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  1. Just started a new league on RSO (Reality Sports Onoine) for very serious fantasy football nuts. I have some people picked out already to fill in spots for a 20 man league, but I am definitely looking for 15 or so other people who really want a great overall experience. If you have never used RSO before, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is the best fantasy football site I have ever used without a doubt. Handling the contract layouts, franchise tag amounts, league changes, etc. all on its own which is a great plus because this will of course be a dynasty league. I have done some the leagues where you have to calculate your own cap for a 45 man roster and your own cuts and I am sick of it, RSO is here to help luckily. The league itself is a 45 man roster league, maybe 40 not sure if I want to change that yet. It will have both defensive and offensive players on it. If this is something that interests you email me at Kylelakowski94@gmail.com, and I can send you further details. As far as league fees go, RSO charges a few of $10 each year as like a service charge per team in the league. Additionally I want to do a $40 buy-in so that it equals out to $50 a team. Winnings and other details will be explained and given out my leaguesafe at year end. Email me any further questions and I hope to meet many of you soon. Sincerely, Kyle Lakowski