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  1. Slightly better if you get Howard, but I still think you wanna hold TY
  2. Non-PPR league, Ekeler an upgrade over Barber as my 4th RB? Can't carry more than 4 RBs. Others are Saquon, Conner, and Collins. Also have Rivers
  3. It's gotta be JD or Kemp coming up, I would lean JD but we'll see.
  4. Texans fan here- as much as I would love him too, he's not taking the job from Miller anytime soon. Pass pro experience for Miller is probably the biggest reason why. As others have said, hang on only if you have Miller as well. Even in my 16-team league I'm about to cut bait.
  5. We had a problem with people hoarding in the past so commish had to put in limits. Only 2 have to start though and we have 2 Flex and an Offensive player spot as well. Thanks for the advice, I may wait it out. Just nervous with how bad the Texans line looked and the fact that we will likely be playing from behind quite a bit the rest of the season.
  6. Have to go Amendola if he plays. After that Riddick and Quizz would be a toss up for me, probably lean Riddick.
  7. I am in a deep 16-team league. I am a Texans fan (don't laugh) and believe Foreman is a much better back than Miller. I am stashing him in hopes he gets an increased workload, but with slim pickings on the waivers feel like Allen may be a solid get even though he did his work in garbage time. I already lost David Johnson to IR and also own Hunt, Powell, and Cohen. Thoughts on Buck Allen over Foreman?
  8. Looked good again, I want to grab him for Sunday but who knows if he'll still be on a pitch count.
  9. I'm in the 2nd week of a first round matchup, JD put me in a huge hole in the hitting categories, and my pitching isn't killing it either. Streaming Woodruff didn't help matters so I'm hoping Peters + Stephenson are solid streamers today. I'm down to 3 moves left, probably going to have to use them all on streamers to try to catch him in Ks and QS.
  10. I'm trying to convince myself it's ok since it's only Monday...
  11. Harvey facing the Astros in their first game back at home following the hurricane...this is not going to go well. I think the Mets should pull him like ESPN did with Robert Lee
  12. Astros acquiring Maybin, per Ken Rosenthal
  13. I have been fortunate so far that I haven't had to evacuate, I'm just going a little stir-crazy here. This whole experience is surreal, seeing places I drive every day turned into a lake, the amount of people displaced... it's incredibly sad and it's not over yet. On a positive note, I'm so proud of the response of fellow Houstonians who have been pulling people out of their homes and giving their time to volunteer in shelters. After all the division in this country recently it's inspiring to see people come together. Also, the Rangers should be ashamed for not flipping home series with the Astros. I don't wanna hear this garbage about inconveniencing season ticket holders