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  1. Jake Lamb 2018 Outlook

    I'm torn on this guy in OBP leagues. Last year, he finished as the #5 3B in OBP leagues, thanks to a top-5 BB% among 3B (13.7%). Despite his terrible second half, he actually had a higher BB% in the second half (and lower K%), but everything else plummeted in the second half (for the second straight season), and he still can't hit lefties. I wouldn't touch him in AVG leagues but I am intrigued by his value in OBP leagues. What are people thinking about this guy?
  2. Carlos Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

    Going to have to disagree there. He's been one of the most consistent bats in the league since he got to Colorado in 2009, and that's not an overstatement. He's 8 years of consistent production. His only real 'down' year was 2014 when he got hurt and only had 260 ABs; that's the only season he's posted an OPS under .855 since 2009. Guys like that don't tend to just fall off a cliff at age 31. I'll take my changes on the 8 years of great/borderline elite production over 3-4 months of bad stats. Yes it hasn't been pretty but to act like the upside isn't there, or that he doesn't have 'name value' (which really what does that even mean), is misguided.
  3. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    If "career stats" don't matter for a guy with 162 career games played, then what exactly does matter? Not really sure what you're rambling about with these doubles vs HR numbers you're throwing out, so it's not really worth discussing, but his HR/FB% last year was nothing out of the ordinary for a power hitter. I'm not saying he's guaranteed to be a top 3 SS during the second half this year, but he was good/great throughout the season last year, and it seems people are really quick to write him off after 65 games of mediocre stats to start this year.
  4. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    37 HR in 161 career GP. Man does that ever suck.
  5. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    Coming up on 13 of 16 at home. Would be dumb to drop right now. Would it really surprise anyone if he strung together a hot streak in there? Something tells me his end of year numbers won't end up looking all that bad.
  6. Andrew McCutchen 2017 Outlook

    Just FYI, 64 games in: 11HR / 36 R / 35 RBI - puts him on pace for 28 / 91 / 88 Maybe everybody shouldn't be so quick to write off one of the most consistent players in the game at 30 years old after one bad season. Again he's not the player he once was, but I'm still confused how people just wanted to write this guy off completely.
  7. Yu Darvish 2017 Outlook

    What's up with the peripherals? 3.99+ FIP, xFIP, and SIERA. His stats on the year look fine but why do all the underlying stats not like him this year? He's not historically one of those guys who far outproduces his peripherals.
  8. Jedd Gyorko 2017 Outlook

    Yeah, I've been thinking this also. I have to remind myself, he's still Jedd Gyorko.
  9. Ryon Healy 2017 Outlook

    Your point in general is fine but let's not act like anyone spent a high pick on Healy this season. He was a late round pick for most teams. It's not unreasonable to move on from a late pick who's not performing early.
  10. Greg Bird 2017 Outlook

    Any speculative pickup would ideally be a 'watch closely' guy, but in any competitive league there's likely lots of people watching closely. If a guy like Bird has any early success, the chances of him sitting on waivers so you can continue to watch him are pretty low. He's not a 'must add', but his upside makes him a better option than your worst player for most teams.
  11. Greg Bird 2017 Outlook

    The thinking is the same thinking people had before the season started. Young LH power bat in Yankee Stadium (arguably the best stadium for LH power). He showed success in his first ML stint in 2015 (11 HR in 46 games). Not sure where he'll slot in the lineup, but the Yankees also have the 4th most runs in MLB thus far, and that's with next to no production coming from 1B. Of course he's no guarantee, and sure consider the 19 games he played (and sucked) this year, but he seems like a pretty easy (free) gamble with nice upside.
  12. Ivan Nova 2017 Season Outlook

    Well you've clearly misinterpreted a final line. 6.0 IP: 3 hits, 1 BB (0 ER) 7.0 IP: 5 hits, 1 BB (1 ER) 8.0 IP: 7 hits, 1 BB (2 ER) It's debatable whether he should have been brought back out for the 9th with a 9-2 lead, but it was actually a very good start until the 9th, even without the Ks. Also the Braves offense has also been more "middle of the pack" than "awful".
  13. Kenta Maeda 2017 Outlook

    Easy start at home, yes.
  14. Andrew McCutchen 2017 Outlook

    I don't know what either of you are nitpicking about. The point is he should at the very least be a positive in R/RBI which can add a lot of sneaky value to otherwise boring players. I know the Pittsburgh lineup is pretty dirty this year but regularly hitting third will do anyone favors. Whether you're 80/100 or 90/90, it doesn't really matter to me; the point is a total of 180 - something Cutch has done done 3 of his last 6 seasons. In 2 of the other 3, he reached 170 (85/85). Considering his other numbers basically fell off a cliff last year compared to the rest of his career, I don't think expecting a modicum of improvement is all that off base.
  15. Andrew McCutchen 2017 Outlook

    .228 BABIP thus far from a career .328 BABIP guy. Even last year in his down season, his BABIP was normal (.297). Dropping now would be a mistake; he's still taking walks at an above average clip. Agreed the SB are likely a thing of the past, but hitting in the 3-hole, 90 runs 90 RBI is a reasonable expectation - which would really make him above average in 4 of 5 categories.