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  1. Not sure if that's meant in jest or not, be he hasn't been a prospect since 2015. He's fared well at AAA Iowa so far this year, but his K's/BB's ratio is very underwhelming (11 K's to 8 BB's through 24.2 innings).
  2. I never liked the 5 year contract they gave the aging Gurriel at all given his lack of proven ability to hit MLB level pitching coupled with 1B not being his natural position. I thought the organization had plenty of existing depth in Reed, Moran, Gonzalez and even Tyler White to try out before spending recklessly at the position. They also had plenty of depth to trade for a for more proven veteran 1B type if any of those individuals didn't work out (i.e. Votto, Abreu, Adrian Gonzalez,). Instead, it's very possible that Gurriel becomes an instant sunk cost of close to $50 Million.
  3. Wondering if everyone should go drop Blake Treinen at this point.
  4. Just wondering if any headway was made with this? I'd really love the ability to be able to ignore specific threads so that I don't have to see them when they're bumped. Thanks so much.
  5. One of my personal sleepers for SP holds is Mike Minor.
  6. Matthew Pouliot just wrote in his latest column that Capps will open the season on the DL. Has this been confirmed? I haven't found that mentioned anywhere. I could understand if Capps doesn't look anywhere near ready after today's outing and so forth, but if his stuff/velocity looks good, why not let him start the season in the 'pen? I could see limiting his appearances early in the season, but he's not someone I'd want to keep off the active roster if he's ready.
  7. Yeah, that same question was asked in his last chat as well and he gave the same answer - no top 100 ranking but in the 50-55 FV range (which I thought was a bit low personally). An actual ranking estimate would be more helpful.
  8. His defense is fine (and where he provides the majority of his value these days), but he's actually hitting .132 through 38 ST at-bats, is coming off a .631 OPS season (absolutely horrendous) and hasn't had an OPS over .800 since 2012. He's shown flashes of brilliant power over the years, but I've never considered him an elite hitter for fantasy. He has been, and will continue to be, on my do not draft list. As far as the complete package is concerned, I would agree that Eloy is not ready to take over for Heyward as he still has much to work on (hasn't even faced A+ pitching yet in the lower levels and has a poor K's to BB's ratio, so he needs to continue to work on refining his hit tool to pair with the power/athleticism to increase his chances of success at the MLB level), but Heyward is absolutely an albatross contractually in my opinion.
  9. He only included signed prospects on the list - he mentioned Otani as likely being #1 if he were eligible.
  10. Agreed - plus, the report indicated he was going to seek a "second opinion". That always means the first opinion was a pretty bad one.
  11. Given the acquisition of Brandon Phillips, aside from a September cup of coffee I'd expect him to compete for a full time job in 2018. He has a proven rapport with Swanson from their time together in AA and fits in perfectly near the top of the order with his skill set, so barring major regression this season I'd expect to see Albies and Swanson as double play partners for years to come.
  12. Believe me, I completely understand your perspective and what you're saying, but that same issue could occur with your "arch rival" if Price had the same elbow issue after his first regular season start. It would give him the same "cop out". I simply prefer being able to follow camp battles/prospect auditions/closer situations/etc. throughout Spring Training and having the maximum amount of flexibility to make meaningful moves before the season starts as an active manager. I completely understand and respect your perspective on it, I just prefer drafting early where available.
  13. Injuries can happen at any time though - he could feel the elbow soreness after his first regular season start and obviously no one would say "See, that's why you should wait to draft until week #2". Plus, it's totally random, an arch rival could be the one who has Price, in which case you're glad you drafted early. I honestly prefer the benefits of drafting early over the injury drawbacks. That's totally cool that you disagree, we just see it differently.
  14. Given the talent level that that Nats gave up for Eaton, it would be asinine not to give him every chance to succeed at the top of the lineup. Werth is near the end of a bloated contract, don't try to keep him happy when the goal is to win games - he's already a mega millionaire set for life.
  15. Absolutely, and I guess I have pretty much already made up my mind on Sanchez, I was more or less trying to get a consensus on the best keeper from Polanco/Bregman/Mazara/Arrieta/deGrom. Polanco/Arrieta/deGrom seem to be the top suggestions so far.