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  1. I absolutely did predict this, even going so far as to say that it doesn't matter if it's Hyde, or Thompson, or some street FA, it's highly unlikely that Williams is the #1 all along. My argument wasn't pro-Shady, I had no idea about that, my argument was and has always been anti-JAG in the 2nd round. I'm not writing the above now, I'm actually quoting myself from a month and a half ago. Taking a JAG in the 2nd round who has had 5 years experience and had done nothing except for 3-4 good games in a perfect situation is, was, and always will be a recipe for disaster. And I find it amazing that people in this thread are still clinging to that hope. Your girl broke up with you, she stopped replying to your texts, she blocked you - face it, you're not getting married.
  2. Doubtful. In similar sitations, Barkley had 44 touches in weeks 15 and 16 last year. Chubb had 41. Also, I'd bet there's no way the Jets are 2-12. They play 6 games in a row from week 9 on where they might be favored to win all of them. Dophins/Giants/Redskins/Raiders/Bengals/Dolphins. They're also done with the Patriots after week 7, and have don't play the Bills anymore except for week 17. Add to this that Bell has never been a committee guy, and has publicly stated he can take 500 touches. You can't know exactly how things will shake out late in the season, but there's no reason to believe that Bell won't have his normal role through the end of this season.
  3. Maybe they are arguing with you because you're wrong. Right now Bell is on pace for 1488 total yards. And, he's played against 3 top 7 rush defenses in 4 games and mostly without a real QB. And, if you've watched the games, he's been a warrior out there. He's a pretty screaming buy-low right now. Based on the schedule, if healthy he could be a league winner in the 2nd half of the season.
  4. They're also killing it on trades. Last year the had the #3 pick and traded to the Jets for the #6 and a few 2nd round picks. At #6 they took Quentin Nelson, and used their 2nd round picks on Darrius Leonard and starting RT Braden Smith. This year they traded out of the 1st round and picked up a 2nd rounder next year. That 2nd rounder is from the currently 0-5 Redskins.
  5. Tonight's takeaway should be this: The Colts are one of the top organizations in all of football, top to bottom. This is a team that had their franchise retire, had the all-world linebacker out, started 3 day two rookies, lost a bunch of other guys during the game, and went into KC and beat them. They are so solid all-around, that this is the type of team that can maybe make a Super Bowl run in the near future without a all-pro QB. They're also one of the youngest teams in the league (youngest when Vinatieri retires) and have an ungodly amount of cap space. The Colts are good. The sad thing is with Luck they would have been great.
  6. A big part of the reason that the smart people were suggesting that no one draft Williams in the 2nd round was the possibility that he wouldn't make it through the whole season. And you're basing his likely points per game on one game that was (1) McCoy's first game (2) Didn't include Darrel (3) where Damien got 2/3 of the touches. Based on the information we have right now, it seems that McCoy is more comfortable in the system, Darrel will be used, and Damien doesn't seem likely to get 2/3 of the touches. So, it seems unlikely that his ROS output will match his game 1 output for those reason. [...]
  7. Nah, I'm just playing along. Wanna make sure this thread stays active.
  8. I've not been reading it? Hell, I wrote 30% of it.
  9. Yea, he's definitely a bust. My problem is that everyone was all-in, with almost no dissenters. I mean, I couldn't find anyone here who warned against him. Everyone was saying he was great, and no one was pointing out that he had 5 years in the league with almost no production. No one warned us that he was a JAG, and only had four good games in a perfect situation. No one even suggested that the Chiefs would bring in some competition and that since Williams was just a JAG, that the competition that they brought in would likely be better than him. No one was saying that spending a 2nd round pick on him would likely ruin your fantasy season, because it was very unlikely that he'd be the lead back all season. Nope, no one was saying those things. Literally no one. Not a soul. Nobody.
  10. Probably. I play in a bunch of leagues and solved that problem - I own all three. I literally don't care who catches them, they all count for me.
  11. I like Woods and I have Woods. We're focusing on his mediocre performances this year as if they're because of Kupp, but I think the culprit is the tight ends. They didn't use them near as much last year, and now they're becoming weapons. I hate to say this, but it doesn't look like a blip, it looks like a trend. I think Woods' floor is lower than we thought.
  12. These kickers annoy me. They only get points because no one's allowed to tackle them. Hand the ball off to them in an 8 man box and see how well they do.
  13. Find me a thread with dozens of seasoned fantasy owners wondering if Saquon is still the starter or if Gallman is going to take his job, and then it's the same.
  14. Oh, my friend, it appears that you still haven't learned the secret to successful fantasy football. Worry not, I will impart: The secret to successful fantasy football is to get in a bunch of leagues, and then only talk about the ones you're doing well in. A corollary to that ancient secret is this: when presented with a muddled backfield, pick up different pieces of said backfields in different leagues. I, knowing for sure that Damien Williams would face plant this season, set out to get any KC back that I could. Having just picked up Darrel this week with a good waiver priority, I now own Shady, Darrel, Darwin, and even Carlos Hyde in various leagues. Feel free to use this ancient wisdom in your fantasy travels.
  15. The people who owned this particular player showed up all day, every day, for months, telling us that we were idiots for not drafting Damien. And yea, it's no wonder that they're not here that much anymore.