’m just laughing re-reading this, it really is almost unbelievable that Cora allowed this to continue.
  6. Regarding ERods now poor start...Cora and a lot of other managers, need to do a better job of reading their starters and identifying when they are running out of gas. Also, even if you think they have a little left in the tank (ERod 99 pitches through 6 inn with 3 lefties coming up to start the 7th), sometimes it’s good to know when to call it and end their night on a good note to build confidence. This would have been ERods 3rd QS in a row and 4th out of his last 5...For a young starter like him, it really could have gone a long way in cementing that confidence that he is an above average starter and can go out and dominate an opponent on any given night. Shame Shame Shame
  7. “Top prospect Jesús Luzardo is throwing long toss as he recovers from a left shoulder strain. He’s likely to start throwing side sessions within two or three weeks.” -Susan Slusser (San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer) “He’s feeling great, that’s the main thing,” - Gil Patterson (A’s Minor-League pitching coordinator)
  8. Another big fly...Hotter than a pistol right now! The changes he’s made this year to his stance (foot/toe tap) has really quieted down his lower half, not as much going on. Simple, quick & compact and getting through the zone quickly allowing him to get that power going to LF/LF center regularly.
  9. Thanks! Took them long enough...I kept waiting for MLB at bat app to load this under videos for the game. Lester’s was up for a long time, but saw nothing on Smith’s night.
  10. Your regular updates on Jimmy’s progress, are much appreciated. Are you finding most of this info from beat writer twitter feeds or brewers AAA affiliate (Missions) website?
  11. Apparently, the arm only bothers him when he throws. Salami to dead center...looking much better at the plate the last week or two.
  12. He was flexing his hand and grabbing at his elbow/shoulder after that throwing error. Getting the feeling he’ll never be healthy again.
  13. Great game tonight kid! First HR of 2019, with the cherry on top...No errors!!!
  14. Sure, still a liability with the glove and currently, non existent power. Not sure why you decided to quote me and reply with this. My above comment never mentioned anything about his average recently or for the season.