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  1. I'm not even bothering to be patient on this one - dropped him immediately in any leagues where something solid was on the wire.
  2. Even if he can't go week 5, the timing is excellent for extended rest.
  3. Yep. No one can say with certainty right now whether it's serious or not. We simply don't know yet.
  4. He posted it on IG and the Pack posted it on Twitter:
  5. They also forget that every player/situation is different. Adams not producing when Nelson went down doesn't mean that MVS won't produce with Adams down. It obviously doesn't mean he will produce either, but I wouldn't pass up on trying to add MVS for that reason should Adams need to miss time.
  6. Perhaps, but it's absolutely all about context - i.e. what other QB's can you start in Jackson's place, do you badly need a "pretty good" WR or RB given your depth at the positions, etc. I think there are a lot of scenarios where a move like this both would and wouldn't make sense.
  7. He also Tweeted this: I want to drop him badly, but the talent is such that I can see him ending up being a playoff league winner for a lot of teams.
  8. http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/26-assistant-coach-help-forum/
  9. Gotta love those mixed messages. "He's a reliable QB1 with plenty of upside, but if you can trade him for a struggling WR3 like Mike Williams I wouldn't hesitate". Yeah, great advice.
  10. They were expecting him not to split carries with Williams and for the Green Bay offense as a whole to perform much better than it has. The only thing that saved Jones' week 3 were the two TD's, otherwise a lot of weeks would have been ruined by his stats. The coach also indicated that he wanted to get Williams more involved prior to the game and then followed through on that plan. Many Jones owners are rightfully anxious as a result, and now they're faced with a decision on a short-week game against a stout defensive front in week 4.
  11. Don't drop anyone useful for Tyrell Williams just yet, but wow, what a roller coaster ride it's been.
  12. At the very least though, the confirmation that he's flying/flew to Dallas isn't speculation and is an excellent indication that his camp anticipates a deal shortly.
  13. Agreed, always wait for the official word. He's also a quality handcuff if there's nothing worth an immediate grab on the waiver wire.
  14. We know - it's just not official yet.
  15. Well sure - and Bell could certainly be very rusty to begin the season given all the time away. As it relates to Gordon, I'm basically just saying that even though sitting out many regular season games can be a short term financial risk, in the long run it could ultimately pay off as it's also a risk to play in those games, have a major injury, and not be able to secure a longer deal with greater guaranteed money afterward.
  16. And was able to secure a 4 year deal with the added insurance of preserving his body in lieu of playing out his tag year.
  17. Bell still got a 4 year $52.5M dollar contract (with an $8M signing bonus and $25M guaranteed), not too shabby for a position with such a high rate of turnover (turnovers?). He also likely wouldn't have received that contract if he was injured playing out his tag year in Pittsburgh.
  18. Precisely - more preservation for him, particularly if the Ekeler/Jackson combo works out.
  19. It's a lot harder to integrate a new major piece on offense on the eve of the regular season than it is at the onset of free agency - plus any team adding him next season won't have to give up assets to do so.
  20. If he holds out through week 10 and then reports, he preserves his body more than reporting week 1 and will still have the year count toward free agency. If he reports week 1 and has a major injury somewhere between weeks 1 and 10, his chances of landing a solid FA contract go down substantially.
  21. There are still similarities though because (especially in Gordon's case) they could sit out a long period of time to preserve their bodies and then report and possibly not even be used by the team the rest of the way (or possibly as part of a downer committee). The situations are not completely apples to oranges.