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  1. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    I disagree with this. Coaches/Organizations should make decisions based on what doctors/trainers indicate are the risks involved and what's best for the future of the team. Many players will try to play through ailments when they shouldn't - it's an admirable quality, but can often result in worse situations long term.
  2. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    But again, it's easy to be sarcastic if you don't believe they were interested in preserving McFadden for the exact scenario you're seeing right now.
  3. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    You asked and I answered. There's no need to be snarky - as I indicated, it's simply what I believe. No one knows the correct answer as it stands right now.
  4. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    Keeping Morris confident while he's active.
  5. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    The dates of the links (9/11 & 9/14) were after the season already started. They were already aware of Zeke's early season situation and decided not to subject McFadden to game usage. It's coach speak. I personally believe they decided to preserve McFadden for this exact scenario. It doesn't make it a fact, but it's what I believe.
  6. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    Precisely. They're not going to say at the time "We're trying to keep McFadden fresh in case we need him to be the starter at some point this season". You can't trust coach-speak from a month ago.
  7. 2017 "Sleeper" Prospects

    Looks like he only played a handful of games (like 5) at catcher and the rest at 1B.
  8. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    While I generally agree here, I just feel that the "unique value" is such a tremendous advantage it would be hard to compete with a manager that can move him from pitching to offense on a daily basis without needing an extra roster slot. It's why I couldn't imagine drafting him anywhere other than first overall in that scenario (assuming of course he's allowed to play the field/DH when he's not on the mound, which of course remains to be seen).
  9. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    I wouldn't look at it as half a player though and that's where we fundamentally disagree. It's not like he wouldn't have a chance to still impact your team the way top aces do right now if you just get him as a pitcher. If he gets SP/Util/OF eligibility while only needing a single roster spot it will fundamentally change leagues and give the acquiring manager a huge advantage over everyone else (particularly in head to head formats). As it pertains to roster slots, you look at getting him as either an SP or a DH/OF as getting half a player, I look at getting him as an SP/Util/OF as getting two players, so we're just coming at the issue from opposite sides, which again, is totally fine.
  10. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    First overall for me easily, he'd instantly become the most valuable player in the game by a wide margin (assuming he plays nearly everyday in between starts).
  11. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    Not ignoring his uniqueness whatsoever (as an aside, McKay and Greene look to possibly be traveling down the same path as well), just debating how the big software platforms should allow his statistics to count should he be allowed to DH/play the field between starts. I believe he should be available to draft as both a pitcher and a hitter. I feel his uniqueness gives the acquiring manager too great an advantage over the rest of the league as it's essentially an extra roster slot that manager gets to use for the entire season. You feel the opposite and that's fine, it's just a difference of opinion. (As another aside I own his rights in every dynasty league I'm a part of that allows unsigned players to be drafted, so it's not like my perspective is skewed by envy over other managers having the advantage).
  12. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    If he signs in the off-season (as anticipated) he'll be there from day one.
  13. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    No problem, we agree to disagree. Cheers.
  14. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    And I believe that problem is a major one. This is why if he does get dual eligibility I see him being listed as an SP as well as a hitter in separate areas. The software platform seems incompatible to have a player with pitching/offense eligibility and I can't see them re-writing their platforms for one player that would give acquiring managers a huge advantage over the rest of the league (essentially an extra roster spot for free).
  15. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    No one knows; however, my guess would be that if he is indeed allowed to play other positions regularly then sites would most likely have him available to draft twice, once as a pitcher, once as a hitter.
  16. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    No, he isn't on any active 25 man MLB team roster, nor has he even signed with an MLB team yet. Until both things happen he remains an international prospect and this is the most appropriate forum to discuss him in.
  17. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

  18. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

  19. Prospects to break camp?

    While I'm sure they wouldn't mind trading Markakis, I really don't think he's going to stand in Acuna's way once the Braves decide to call him up.
  20. Walker Buehler SP-LAD

  21. Walker Buehler SP-LAD

    For me, if they didn't plan on debuting him in the bullpen they wouldn't have shifted him there in AAA. His future is definitely as a starter, so I absolutely believe he'll be coming up shortly, if not tomorrow. Can't imagine they'd shift him to the bullpen now if they planned on bringing him up next season.
  22. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    You can empathize with the players, but it's not going to change how organizations (especially the small market ones that can only afford so many big contracts and need to maximize cost) operate. (I'm not saying I like it, I'm just saying it's reality and players like Honeywell railing against it isn't going to win them any favors - it's a business and until the model changes it's just the way it is. The players don't have an equal say (but they do still stand to make millions upon millions of dollars). That said, clubs also recognize the need to protect prospect SP's and do so by limiting their innings throughout the process in addition to often asking them to emphasize pitches that put less strain on ligaments. It's not like Tampa's asking him to be Nolan Ryan at AAA indefinitely and whatever happens happens, this year is the first time since he was drafted in 2014 that he's surpassed 130 innings.
  23. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    I can understand being frustrated inside, but he has to exhibit greater discipline in that situation. He's playing for one of the most cash strapped organizations in MLB who can't afford to throw caution to the wind when it comes to service time considerations for a top prospect. Almost every star prospect that has success at the MLB level in that organization will eventually need to be traded or they'll end up walking as a FA, so I can understand the organization using every tool at their disposal to keep those types of players around as long as possible. I'd certainly be all for a CBA that erases the need to worry about Super Two/Service Time/Arbitration eligibility/etc., but it's just the reality of the situation. You can chalk up Honeywell's outburst to youthful exuberance, but it's still not something that's going to sit well with the organization as they look for players that will lead by example in the future. Assuming he doesn't regress, he's a shoo in to make millions and millions down the road, just need to have a little patience with respect to the business of baseball.
  24. Jack Flaherty, SP STL

    And... Leake gets the start:
  25. LeSean McCoy 2017 Season Outlook

    Actual multiple sources have confirmed the Bills have no intention of trading him and never did: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/22/bills-havent-entertained-lesean-mccoy-trade-offers-and-wont/