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  1. If you're not trotting him out there tonight, you're not livin'.
  2. It's called adding context. He looked good today. Hard liner to the shortstop for one of his outs, narrowly missed that HR foul (ended up striking out), and lead off the inning against Brad Hand with a double. Not sure what type of input people are looking for in this forum, if not context. Has nothing to do with calling his results "unlucky" - rather that he doesn't look lost at the plate like some guys look when they're in a funk.
  3. I take it everyone is trotting out this stud today @CIN?
  4. I think one thing to consider regarding SB for both Albies and Acuna is that the Braves aren't necessarily looking to steal a base when Freddie is up. They'd rather keep the bat in Freddie's hands, rather than opening up 1B and having the opposing team potentially walk Freeman to get to Markakis. A lot of that is situational of course, but I do think that's had an effect on both of their SB outputs thus far - and Braves announcers talk about it quite a bit.
  5. 16 team with OBP? Easily go with Votto.
  6. Yeah 7 shutout innings, 1 hit allowed, 7 Ks - man was he terrible vs Cincy.
  7. Tanaka's second half last year: 10.73 K/9 1.65 BB/9 3.77 ERA 1.06 WHIP 2.83 xFIP (3rd lowest in league) So no he hasn't been meh for the past year. Not denying he has trouble with the HR (3rd highest HR/9 in baseball last year, currently 4th highest so far this year), but he's still a useful pitcher who may be 'meh' in one stat (ERA), but strong in the others.
  8. Hot take there. It’s clear you have an irrational disdain for the man. Does your league not count WHIP? He’s backed by the best offense in baseball (wins), gets right around a k/inning, and historically has a very low WHIP (including this year, despite his ‘meh’ start). So he’s contributing positively in 3 of the 4 starting pitching categories, but yeah he’s trash.
  9. Okay if you can't see that a 1.10 WHIP doesn't correlate with a high-4 ERA that's your own deal. I'm not sure you realize how much of an impact 1-2 games has in an 8 game sample size. Take away his bad start against Boston and he has a sub-4 ERA and a 1.01 WHIP - not really all that useful of an exercise, but it illustrates just how much individual games play into cumulative stats at this point. Anyway, take this as a public service announcement it seems like he could be had for 'meh' prices right now.
  10. You clearly struggle to interpret stats then. Are his cumulative numbers great right now? No, but he’s pitched effectively / been a positive contributor in a majority of his starts. In 5 of his 8 starts, he has a WHIP under 1.00 (all QS) and he’s right at a k/inning so far for the season. If you’re looking solely at his cumulative numbers you’re misguided. That’s not to say he’s been consistent, and homers have again been an issue in his off starts, but he’s still a very high upside pitcher who can dominate for long stretches.
  11. ? He's had 8 starts - 5 of which have been good/really good. Maybe he's been somewhat inconsistent start to start, but I wouldn't say he's been 'meh'. Starting him today @ WAS.
  12. Yes still interested in the 24 year old 2B coming off consecutive 30+ HR 14+ SB seasons.
  13. He successfully stole third yesterday but the ump made a terrible judgment call and said Camargo interfered with the throw to third, so they made Ozzie go back to second. It was an egregious call.