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  1. Garrett Hampson 2018 Outlook

    I completely agree here and in most the Yahoo leagues I'm in we now utilize continuous waivers to avoid that exact scenario - you can still make speculative adds in advance, but can't instantly pick up a player based on breaking news. It makes the leagues far more enjoyable and equitable.
  2. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    Is the full list behind a pay wall?
  3. Good Ian Desmond was in the 20/20 club on 4 separate occasions (with an average north of .280 in 3 of those 4 seasons). Arguably, his best year as recently as 2016 with Texas (107 runs, 22 HR, 86 RBI, 21 SB, .285 avg). That said, I never understood how the signing to play 1B made sense for Colorado on any level, but good Ian Desmond was definitely a very solid fantasy asset. I think Tatis' power potential is higher than Desmond's though, so I don't think it's the greatest comp.
  4. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    Yep - he's toast. I don't see a way out of this for the Brewers. Something like this, with such volume and frequency, reflects what's truly in his heart. You can say "I've changed" "I was stupid" all you want, but it's not going to work when it's to this degree (even one post like that is hard to overcome let alone what's been unearthed tonight). As mentioned above, I seriously don't understand why teams don't implement a policy of 100% weeding out all social medias of a player before they're signed/drafted (and then continuously monitored). Hire someone to comb through every Tweet/post/whatever before something like this destroys all investments made in a player. Even deleted accounts/posts can be uncovered with "way back" software and whatnot - once you post something, you can never take it back.
  5. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    It's just another abbreviation for BaseBall America. The majority of time I just see BA used (and prefer it since baseball is one word).
  6. Razzball Ralph's Mid-Season Top 100 Update

    Fangraphs has him at 125 and Kiley McDaniel recently indicated that he's hearing the organization prefers Will Smith (who they incidentally have at 64 on their list). This is from Kiley's most recent chat: "Zihuatanejo: Between Keibert Ruiz and Will Smith, who should the Dodgers be most reluctant to trade? Kiley McDaniel: We prefer Smith and we’ve heard the Dodgers do as well." In addition, Ralph has Smith at 137 (not as high as Fangraphs, but still a few ticks above Keibert).
  7. Brendan Rodgers - SS COL

    Can't move Story off SS based on what he's done. My best guess (at least in the short term) is that Rodgers will eventually be given a crack at 2B (assuming LeMahieu doesn't re-sign) with Hampson being given a chance at a super-utility role. It's possible that Hampson will be given a chance at 2B initially if they decide to call him up first - Spring Training should have a lot of bearing on that decision (again, assuming LeMahieu isn't re-signed).
  8. Taylor Ward - C/3b Anaheim

    As Under500Forever pointed out though, he raked in the AA Southern League as well this year (not a hitter friendly league) in an even larger sample size (.973 OPS in 42 games at AA, 1.084 OPS in 34 games at AAA).
  9. Justin Turner 2018 Outlook

    Strained abductor muscle - won't play tonight, I could see him not returning until after the break.
  10. Razzball Ralph's Mid-Season Top 100 Update

    Going from "unranked" to "39" in 3 months is still pretty darn impressive - Adell already had a huge pedigree coming in to the season as a first round pick (with his defense ensuring he'll get a chance to play every day and went from #24 on Ralph's list to #5) while Alonso has zero speed and his defense at 1B is below par . Alonso has definitely raked offensively and is deserving of climbing up top prospect lists, but I think this particular climb is pretty reasonable, even for a fantasy centered list. Of course, if you value him higher - by all means go with your instincts. Cheers.
  11. Raimel Tapia - OF COL

    Roberto Ramos is also looking very solid at AA (only a year older than Spanberger, recently won the A+ home run derby and followed his promotion to AA with 2 HR's off of Justin Dunn - who is generating a lot of buzz for the Mets in his own right). Two very nice 1B prospects behind McMahon (who is finally starting to hit again himself).
  12. Mid Season Prospect Rankings Watch

    Agreed - much of the blurb commentary on each player is geared towards fantasy. Save for the huge established prospecting brand names (Fangraphs, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America), it's the smart way to go in order to drive traffic to your website.
  13. Mid Season Prospect Rankings Watch

    You linked to the top 20 in the Alvarez thread, but I'll re-post the link here to keep the info centralized. Thanks for sharing. https://prospects-365.com/2018/07/09/ray-butlers-2018-midseason-top-200-prospects-1-20/
  14. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Agreed - I keep having the same reaction to Josh James' stats (Houston SP prospect), but his season continues to be met with complete indifference by the prospecting pundit community.
  15. Victor Robles - OF WAS

    I completely agree - Soto's emergence coupled with the perceived safe floor of Robles should be enough incentive to let Harper walk (though that would of course be effective in 2019 - doubt the Nats would consider trading Harper due to still being in the playoff race).