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  1. I would look to deal Engram because of his price, if possible. But I would ultimately see what offers you can get for both before deciding. I do think you could prob get more then just mecole based off how Andrews and Engram have performed so far. Help with mine:
  2. Ehh I guess you could still justify the deal. But I wouldn’t be as excited about it.
  3. Yeah I would have to pass on that deal as well. Stick with Evans. help with mine please:
  4. You could use the help at RB, so I would make this move. Even if you had to include Hyde. help with mine please:
  5. If you can get Kelce for Carson and Andrews then I would definitely make that move. help with mine please:
  6. I have Mahomes and Lamar Jackson in my keeper league and I’m looking to deal one to help with my RB depth. Due to our keeper rules I could keep Lamar next year in the 12th and Mahomes in the 9th. So I’m obviously looking to deal Lamar after his hot start and just because Mahomes is the more proven player. They both have good value though. But which range RB should I be looking for? If I could get someone like Chubb should I accept that, or shoot for more? WHIR just leave a link
  7. Nvm, it looks like he is off the cant cut list now on Yahoo.
  8. Is Yelich going to hit the IL? Or will they keep him off of it since rosters are expanded?
  9. Very frustrating... hard to hold him in a shallower keeper if he’s just a bench bat now.
  10. Wow, what a start. Sorry to anyone that benched him,.
  11. I don't think it's proving his point at all. It shows you what he is capable of over a couple months (june & july) span which IMO was a very valuable fantasy asset.
  12. Batting Monthly G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS May 20 80 6 20 0 0 3 13 9 23 0 1 .250 .330 .363 .692 June 27 94 19 32 6 1 9 22 7 26 4 0 .340 .379 .713 1.091 July 24 83 10 23 4 1 3 8 10 18 5 0 .277 .358 .458 .816 Few small weeks? I get the premise of your argument but I still disagree. When/if Shohei gets hot he is a difference maker in fantasy.