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  1. The game was also cut short by rain, so he wasn't even pulled early (although it would've been understandable).
  2. I don't really think there's a need to rush him along though given that they have so many options on offense. I can't imagine him being up this year save for an outside chance at a September cup of coffee if he mashes at AA.
  3. Most game power FV projections are on the conservative side. I wouldn't worry too much about it in terms of deciding whether or not you want to keep/acquire Kingery as a prospect.
  4. Yes, there's a chance. Likely depends on a combination of Boston not being able to get a decent trade for a rental 3B as we approach the deadline coupled with Devers' bat remaining hot. Moustakas to me appears to be the best rental situation potentially available; however, the Royals are slowly climbing back into the hunt so that may not be viable.
  5. I continue to see the narrative out there that his stats are inflated due to playing in Reading. Can these folks at least do some basic research before acting like that narrative is a fact? He has a .986 OPS through 121 Home AB's and a .985 OPS through 127 Away AB's with almost identical K/BB ratios and SB numbers. Yes, he's had an unexpected breakout so far this year and it obviously doesn't hurt playing in a great environment for offense, but enough dismissing what he's done based on where he's playing already. The one real interesting stat I did come across is that he has an absolute monster 1.437 OPS in day games (73 AB's) with a 13 to 11 K's to BB's ratio and a rather pedestrian .792 OPS in night games (175 AB's) with a 32 to 15 K's to BB's ratio. I'm not sure if they've had his eyes checked recently, but it might be a good idea based on those splits.
  6. Well, it's certainly possible they might give him another few weeks or a month or so to see if he keeps it up and then give him a trial run at AAA - but because it's been such a sudden breakout it might actually be a smarter strategy not to mess with his psyche (of course I have no idea what Klentak and the organization has talked about, just that it's a possibility). Another item I can add is that Kingery had 8 HR's in his first 868 lower level plate appearances, and now has 17 HR's in his last 222. He wasn't anywhere near top 100 prospect lists (fantasy or otherwise) in the off-season, so this has been an unexpected breakout for sure. It probably would have been different if he had a huge pedigree and was tearing up every level he's been at so far, expecting to advance quickly, but his OPS was .652 in 2015 and .723 in 2016. He's at 1.084 so far this season, but it's only been since the games started on April 7 (less than two months right now). He's still only listed as the 11th best prospect in the Phillies system on MLB.com after being 13th on the list last season - so I can definitely understand why they wouldn't be interested in rushing him along.
  7. Who's to say he's clamoring to go to AAA? A lot of players are fully aware of the transition difficulties the level can represent - there have been plenty of instances where players get promoted from AA straight to the majors because of it depending on how an organization feels a player's development is best suited. AA is said to be the minor league level that most closely represents how pitching is executed at the MLB level. In addition, he's only played 86 games at Reading in his career (with mediocre results in his first 37 games last year, so he's only been scorching hot at the level for 2 months in his career). If the plan is indeed for him to go to AAA at some point, it's not like he's withered on the vine for a long time at AA - he looks to be having a ton of fun as well.
  8. I completely agree with this - the jump from AA to AAA can be extremely difficult due to the amount of SP's that rely far more on junk pitches than mixing it up with high end fastballs. It can be difficult to adjust to and then have to re-adjust if you get promoted to the majors. Right now Kingery's confidence is obviously sky high and he's not just doing it in Reading, so let him hopefully continue to perform at a high level and take it from there. Every prospect is different - while Rhys Hoskins made a successful transition to AAA, Ozzie Albies was destroying AA last year, got promoted, struggled mightily, got sent back to AA, and is once again floundering in AAA this year. It can really mess with a developing player's psyche. Kingery's made a huge leap this year - let him have enough time to come to really believe in himself.
  9. 4 for 4 today with a HR, 2B, BB, steal, 2 RBI and 2 Runs.
  10. The power's for real, but the main problem that remains is that 53 to 6 K's to BB's ratio. I'm a Phillies fan so I want him to succeed for sure, but that kind of plate discipline is downright scary.
  11. Yeah, that was a very rare exception to the rule.
  12. Typically Yahoo only adds newly signed players in the following off-season unless that player makes his MLB debut during the same season (and then the player gets added to waivers the night the player makes his debut).
  13. Pullin had a .789 OPS at home (83 at bats) and a 1.302 OPS on the road (74 at bats) going into tonight's game. In tonight's away game he went 2 for 4 with a HR and a double.
  14. Another away HR tonight (his 6th) . In addition, his home OPS was 1.010 (82 AB's) and his away OPS was 1.026 (70 AB's) coming into tonight's away game.
  15. I had him on my prospect roster last year and realized the power just doesn't seem like it's ever going to be there (kinda tough for a corner outfield profile). He looks to have great instincts and could definitely be an asset in an OBP league if he could win a regular job.