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  1. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Exaulz posted on the previous page that he heard it on the Nats broadcast prior to the game starting tonight. It apparently wasn't etched in stone but was probably designed to not put too much early pressure on him if he struggled out of the gate. I'm guessing their plans have changed and even on the home run call you can hear the announcers saying "so much for him not starting tomorrow night" (or something to that effect).
  2. 5/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yeah, a few leagues I had to sit there and watch others grab him when I had the first chance, but I ran out of weekly moves just a few hours before the announcement was made. Talk about an unexpected move.
  3. 5/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    It won't be unlocked until after the game - too many reactionary game day thread type posts will clog it up and it doesn't further the discussion on the player himself. You can post here about him in the meantime all you want.
  4. Enyel De Los Santos - SP, SD

    FB sits 94-95 and touches upper 90's. Plus change and inconsistent curve that flashes above average. The plus change and vastly improved command are huge developments and can aid in overcoming the lack of a plus 3rd pitch to have success at the MLB level. Looks like a #3 ceiling with an ever increasing floor of a solid #4.
  5. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Two games before today were rainouts.
  6. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Yep - and the HR from the previous day was indeed mentioned. Generally, on Vlad/Soto there's a daily race to post the box score stats barring a poor hitting game.
  7. KyletheMachine's Mid-May Top 75 fantasy Prospects

    While he obviously has great power potential, he's struck out 39% of the time in A-Ball so far (consistent with his 38% K-rate across 3 seasons in the lower levels). I don't think omitting him from a personal top 75 list is all that unreasonable after 30 games in the Sally. Now, I certainly wouldn't criticize someone for including him on their current top 75 list based on the power, but I can understand why some would be hesitant at this stage, particularly if your league counts K's, BB's and OBP. However; if he shows signs of refining his approach, look out.
  8. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    No problem - the larger point was definitely about Alonso being blocked in 2018. Agreed on A-Gone's health, but I definitely believe that for at least 2018, should he go down again it will be Dom Smith that's given every opportunity to keep his spot on the 40 man (and hopefully increase his trade value to pave the way for Alonso in 2019). Smith still has an OPS over .800 in the PCL to go along with a high end OBP - he obviously doesn't have ideal power for a corner IF, but he's not ready to be cast aside yet either. I would agree that Alonso could certainly get the proverbial September cup of coffee when rosters expand, but as you indicated, those AB's won't help much in fantasy as they're unlikely to be consistent, again, barring trade/injury. Bottom line, I wouldn't want to waste a roster spot stashing him outside of keeper/dynasty leagues unless you have room and the majority of 2018 call up candidates are already on other teams' rosters.
  9. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    The well respected veteran that hasn't played himself out of a job point stands however - Alonso is blocked in 2018 barring a trade/injury without even taking Dom Smith into consideration. (and of course A-Gone and Smith are both on the 40 man roster to boot)
  10. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    It may take a bit of time, but I have a feeling once the scouting reports catch up with him at the MLB level (i.e. make him throw a ton of pitches every at bat due to poor control), he's gong to be exposed. Certainly worth an add if you have a non-valuable player to drop, but it also may me a great time to try and sell high based on the initial results.
  11. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    Agreed - even if ignoring Dom Smith (which you can't, at least for now), Alonso is blocked by a well respected veteran in the last year of a big contract who hasn't played himself out of a job. Barring a trade/injury, Alonso owners will have to remain patient.
  12. Austin Hays OF BAL

    Stock dropping? Avg. down to .224 with a .669 OPS in 125 AB's so far this year.
  13. Nick Senzel- 3B Reds

    Agreed - I was discouraged when I read that and hopefully it's just a short lived minor issue.
  14. Nick Senzel- 3B Reds

    This is all that matters. I have no idea what else you've been trying to say here. You previously stated "but he didn't say Reds front office has confirmed Senzel will not be coming up" which was incorrect. It was incorrect for precisely the reason you mentioned - he does not speculate, he reports. He wouldn't say Senzel is not being called up if he wasn't reporting it as fact. At any rate, the reason for his absence is finally known:
  15. Nick Senzel- 3B Reds

    Incorrect - he reported there has been no further word on why he was pulled except that it wasn't for a call up. That much he was able to confirm. No call up. "What I know right now: Nick Senzel IS NOT being called up." "No further word on why Senzel left, but it is not because he’s being called up by Reds" There is no ambiguity or unwillingness to speculate in either of those quotes.