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  1. I'd hold personally.
  2. **Crosses fingers**
  3. Here's the thread created yesterday for him, they are simply easing him in to be extra cautious, they still have him as a pitcher long term and he's only DH'ing to stay active: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/659464-hunter-greene-spdh-cin/#comment-7229481
  4. Just trying to allay BBT's fears about Hoskins interfering with Altherr once the latter returns.
  5. A few thoughts - first, based on the Altherr injury being a recurrence of the same hamstring issue he was on the DL with previously, I'd anticipate the team being extra cautious with him this time around (i.e. he probably will be on the DL longer than the minimum amount and the team has absolutely no reason to rush him back). Second, it's the perfect time to try and get Hoskins quickly acclimated to LF so they can bring his bat up for evaluation ASAP in the interim. Then, once Altherr is finally ready they can make a decision by then whether or not to bench Joseph. I doubt Hoskins at LF is in the organization's long term plans at all.
  6. Here's the existing thread on him: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/524560-tom-murphy-c-col/?do=findComment&comment=5551574
  7. In his fifth start tonight for single-A Fort Wayne - 6.2 IP, 5 hits, 1 ER, 1 HR, 14 K's, 0 BB's, 100 pitches, 77 strikes. He's 21, I say bring him up to the A+ level.
  8. Bichette's so nice he had to be listed twice.
  9. Ok, thanks for the insight - been weighing how to value him in standard leagues, but obviously there's no precedent for any chemistry between him and Mariota.
  10. Do you think Decker's usage in the red zone will make up for it though?
  11. Yeah, there's definitely some kind of glitch in whatever system provides the projections. What's amazing is that I've seen several drafts where managers are bypassing the best defenses and picking garbage ones in order to win the projections battle and try to get the best draft trophy. It's ridiculous. I took Denver well after defenses like Tennessee, Atlanta and New Orleans were drafted (Atlanta is even trending as a top pick up right now because of their Yahoo projections, yet most pundits have them ranked around 20th overall). Yahoo really needs to work on fixing their projection glitches. I'm sure there are far more errors out there than simply Decker and the Defenses.
  12. Heh, I guess Yahoo doesn't believe Decker will play in week 1 since they have him projected for zero points in that game. Man, some really odd projections as well - the defense team projections are incredibly screwed up.
  13. Another HR tonight (3 in his last 4 games)
  14. Yeah, Calhoun has spent some time at LF this year, I suppose it's always a possibility a team starved for offense could try sticking him there (a bit like Schwarber) for at least a while before going the full time DH route. At least an AL team has the DH option available, giving Calhoun a much safer floor.
  15. You can believe what you want on that front, but my comparison was strictly made in terms of how I see Calhoun's best chance at becoming a fantasy star. I don't see him drastically improving as a defender (just my opinion).
  16. John Curtiss - Twins Jesen Therrien - Phillies Gabriel Moya - Diamondbacks
  17. Just to be clear, it will be as a reliever, not a starter.
  18. Interesting move by the Yanks, can't wait to see how Boston responds (**crosses fingers for Devers**)
  19. He is indeed a FA - just a short term rental.
  20. Frazier was a late scratch from tonight's lineup - likely Boston bound.
  21. I truly believe if this guy is going to end up as a fantasy star it's going to have to be via the Edgar Martinez route.
  22. Yep, it's a torn ligament alright. Just brutal news.
  23. I would say no chance on being a starter this season - his route to 2017 MLB playing time lies in the bullpen (with being a starter the long term plan for sure).
  24. Because it gives them time to evaluate their 2017 3B options right up to the trade deadline. If they decide at that point Devers is the best option for 2017 then I believe they'll bring him up. Given how the White Sox have been obtaining top prospects in trade after trade, the Red Sox are probably waiting for Frazier's inflated price to drop since he's a rental only and there really isn't a huge market for his services.
  25. Agreed (unfortunately) - though Lin still had options remaining so that aspect gave the team greater flexibility as they'll likely continue to evaluate the 3B situation over the next 2 weeks (whether it be Devers, Frazier, Holt/Lin, or another unforeseen option). Lin definitely made an impression as you've indicated, so I'm sure Boston hasn't seen the last of him.