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  1. Austin Meadows - OF PIT

    I have so much prospect fatigue with Meadows - I've been trying to trade him for over a year and was finally able to get the 2nd overall pick in our upcoming prospect draft for him, which was finally something that didn't feel like selling low.
  2. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Braves already confirmed they'll be dfa'ing Gonzo, so he'll end up a free agent quickly (per reports it was the only way to get Gonzo to agree to waive his no-trade clause).
  3. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    With the trade of Matt Kemp, guess who just got a spot cleared in the OF?
  4. Shohei Ohtani - SP/OF Japan (was: Otani)

    Yahoo did indeed confirm there will be two Ohtani's in the player pool yesterday: https://sports.yahoo.com/shohei-ohtanis-status-yahoo-fantasy-baseball-012323575.html
  5. These five options are for my RB2, WR2 and Flex spots: RB - Jordan Howard (@DET) - Currently in my RB2 slot RB - Rex Burkhead (@PIT) - Currently in my Flex slot WR - Brandin Cooks (@PIT) - Currently in my WR2 slot TE - Zach Ertz (@ NYG) - Currently on the bench, but a great matchup, just nervous about the Foles factor WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster (NE) - Currently on the bench, but also a great matchup and looks like he might benefit from a favorable game script. Just to clarify, LeSean McCoy, Antonio Brown and Jimmy Graham currently occupy my RB1, WR1 and TE slots. Thanks for any thoughts and WHIR (as long as the question isn't encyclopedia length, haha). Cheers.
  6. Full Point PPR - need 3 of 5

    I've definitely considered this - one thing I really love about Graham this week is that he's coming off a no catch game and I could see Wilson looking to get him involved early and often (I'm a huge fan of playing stars after they've had terrible or down weeks). That said, I understand why you'd make the switch given that Ertz typically is a better volume play. Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. Who to start? WHIR 1Pt PPR

    Nice - based on how deep it is I think you have a great chance with the options you have available. Good luck!
  8. Full Point PPR - need 3 of 5

    Thanks guys, that's one vote for Ertz over Howard and another for Ertz over Burkhead so far.
  9. Who to start? WHIR 1Pt PPR

    So, to clarify, this is a 2QB/4WR/3RB/1Flex/2DEF league? If so, man is that ever deep. Assuming that's the case, I'd sub out Buffalo for Detroit at DEF. Everyone else looks fine.
  10. It's absolutely between Howard and Hunt as the other two are automatic plays. It's more or less a coin flip for me since both backs were struggling before coming alive in a big way last week. If forced to choose I'd go Howard over Hunt because I believe Howard has a clearer path to volume based production than Hunt does (really tough call for sure though, obviously or you wouldn't be here, haha).
  11. Sterling Shepard 2017 Season Outlook

    Elsewhere yes, definitely not WR3 though.
  12. Sterling Shepard 2017 Season Outlook

    Gotta love when you drop Shepard to waivers based on the earlier report given that you have no choice (no one else to drop) and then the report ends up being completely wrong. No way to get him back either.
  13. Al Horford 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Kyrie was ball hogging it - only 1 assist tonight. Just one of those games, he still had 35+ minutes so I wouldn't be too concerned.
  14. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    Kamara, Gronk and Russell Wilson for me (whew.... for now at least).
  15. adding players when out of playoffs!?

    I like the idea of giving managers in the consolation bracket something to play for if you're going to allow moves for all teams in the playoffs, or having moves cost a certain amount per pickup in order to discourage teams out of the running from sabotaging the playoff teams. That said, if it's going to bother you in week 14 then you need to plan ahead and make sure the commissioner and the rest of the league agree on a plan ahead of time to ensure controversy and stress doesn't overshadow the fun factor. If the league agrees to a policy ahead of time, then even if you don't agree with it at least there will be no surprises down the road. And you can always find another league if you're really against whatever policy is enacted. I was in a league where I made the playoffs and teams out of the running continued to make moves left and right, which definitely hurt my chances that season, but I didn't say anything because the issue was never addressed in advance by the league so to me no one was breaking any league rule. However, the following season the commish (who was part of the eliminated teams the prior season) made the playoffs and subsequently locked every non-playoff team and proceeded to win. At that point I addressed the issue on the message board and received absolutely no response. As a result, I dropped out the the following season and haven't looked back.
  16. Rendon for Machado, am I crazy? WHIR

