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  1. Josh James 2019 Outlook

    I certainly like Josh James' upside more then McHugh's but I don't think you can definitely say he is better then Collin since Josh has only pitched 23 innings in the MLB, ever. Collin has much more of a track record with 726 IP, granted he has a career 3.87 ERA. I definitely don't think anyone is knit picking I think everyone is just trying to be fair and approach with caution. If you can get Josh anywhere close to his current ADP right now you should be very happy cause his cost is likely to increase as we get closer to the start of the season.
  2. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    Yeah you're right, I just missed the discussion before this post so I thought he was trying to argue his numbers could improve.
  3. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    Wait, is that a good thing or bad thing for Mallex? According to these numbers he was a lot worse on actual grass and playing at parks with a retractable roof.
  4. A.J. Pollock 2019 Outlook

    I feel bad for Verdugo owners in dynasty leagues. Maybe Verdugo can be moved in another deal though so he finally gets a clearer path to PT.
  5. Think I would have to go with David Johnson and Michel here. thanks for the help with mine.
  6. Start 2 - WHIR

    Fournette for sure, then a coin flip between Barber and Blue. I would lean Barber personally. thanks for the help with mine.
  7. Need 2 slots filled. WHIR!

    I would go with David Johnson and Jamaal Williams. help with mine please:
  8. It's close, but I would go with Samuels. help with mine please:
  9. Fournette, McGuire, Ertz and Kittle. help with mine please:
  10. Gotta go with Russell here because of the matchup. help with mine please:
  11. It's my championship, who should I play in the flex (.5 PPR): Josh Adams vs HOU Alshon Jeffery vs HOU Jordan Howard @ SF Robby Anderson vs GB I'm leaning towards Alshon slightly over Robby, but I really can't decide. WHIR just leave a link
  12. True coin flip, I guess since you're already starting a couple players in the Rams v. Bears game then I would go with Tucker. Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. Playoffs time!!! WHIR 100%

    Ingram, Ware and Jackson. help with mine please: