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  1. @BAL never seems very safe, but their offense is struggling right now, and Archer's looking good.
  2. I'm not sure how safe he'd be on waivers. Yeah he's started terribly, but he was such a hot name just a few weeks ago - most people recognize he's still a potential 40 steal guy with power.
  3. Are people hanging onto Nate Jones? Could be waiting months for Robertson to be traded, and there's a chance that may not even happen.
  4. Can't bring myself to drop him. Definitely on my bench for now though.
  5. No I did not watch the 2012 baseball draft (talk about boring), but honestly any scouting reports on him from 2012 (again, when he was 17) seem absolutely irrelevant. Not to mention he still ultimately went #1 overall. He's raked for two seasons when he's healthy. He's a hitting in the middle of one of the best lineups in baseball. I'll take my chances.
  6. Someone clearly putting a lot of stock into random 2012 "SB NATION" article. I'm not seeing the relevancy of certain ideas about him when he was 17 years old.
  7. People are acting like he's 0fer the season. I guess people expected him to tear the cover off the ball the first week and have 3-4 HR by now. It kind of goes without saying, but if this past week happened in mid-June, no one would even notice. And honestly, if Seager had this start, and Correa was dominating, people would be gloating about how they made the right choice with Correa. Again, it's been less than 10 games. This isn't some unproven rookie. He's proven he is one of the best hitters in the league, and hitting cleanup in that lineup/park only makes him safer in fantasy.
  8. Seems an apt comparison.
  9. Agreed - dropping now would be a mistake.
  10. Really? The .485 OPS in 44 ABs last August carried your team?
  11. I never knew JEFFRESS could be that easy to misspell. Amazing, 75% of the posts spell it wrong.
  12. Braun out, Broxton hitting 7th. Bleh. Let's hope he can perform early and secure a higher spot in the order. Hitting 7th will not do him any favors.
  13. He's not exactly a guaranteed WHIP killer, either. In 2015 (granted, his best season to date), he posted a 1.13 WHIP - and really prior to last season, his BB% was nothing overly worrisome.
  14. I realize it's only two runs, but I fail to believe they won't adjust that scoring. It was a 2-out error on a routine groundball. It would make no sense if that's scored differently because it could have potentially been a fielder's choice at 1st or 2nd. Had Salazar gotten than final out in the 6th (QS), people really would have been going nuts over this.
  15. Still pretty positive his line will be adjusted to 2ER, which makes the 5.2 finish even worse.