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  1. Yeah, that same question was asked in his last chat as well and he gave the same answer - no top 100 ranking but in the 50-55 FV range (which I thought was a bit low personally). An actual ranking estimate would be more helpful.
  2. His defense is fine (and where he provides the majority of his value these days), but he's actually hitting .132 through 38 ST at-bats, is coming off a .631 OPS season (absolutely horrendous) and hasn't had an OPS over .800 since 2012. He's shown flashes of brilliant power over the years, but I've never considered him an elite hitter for fantasy. He has been, and will continue to be, on my do not draft list. As far as the complete package is concerned, I would agree that Eloy is not ready to take over for Heyward as he still has much to work on (hasn't even faced A+ pitching yet in the lower levels and has a poor K's to BB's ratio, so he needs to continue to work on refining his hit tool to pair with the power/athleticism to increase his chances of success at the MLB level), but Heyward is absolutely an albatross contractually in my opinion.
  3. He only included signed prospects on the list - he mentioned Otani as likely being #1 if he were eligible.
  4. Agreed - plus, the report indicated he was going to seek a "second opinion". That always means the first opinion was a pretty bad one.
  5. Given the acquisition of Brandon Phillips, aside from a September cup of coffee I'd expect him to compete for a full time job in 2018. He has a proven rapport with Swanson from their time together in AA and fits in perfectly near the top of the order with his skill set, so barring major regression this season I'd expect to see Albies and Swanson as double play partners for years to come.
  6. Believe me, I completely understand your perspective and what you're saying, but that same issue could occur with your "arch rival" if Price had the same elbow issue after his first regular season start. It would give him the same "cop out". I simply prefer being able to follow camp battles/prospect auditions/closer situations/etc. throughout Spring Training and having the maximum amount of flexibility to make meaningful moves before the season starts as an active manager. I completely understand and respect your perspective on it, I just prefer drafting early where available.
  7. Injuries can happen at any time though - he could feel the elbow soreness after his first regular season start and obviously no one would say "See, that's why you should wait to draft until week #2". Plus, it's totally random, an arch rival could be the one who has Price, in which case you're glad you drafted early. I honestly prefer the benefits of drafting early over the injury drawbacks. That's totally cool that you disagree, we just see it differently.
  8. Given the talent level that that Nats gave up for Eaton, it would be asinine not to give him every chance to succeed at the top of the lineup. Werth is near the end of a bloated contract, don't try to keep him happy when the goal is to win games - he's already a mega millionaire set for life.
  9. Absolutely, and I guess I have pretty much already made up my mind on Sanchez, I was more or less trying to get a consensus on the best keeper from Polanco/Bregman/Mazara/Arrieta/deGrom. Polanco/Arrieta/deGrom seem to be the top suggestions so far.
  10. I certainly appreciate the input, and I do agree the hype on him has skyrocketed, but I disagree he's all hype. He has provable upside in a great ballpark for offense at a very difficult position to receive sustained production from. It's certainly possible that either Polanco or Arrieta (or both) will end up being better keepers, but if Sanchez can produce regularly, it's a great advantage to have given the league size.
  11. Thanks for the excellent food for thought kansas. I do expect regression from Sanchez of course since his 2016 pace is unsustainable, but the tough question is how much regression. If he's good for about 70-75% of his pace from last year, he'll still be gold at the position. I generally don't keep catchers as well and wish Sanchez had a longer track record, but given the league size I feel it's worth taking the risk. Man, I wish I could make a deal since I have more keeper worthy players than eligible keeper slots, but unfortunately no deals are allowed until after the draft.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone. For those that asked, no deals are allowed until after the draft. Any names that don't get kept immediately become draft eligible. It is a one catcher league, but in a 16 team league the top catchers definitely come at a premium. I did consider the Arrieta/deGrom angle though, but probably not leaning towards it. In terms of who I like the most among Polanco/Bregman/Mazara, it's extremely difficult to choose. All 3 have great 2017 and beyond potential. Braynt and Villar's solid positional flexibility takes away an obvious answer as well. If I thought for sure Mazara would break out this season, I'd keep him, but he would seem to be the riskiest of the three for 2017.
  13. 16 team keep 6 with Hits and OPS added in to the usual categories for hitters (Runs/Hits/HR/RBI/SB/Avg/OPS) and QS added for starting pitchers (Wins/K's/ERA/WHIP/QS). I'm having a real tough time deciding on my final keeper. I'm already keeping Bryant, Harper, Miguel Cabrera, Villar and Gary Sanchez and am choosing from the following for my final keeper: Gregory Polanco, Alex Bregman, Nomar Mazara, Jake Arrieta or Jacob deGrom. Polanco has 5 cat potential but struggled mightily after a hot start last year, Bregman remains unproven but looks ready to breakout as soon as this season, Mazara probably has the highest long term ceiling but may not quite be ready to breakout yet, Arrieta seems safe on the surface but has some underlying issues that are a cause for concern and deGrom had some elbow issues but seems ok for Spring Training. It's tough to not at least keep 1 SP in a 16 team league (I have the 10th overall pick so it's doubtful Arrieta or deGrom will be available), but at the same time Polanco/Bregman/Mazara may be much better long term keepers. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and will help in return.
  14. Cheers @bobbyfantasypros - I can absolutely understand the reasoning behind the paywall switch given all the hours of work behind your efforts. As you indicated, it was more or less just the anticipation of seeing of the list (based on how useful I found it last year) to go along with the mouth watering hype in your excellent pre-release write up, followed by a delay in it being posted creating even more anticipation and then ultimately finding out at the end that the full list was behind a paywall without knowing it would be in advance. It was quite the ride, haha. Anyway, that's certainly very big of you to sign up and apologize for the way it was rolled out - absolutely accepted and your hard work is very appreciated. Even the lists you've been able to share for free have been helpful - looking forward to seeing more and I hope the main prospect article brings a lot of new subscribers to the website.
  15. I totally agree he deserves his own thread, but he already had one: forums.rotoworld.com/topic/601759-francisco-mejia-c-cle/