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  1. Raimel Tapia - OF COL

    Thank you, I totally forgot but meant to mention Roberto Ramos. But he was just promoted to AA and I think that's a good place for him and for him to adjust to the much more advanced AA pitching. But his power is absolutely legit. Saw his 2nd AA game on Milb.tv and the power he hit it with was Gallo-esque.
  2. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    I was just reading that the Nationals are gonna keep sitting Eaton against lefties and play him against righties. This is ridiculous. Eaton has only 20 ABs against lefties this year and only has 3 singles. But 20 AB is tiny and you can't base anything on that. Last year Eaton was pretty much injured the entire season. And before that Eaton has always hit lefties well. He has zero power against lefties but he can hit them. I know the Nats are straight up stacked in the OF. But Eatons is one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball when healthy. And he needs to play consistently to get hot. I'm just bummed to see this and shocked Eaton isn't an everyday player.
  3. Nate Pearson - SP TOR

    This was the last thing I read on him since july 7th. It doesn't get specific but mentions the severity and how he's coping. But other then that, no major news. It was said to be 6-8 weeks but with it being a prospect in the minors, it could take months or they may just opt to eventually not bring him back this season minus work in instructionals and maybe opt to play him in the AFL (I didnt hear that but it happens to a lot of prospects that dealt with multiple injuries in a season). Here's the link: https://www.milb.com/dunedin/news/family-faith-teammates-helping-pearson-persevere-through-injury/c-284503262
  4. Raimel Tapia - OF COL

    I will never get the rockies (along with the Mets). Tapia was one of the hottest hitters in AAA. And he's been MLB ready since opening day last season. But you call him up to get 1 AB every 3 days while playing a guy like Cuevas, who has no upside and will never be a MLB regular. How can any hitter prove that he belongs when only getting 1 AB but then gets demoted when hes not 'hitting much'? I read the other day that since the rockies are doing somewhat ok in the last couple of weeks, that they want to hold off bringing up prospects. First things first, the rockies are going nowhere this season. I can't even believe that their management thinks that their little win streak means they could be a contender. They need to shed their dead weight, trade the guys that aren't in their plans for the future and start calling up their future. Generally young prospects either come in and do well from the start or they struggle. But they all hit walls and then it's the adjustments they make after that that has them tapping into their true potential. It's better to get thru that in a down season rather then calling them up, and not playing them daily. Then sending them down at the slightest hint of a struggle. There's nothing worse then that in player development. It causes the players to overthink everything and be in constant fear of being demoted. Rather then letting them make the necessary adjustments. The Rockies need to: Play Tapia everyday. Make the necessary trades and cuts. Callup Garrett Hampson immediately (I believe Hampson has a bit more untapped power that's coming and he will be one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball with his truly elite plate discipline, hit tool and advanced ability at stealing bases), also he's got nothing to prove in the hitters paradise of ABQ. And f-ing give Jordan Patterson a legit shot. His power would be a much needed shot for the Rockies offense. Start promoting your prospects that are too good for their levels like Brendan Rodgers, Colton Welker, Sam Hilliard, Tyler Nevin and Brian Mundell. And please promote Chad Spanberger & Casey Golden(Spanberger is one of my favorite unheralded prospects in the minors/Spanberger is going to be a monster for the Rockies one day). And they should skip HiA for Spanberger. He doesn't need to play at Lancaster, it won't even be a challenge. I hate seeing my Rockies do nothing positive for their rebuild. They have legit future monster hitters but they don't seem to challenge them and take forever to make the necessary moves to bring them up
  5. 2018 International Prospects

    What happened to Victor Victor? I remember him being the #1 rated IFA and already defected Cuba. Also what ever came about in regards to 18 of the top 20 international prospects testing positive for banned substances? Im guessing it didnt effect their eligibility to sign or anything. But I just haven't heard anything about it again. Man, Phillies starlyn Castillo hitting 98mph as a 15 year old. That's super impressive. And he doesn't have a violent delivery from the small video sample I saw.
  6. Dean Kremer LAD-SP

