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  1. Questionable for tomorrow's game with a cervical strain - that would definitely be a huge loss with so many H2H matchups being decided tomorrow.
  2. I don't think he'll throw significant innings this season in general. He still needs to build up his arm strength to be able to throw 150+ innings in any given season. It's possible they could use him as a reliever (or as a "starter" the way Tampa Bay does) down the stretch, but regardless, I don't think his overall innings pitched count will be significant.
  3. Whitley has thrown 137.1 innings in his entire minor league career (3 seasons combined) - the talent is real, but there is no chance he'll throw significant innings at the MLB level in 2019. Whether he's dominating AAA or not, he'll get the kid glove treatment for sure, especially with so many other options available for a rotation spot.
  4. Let the MRI play out before jumping to conclusions.
  5. Hahaha, loved the Alonso blurb. I also very much appreciate the insight on Brujan - it was a perspective I hadn't considered before.
  6. Honestly, based on many of the responses the thread should be renamed "Prospects we expect to increase in value". It would probably be a better fit as aside from (potentially) Valera/Robinson/Luciano/Brujan/Mauricio I don't see many names I could conceivably see as "the next big thing". That isn't to say most of the names mentioned aren't good ones and don't have a chance to greatly increase in value, I just don't see them as potential top five prospect in the game types. Of course, a "Prospects we expect to increase in value" thread is very useful and could conceivably be started as an annual thread with the year in front of it.
  7. Yeah, it's all about context - in a 16 team league with a 35 inning minimum weekly requirement and 400+ players rostered aces are extremely hard to come by. I took his advice with a grain of salt, but the thought had certainly crossed my mind (about possibly not keeping Sale) before even reading the post. Without question league size and the strength of your opponents matter - this particular league is elite, so having every competitive advantage you can find is crucial. Very tough decision.
  8. Thanks - though I would only need to drop one of those two pitchers. Sale seems riskier than DeGrom so if I went that route, I just might drop him and keep Hoskins/Sanchez. One thing that makes it tough is the 35 inning minimum pitching requirement. The more elite innings the better - but I will admit I worry about Sale in the 2nd half (in September in particular during the H2H playoffs).
  9. It's an ultra-competitive 16 team H2H league - keep 6 with Hits/OPS added to the standard 5 hitting categories and QS/Holds added to the standard 5 pitching categories (minimum 35 innings pitched per week). 25 total roster slots, meaning 400 overall players will be drafted/kept. I basically have 5 of my 6 keepers finalized, but just can't settle on my last one: Acuna/Soto/Machado/DeGrom/Sale and either Ryhs Hoskins or Gary Sanchez. In a vacuum Hoskins would seem like the safer pick, especially after the Harper signing, but if Sanchez bounces back, the competitive advantage at catcher in such a deep league is huge. I've also toyed with the idea of letting Sale go and keeping both Hoskins/Sanchez given how often Sale lets you down in the H2H playoffs, but when he's right he's obviously incredibly dominant. I draft at 15th overall this year (came in 2nd overall last season), so there's zero chance of re-acquiring whoever I don't keep and there is also no trading until after the draft is completed. Pretty tough dilemma for me - thanks in advance for any advice (WHIR unless it's a rate my team/draft type question or a long, complicated one that can't be answered quickly). Cheers.
  10. The one that comes to mind is Hideki Irabu.
  11. Nola/Arrieta/Pivetta/Eflin/Velasquez isn't a wow rotation, but it's not a pathetic one either and actually contains a lot of promise from top to bottom. Obviously convincing Keuchel to come in on a short term deal would bolster it, but even if not there should be plenty of run support and the defense as a whole is definitely better.
  12. Another huge move was getting Hoskins out of LF (where he was a liability) and putting him back at his natural 1B position.
  13. Looking for a mid-season return. Here's two recent updates:
  14. Yeah, Eddy's response was odd when asked about Ruiz and Bart ("Would you rather a backstop that will provide solid numbers for his position or an upside lower level player who has a chance to bust out and provide awesome numbers? The answer was easy for us"). It was odd to me given their peak projections for Danny Jansen at #61 and Francisco Mejia at #78 - both peak projections were very uninspiring. His reasoning for omitting Greene at least made more sense to me (agree or disagree): "Hunter Greene was just too risky to put in a top 100 right now. A 100 mph fastball isn't enough especially when it can lack movement and he's already had elbow issues. Pass."
  15. Yeah, quantity offers would never work with me to get Vlad regardless of short term title aspirations or immediate team needs - it would have to involve at least one long term top dynasty asset in return and even then on a case by case basis. Short "cool story bro'" anecdote - I joined a league previously where another manager (unfamiliar with my track record) sent me such an offer (I believe it was Harper at the time when he was first drafted) along with an essay containing multiple psychological plays to try and convince me why I was getting the better deal long term, why the name of the game is to accumulate the greatest volume of each individual stat category (along with other "these aren't the droids you're looking for" type passages). I rejected it instantly, let him know we weren't even speaking the same language and never received another offer from him. That was like 8 years ago - and every trade that guy makes involves him getting the better player and giving up lesser players to managers that rarely make the playoffs.
  16. I prefer their fantasy 101 that typically comes out a few weeks later given that's it's more geared towards our collective needs. As far as general content goes, I can barely peruse it anymore since the majority of relevant analysis went behind a paywall.
  17. From a recent Denver Post article: "The veteran infielder officially signed a two-year, $24 million contract with the Rockies on Friday and will become their primary first baseman." "Primarily a second baseman, Murphy has played 225 games at first during his 10-year career. He acknowledged that at this point in his career, first base is a better fit, also saying that he was “never elite” at second." “Full disclosure, I’m probably more comfortable at first base than I am at second,” Murphy said. “After speaking with (manager) Buddy (Black) and Jeff, it feels like that’s where my best fit is going to be. I’m just here to fall in line with a ball club that is ready made, basically.” With Murphy taking over first base, the Rockies plan to switch Ian Desmond to the outfield, at least most of the time." https://www.denverpost.com/2018/12/21/daniel-murphy-two-year-deal-rockies-world-series/
  18. It's being reported they're signing Murphy to play first base - everyone can breathe again.
  19. Yep - just read he was immediately ruled out and looks like he indeed re-injured the foot. Most likely done for the year. EDIT - in watching the replay, it looks like it was the stress of pushing off as he started his route.
  20. Non-contact right leg injury - has not returned, no further update yet.
  21. Greg Olsen just limped off the field, looked to be in a lot of pain.
  22. Correct (though it was actually on a Friday) - thanks for the correction. I just checked and the number of adds that day for him on Yahoo was 383,612. Ware still demolished it for sheer volume.
  23. It was a lot, but definitely wasn't that many - something like 350,000 on waiver day itself because his pick up alert came after his game was played so the pickup was spread out from Sunday to waiver wire day (typically Wednesday). Ware's pickup came after weekly waivers processed and was one of (if not the biggest) single day "mad rush" add I can remember. The final tally yesterday was 608,558 adds on Yahoo alone.
  24. No doubt - he was incredible, but what I meant was that Ware may be the single biggest one day add in FF history in terms of sheer volume. He's been added in over 604,000 Yahoo leagues alone today.