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  1. I didn't expect my take to be controversial. It just seemed to me that it must suck to own David Dahl, Tapia, Rodgers, Hampson, Murphy or McMahon when the Rocks seem determined to roll out replacement level vets (at best) like Parra, Holiday, Reynolds, Desmond, Ianetta etc.
  2. Over the past couple years the rockies have proven themselves to be the worst org for owning young players.
  3. Feels like an excuse to start him in the bullpen, keep the innings low, and bring him in whenever there is a need. You will be hard pressed to find more upside late in the draft.
  4. Unless he gets traded to Houston - in which case he will promptly have the best year of his career.
  5. But by all means get kike those ab's.
  6. Pretty bizarre. Guy goes through a slump, hits hrs on back to back nights, and then gets benched. I play in a daily and I'm holding because I still believe in the talent. Understand not everyone can however.
  7. Not sure what this means for hicks long term but I picked him up.
  8. This is pretty cool - but its probably just because the aging curve is getting lower overall and pitchers are throwing harder.
  9. Dude is 18th at 1b in my OPS 5x5 cats league. Joey Votto sucks.
  10. Rockies or Rays - flip a coin for the worst org in baseball regarding young players.
  11. Seems to me like some guys in this thread are overthinking it. There may be a youth movement and players may be throwing harder, but I suspect in 5 years those things could be true and Soto will still stand out among the best in the game - meaning - those things may have been true but bore no relevance to his greatness and superiority over his peers.
  12. Arguing that you should extrapolate after 5 games has to be a troll...at least I hope so.
  13. I wander if he'll beat honeywell?
  14. Futures game mvp. Promotion soon?
  15. So Soto is doing stuff only a handful of guys have done in the history of the game ...and his thread on RW is the one place you can come to find critiques. Tough crowd.
  16. Call me crazy but I could see a mid-August OF of Alvarez/Springer/Tucker.
  17. I'm still trying to figure out if he's going to lose playing time when adam eaton comes back.
  18. I own both and you would have to pry them from my cold dead hands. Or offer me a top 50 current year player haha. Point is - those kind of guys with that kind of upside are the exact long plays I look for in dynasty - no different than a top 10 prospect or something.
  19. I play in a 5x5 h2h roto with OPS instead of AVG and he is 125th overall - you would think an OPS league would be his specialty.
  20. It would seem the fantasy gods didn't appreciate the trout comps haha.