    I can certainly see now that you're a 'stros guy - not that there's anything wrong with that of course, they're a great squad to be hitched to in fantasy, though I will say in a head to head format I'm a little leery of starting 4 players from the same lineup given it's ability to bite you during cold streaks at the worst possible times. I'd personally roll with Machado if possible. He's hit 33+ HR's in three separate years and is 2 years younger than Rendon. I believe on name brand alone you'd likely be able to upgrade even further if you packaged him with a bench depth player in a flip deal. Last year was obviously a break out season for Rendon, but I don't believe he's established a baseline yet in terms of what to comfortably expect moving forward.
  17. Alex Bregman (3B/SS) Yoan Moncada (2B/3B) Ronald Acuna (OF) It's an extremely competitive 16 team, 6 player keeper league (hitting cats are R/Hits/HR/RBI/SB/Avg/OPS). My other 5 keepers will almost definitely be: Gary Sanchez (C) Kris Bryant (3B/OF) Carlos Correa (SS) Bryce Harper (OF) Rhys Hoskins (1B/OF) I won't be picking until pick #15 in the first round this year and given the level of competition all 3 of my remaining keeper choices will definitely be gone by the time I get to pick. I basically view it as Bregman being the safest pick, Moncada having the best positional advantage (with a high ceiling and risky floor) and Acuna having the highest long term ceiling (and we do get to stash one player in the NA slot). Thanks in advance for any thoughts - I'll be glad to help in return. Cheers.
  18. Need to keep 1 of these 3

    Thanks for the perspective and sound reasoning snghel, I completely respect where you're coming from on this (and I would typically agree that the safest choice is often the right one). When I refer to "superstar upside" I'm basically referring to fantasy only - I just see the fantasy ceilings of both Acuna and Moncada as potential perennial first round types as opposed to Bregman, who I believe has a 3rd round type of ceiling in terms of fantasy value. Make no mistake, an infielder capable of 20-25 HR's, 15 SB's while hitting in the .280-.290 range is plenty valuable. Believe me, I'm strongly, strongly considering him. He struggled big time in the first half last year, but certainly made up for it down the stretch and obviously has a superb lower level track record. I would agree for sure that Acuna/Moncada aren't sure things and could take a lot longer to realize their full potential (if they realize it at all), I just hate the thought of letting talent with that kind of fantasy ceiling walk and potentially regret it for a decade (I did it once with Mike Trout, and while he's obviously a generational talent, at the time I talked myself out of keeping him for the exact same reason).
  19. Need to keep 1 of these 3

    I certainly would've explored that option, but there's no trading until after the draft, so it's impossible to get value for non-keepers after the prior year's trade deadline. We're definitely on the same wavelength though - superstar upside vs. proven production with room to grow. I could definitely use the speed upside of either Moncada or Acuna as well. Won't be an easy decision - Bregman will most likely be ranked the highest when the game opens in a couple months, but the managers I play with are sharks for the most part and lower rankings won't deter them from drafting Moncada/Acuna in the first round.
  20. Sounds like he'll miss even more than two games based on the above. I wish Yahoo would put him on the injured list so I could add someone else (it's a deep 16 team keeper league so I can't afford to drop him).
  21. Machado/Seager/Bellinger/Sanchez/Betts/Hoskins/Kluber/Severino Those would definitely be my 8 unless your league has unusual settings I'm not aware of. I'd consider Devers, but having Machado fills the 3B need while not having to wait around figuring out if/when Devers reaches his potential.
  22. Need to keep 1 of these 3

    Thanks - definitely seems like the safest pick, I just love the upside of the other two so much.
  23. 12/3/17 Panthers vs. Saints Gameday Thread

    Agreed, though he looks completely fine on the sideline (shown joking around), so hopefully that's a good sign even if he's sore for a few days.
  24. 12/3/17 Panthers vs. Saints Gameday Thread

    Man, the flip by Kamara on that tackle was frightening. Glad he looks to be ok as he landed square on his head.
  25. Shohei Ohtani - SP/OF Japan (was: Otani)

    One thing I didn't like (as an aside) is that Ohtani gave the illusion that all 30 teams had an equal chance ahead of time. It certainly appears that wasn't even close to the case and many organizations simply wasted their time/resources on presentations. I would've respected his decision making process a bit more if he had been honest about his preferences ahead of time giving organizations that didn't really fit his preferred criteria the option of deciding whether or not expending resources was a worthwhile endeavor.