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  1. I'm in this league but helping commish recruit .link to rosterhttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...mp6issjuh2eebvlink to rules --bottom part is league constitution https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...juh2eeb5/rulesIts for $40 US entry but theres a lot of ways to win some money back , Keep 9 of main roster (max 1 G) and 11 minors .h2h fantasy points , 16 teams etc.if interested the commish can give you access to team so you can look around a bit before making a commitment . hit me up with your fantrax details so he can send invite if interested ; thanks .
  2. Hello guys ....opening in one of my dynasty leaguesI'll be taking my time to find the right fit so if your not into playing for bragging rights / hobby this probably isnt your thing .The majority of the fellas are 40+ so if your in the age group it could be a better fit .following link is my googlesite page for current openings- it also has a link to fantrax team page and description of what I'm looking for in a GM + brief outline of what the league setup is . while at the googlesite theres a link to the league Rulebook in left column - please take the time to read it so you understand rules and unique h2h setup this particular league uses .https://sites.google.com/view/blackb...rrent-openingspm if interested , thanks
  3. why would you move away from fantrax ?
  4. I wasnt getting enough interest so I decided to pull the plug on this venture . unless I'm blind , I dont see an ''edit'' tool to change the first post in the thread
  5. 3 spots left ,Hyannisport Presidents,Peterborough Patriots,Lancaster Gears
  6. link to fantrax rules page https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...ji7w1jtz/rulesjust a one year league fellas.......for free .if theres anyone looking for a mid summer slow live draft tuneup but would still take the free league serious enough to play all season hit me up .Gm's that are prepared to slow live draft at a decent pace are preferred/would like to get started soon enough . I'm knee deep in my upcoming dynasty drafts for the next while so this will help me kill some time in between those .the skinny7 teams with a Slapshot movie theme , h2h v.s all teams each week so you'd be anywhere from 0-6 to 6-0 or anywhere in between by weeks end .4 teams make playoff which occur during final 4 wks of season 1 vs 4 , 3 vs 2 , winners advance to finals (each playoff is 2 weeks long , even the semis)I think the link to the fantrax rule page pretty much outlines the rest but if you have any questions let me know . *I would use a draft randomizer tool to set draft order for fairness / emailed results who knows , maybe joining this sidebar league is a gateway to getting a spot in one of my dynasty league openings in the future .available teams Charlestown Chiefs--butchLong Island DucksSyracuse BulldogsPeterborough PatriotsLancaster GearsHyannisport PresidentsBroom County Blades send me a pm here or respond to thread , thanks .
  7. link to available team PORTLAND ROSEBUDShttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...dpdeyxjfs0zrw6link to league rules , scroll down further to see league constitution etc.https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...jfs0zrvy/rulesgooglesite for my 3 leagues where I stash league history , trophy rack , records etc https://sites.google.com/view/blackblue70s20s/homeR20's League is heading into 3rd season and is the youngest of three dynasty leagues that I run .A lot of the gm's in my leagues play in all three or at least two of the leagues .The offseason summer slow live draft for this league begins SUN AUG 26 6 am , 24 hr clock . If your into playing for pride / not money and want to be a part of a good community where gm's are very competitive and mature this could be a great fit .Although its just for pride the fellas are really into it and they pay attention to daily roster chores such as active/bench , IR assignments , have a decent grasp of their goalies starting pattern , enjoy researching prospects etc.This isnt a random casual league , we'd want the newcomer to become part of the solid group we have moving forward .A fantrax chip in of approx 7.00 US is required / paid through fantrax system (fee waived for this season)quick summary of league head to head fantasy points v.s all 11 teams each wk , 22 week reg season sked.you will be anywhere from 0-11 to 11-0 by the end of the weeks matchups and anywhere from 242-0 to 0-242 by seasons end -- hopefully somewhere in between !Roster = 20 starters (12 f,6 d,2g) 10 reserve bench , 20 FARM with prospect gp limits set at 100 F/D , 50 G & 4 Injured Reserve spots.Fantrax injured reserve enforcement system set at @ 2 days max 3 free agent pikups per wk , no max on wire claims , unlimited trades , rotating waiver wire.free agent pikups/wire claims are frozen until the completion of summer draft in aug but trades are allowed during offseason summer drafts are 5 rounds , trading allowed before and during draft , slow live 24 hr clock --we're pretty good at this and typically knock it down in 3-4 days.playoffs are a bit unique compared to most leagues as you play v.s 2 other teams --see rulebook for more .....anyways , if you looking to play v.s some older grizzled GM's and can give an honest effort send me a pm at whatever message board your reading this from . t70fhl at yahoo dot ca to touch base