    I have been following this kid ever since his WBC stint. Nothing about him ever stood besides his ability to consistently get swings and misses. And initially it didnt seem to translate into strikeouts but it was only a matter of time before it did. Plus he doesn't really have a standout pitch but he has a 4 pitch arsenal with all pitches coming in above average. Kremer has downright dominated HiA @Rancho Cucamonga. Last night he made his AA debut and pitched in a doubleheader shortened 7 inning game. He pitched a complete game shutout going 7 innings, 3 hits, 0 earned runs, 3 walks and 11 strikeouts. Another thing to note is the major improvements to all his pitches this season especially his fastball and curveball which a few scouts have pegged as plus recently. Here are his stats from the HiA Rancho Cucamonga in the Cal league: 2018 HiA STATS GS - 16 INN - 79 ERA - 3.30 WHIP - 1.18 FIP - 3.03 xFIP - 2.87 HITS - 67 HR - 7 BB - 26 K - 114 BB/9 - 2.96 K/9 - 12.99 BB% - 8.1% K% - 35.5% SwStr% - 15.1% GB% - 40.0% LD% - 21.1% FB% - 38.9% GO/AO - 1 03 BABIP - .349 MID-2018 PITCH GRADES Fastball - 60 Curveball - 60 Changeup - 50 Slider - 55 Command - 55 Control - 50 Floor - Back End #5 SP to a High Leverage Reliever Ceiling - #3-#4 Mid Rotation SP (Everything depends on his continual improvements to his off speed/breaking pitches along with his improvements to his command and control, those improvements are what's led to his incredible breakout season this year Im still not sold on Kremer and Im gonna have to see if he can continue pitching like he has in the upper levels. What I don't question is his track record of getting swings and misses on average to above average stuff. He needs his improved command and control to carry over to the upper levels. It's still very hard to see him as ever being fantasy worthy in the future but this is the exact type of pitcher that I root for, for him to prove the skeptics wrong similar to the Mets Jeff McNeil. But there is no denying the dominance from Kremer this season.
  7. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Yeah Im starting to really warm up to Brandon Lowe. The rays seem to have finally drafted and developed some really good future players. Brandon Lowe, Nathaniel Lowe, Josh Lowe, keon wong, nick solak (keon wong and Nick solak are 2 hitters I'm falling in love with especially Nick solak), Jesus Sanchez, Lucius fox, Jake Bauers, willy adames, wander Franco, Garrett Whitley (Whitley can't seem to stay healthy but he has the potential to be a big time 5 tool player along with Wander Franco). The rays have a ton of potentially really really good hitters on their way. What a shift for a system that was spitting out pitching studs year after year but couldn't develop a bat now seems to have done a complete shift and can't seem to develop pitchers like they used to. But good for them on finally taking hitting seriously
  8. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    I've made this mistake earlier in the year too but you're confusing Brandon Lowe with Josh lowe. Older brother Nathaniel Lowe and younger Josh Lowe are brothers. They have no relation to Brandon except are all in the same system...But I couldn't agree more with your post on Brandon Lowe (and the monster Nathaniel) otherwise
  9. Sandy Alcantara - SP MIA

    I also would not be shocked if Pablo Lopez is given a crack either. Obviously his ceiling is nowhere near Alcantaras but his floor is high and he's someone that could perform with less of a learning curve because of his plus command and control
  10. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Agree on Valera but you should also add TOR-3B Miguel Hiraldo. That boy is going to be a MONSTER! For a 17 year old, his plate discipline and overall patience at the plate is rare. Now it's a small sample but the gains he's made since his showcase before he signed with the Blue Jays to now is ridiculous. Showing a plus hit tool and in game power already. Obviously anything can happen but Hiraldo is looking like another young International signing that's gonna fly his way into Toronto. I tend to wait until they actually start playing and having success in the states before I go crazy over them but Hiraldo is showing early signs of becoming a beast
  11. Oscar Mercado - OF STL

    I really want the Cardinals to give this kid a crack. I fell in love with him last year and I could deff see him as another Tommy pham for the cards next year. Both prospects struggled hitting their first couple of years but both found themselves as they got higher. Now Mercado who's a plus hitter, plus base stealer and untapped raw power. The Cardinals are magical when it comes to developing their prospects and I have no doubt Mercado has a chance to becoming just anther great hitter for the cards.
  12. Bo Bichette - 2B/SS TOR

    3-4 tonight with 3 steals. Has already matched his 20 from the entire season last year. Looking much better out there of late but even during his 'struggle' he looked pretty good.
  13. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    Just watched Whitleys start on my flight. Looked unhittable tonight. 4 innings pitchesld, 1 hit, 0 er, 0 r, 5 Ks. Along with 3GO-1FO along with bunches of swinging strikes. All 4 pitches were working tonight. He only threw 51 pitches with 37 going for strikes. Amazing to see him mixing up all 4 pitches (FB, SL, CB, CH). His FB hit 98-99mph a few times but sat 96 with it. All of his pitches were all pluses tonight, did not show any rust and could easily have gone 7 innings with double digit Ks. Besides everyone whiffing air on his FB. His slider has a really nice bite on it and was wicked the few times he threw it. He also had about 3 swinging strikes on his curveball tonight. But it was his changeup (along with his fastball) that was really impressive. His CH was always his least best pitch. But if he has developed his changeup to what it wss tonight, he now has 4 plus pitches in his arsenal with 2 of them going as double plus (FB, CB). Too good for LOA.I say if he dominates a few more starts like he did AA last year, they'll be forced to promote him to AAA just for the challenge.
  14. Myles Straw HOU-OF

    No there is pretty much no future power for straw. His swing is geared for hitting on the ground thru holes and hitting into gaps. He would have to change his entire swing to have any potential for future HRs. And as it is, he barely hits any doubles, and when he does its singles he turns into doubles from his speed. So there isn't even any future power in his peripherals. He should just keep hitting the way he does now. Because if he can hit the way he does now in the majors...his big value lies on him just getting on base and letting his wheels do the work. But anyone that's watched Straw hit would see that he can hit breaking balls and off speed pitches like crazy, up and down in the zone. Which forces pitchers to throw bad pitches away and leads to him getting walks. The concern among scouts is his present struggle to hit high velocity FBs. Which will be used against him big time in the majors and some believe that will be what eventually leads to him becoming a 4th OF and permanent platoon hitter. I'm no expert but I still believe that Straw (and Hampson) are going to end up very good leadoff hitters in the majors because of their plus hit tool and double plus plate discipline along with their double plus ability to steal bases with their plus speed. But Hampson is the one who will end up developing 15+ HR power and possibly more with the aide of Coors at times.
  15. Myles Straw HOU-OF

    didnt even realize I listed him as an SP originally. My bad