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  1. Easy start at home, yes.
  2. I don't know what either of you are nitpicking about. The point is he should at the very least be a positive in R/RBI which can add a lot of sneaky value to otherwise boring players. I know the Pittsburgh lineup is pretty dirty this year but regularly hitting third will do anyone favors. Whether you're 80/100 or 90/90, it doesn't really matter to me; the point is a total of 180 - something Cutch has done done 3 of his last 6 seasons. In 2 of the other 3, he reached 170 (85/85). Considering his other numbers basically fell off a cliff last year compared to the rest of his career, I don't think expecting a modicum of improvement is all that off base.
  3. .228 BABIP thus far from a career .328 BABIP guy. Even last year in his down season, his BABIP was normal (.297). Dropping now would be a mistake; he's still taking walks at an above average clip. Agreed the SB are likely a thing of the past, but hitting in the 3-hole, 90 runs 90 RBI is a reasonable expectation - which would really make him above average in 4 of 5 categories.
  4. Fortunately, he does have Coors Field. And I'm pretty positive anyone who drafted him factored that into the decision. Do we care in fantasy if stats are 'artificial' because of a home park advantage? No.
  5. Have to - if you can't trust him against Philadelphia, what good is he? For what it's worth, he dominated the Phillies in two starts last season: 14 IP, 14K, 1 ER.
  6. Cervelli back at catcher today. He's worth throwing out there. If he can get on base against Nova, he should be running.
  7. Well, Cervelli is out of the lineup today. There goes that.
  8. People just about done with this guy now? I'd have to think this is the low point of the season for him, based on what he did last year, but it's tough to hang onto him.
  9. Start him today if you've hung onto him this long. Cervelli has allowed 20 SB and only 3 CS. If he gets on base, he should steal 2-3 tonight.
  10. Yeah hard to bench today @ home vs the Phillies, even with his awful start to the season.
  11. He clearly didn't have it today. Not sure why they brought him out for the 7th.
  12. Way to be reactive. He walks two guys that innings and suddenly he's junk? He's gone 5+ in 3 of his 4 starts this year (and could easily go 5+ today) and has over a k/inning for the year. Just a stupid post.
  13. @BAL never seems very safe, but their offense is struggling right now, and Archer's looking good.
  14. I'm not sure how safe he'd be on waivers. Yeah he's started terribly, but he was such a hot name just a few weeks ago - most people recognize he's still a potential 40 steal guy with power.
  15. Are people hanging onto Nate Jones? Could be waiting months for Robertson to be traded, and there's a chance that may not even happen.