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  1. The one major thing Alonso has going for him is his elite ability is reading pitches and at laying off pitches outside the strike zone. He actually has hit breaking balls well that break away from him but like you said it will be really interesting to see how he handles those professional pitchers that keep them low while hitting the strike zone. There's no question that there will be a learning curve but Alonsos double plus ability at strike zone judgment and laying off bad pitches has me feeling a bit more optimistic especially being that Is something young power hitters struggle with badly when facing MLB pitchers. Now his defense is something to worry about although he did improve greatly defensively last year.
  2. the Rockies do not realize the stud they have in Hampson and pretty much anything else that comes out of their farm. Ive been very patient with Hampson and thought his quick rise thru their system was a sign he'd be up full time next season. guess not with the imminent 2 year deal with Murphy. good news is that Murphy is a huge injury risk and i get he's injured most of those 2 years.
  3. Just announced that he was dropped from AFL roster because of minor elbow and knee irritations.
  4. Met up with a couple friends last night that are hardcore protect junkies like myself. 2 of them were out of this world high on him and the 1 other guy said his 'down' season this year had him sell on him a month and a half ago. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone could say Bichette had a down year. As a 20 year old in AA (and some experts say they believe the jump from HiA to AA is the biggest jump), putting up the numbers he did is incredible.I think the 2 problems are...he played alongside Vladdy G. almost the entire season and Vlad could make anyones numbers look down. Another is the insane year Bichette had last season. Bichette is about to finish the regular season with around a .290AVG, he's been an extra base hitting machine the entire season. He has 43 doubles, 6 triples and 11 HRs. He stole 32 bases this season in AA as a 20 year old (id be suspicious of that if he did it in LOA). He also kept his strikeout percentage below 20% at 16.8%. He needs to walk a bit more then 8% but once again, he's only 20. I like to see the K% below 20 and the BB% above 10. And he kept his SwStr% below 10% at 9.9%, which is pretty much around his career percentage (minus the tiny sample from the rookie league). The improvements id like to see from is raising his BB%, lowering his GB% and obviously continuing to grow into his power. He's got legit 65 grade raw power and when it turns on, Bichettes going to be a fantasy monster. At just 20 years old, Bichette has the chance to be one of the best all around hitters in baseball for years to come.
  5. NOTE: I apologize, i just realized that i posted about him in this thread. I went to look for his thread and saw it didn't exist. And then realized i wrote about him here. I wish there was an erase button. Sorry again for basically writing the same thing. It seems like its a mystery injury. Heres the latest on it: Link: Rockies' Eddy Diaz: Out with undisclosed injury I wrote about this kid in his thread awhile ago but I can't state enough how much i love prospects like him. He's the type of future leadoff hitter i drool over. A straight up pure hitter, who isn't just a slap happy singles hitter like Myles Straw. Diaz at 18 already racks up doubles & triples. He also has double plus speed with a few scouts grade out as 80 but most grade him out as a 70-75. And he doesn't only have speed but hes already an advanced and very skilled base stealer. Before he left Cuba, some raved on his ability to already be between bases when the ball leaves the pitchers hand. I saw a video last year that showed his insane ability to jump off the base when stealing but couldn't find it right now. Because of this ability, once he's on base his basically a lock to steal. Which is pretty evident by his 54 stolen bases in 50 games while being caught an amazing 8 times. There are so many young prospects who have plus speed but takes quiet a bit of time developing an ability to successfully steal while preventing to get caught. So a player with his skillset is a player you want on base, all the time. Once again he has another incredible skillset thanks to his double plus plate discipline comes in. He literally has 2 times more walks then strikeouts...31 walks to 16 strikeouts. And thats not a fluke...he was known in Cuba as someone who just doesn't strikeout and is constantly improving his ability to take walks. Power is the only thing this kid is missing. But since he basically has everything else, if he could just develop enough power to hit 15 HRs a season when he's in the majors...Diaz is gonna be a fantasy stud. He does not have a slappy swing either. He seems to be able to drive the ball with a nice line drive swing. IMO, All he really needs to do is just get stronger and homeruns will come. He's already got a nice compact athletic build. He also plays for the ROckies and will be playing have his games at coors. Well part of me wants him traded so we dont have to wait 5 years until he's officially an everyday hitter. Another part wants him with Colorado because playing in coors will play all his skillsets up a notch especially in terms of power. But i believe his skills will play anywhere and he'll develop some decent power regardless of playing in Coors.
  6. I swear i want ----- the Rockies front office. Once again the Rockies had called up their hottest hitter 11 days ago (before it was Raimel Tapia). Hampson had a 15 games hitting streak when was called up and in those 15 games , he had muli-hit games in 10 of them. Hampson was on fire. Since they called him up they have only given him 2 AB, i f-ing repeat...2 ABs. It still took them 3 days to get him his first AB. I just cannot understand calling up your hottest players just to sit them on the bench. And to call them up multiple times a year and each time they send them down they say "he struggled when he was up with the big club". Tapia and Hampson should be everyday players already. There is NO f-ing reason why they should be kept in the minors where they have nothing left to prove.
  7. this kid has some really wicked stuff. cant imagine that he hasnt even scratched the surface yet
  8. wow that sucks. he was really developing nicely. this is why im scared of drafting young flamethrowers (I know that UCL tears can happen to pitchers that throw 88mph too but the percentage is higher with young flamethrowers. if I were him id just have the surgery if the docs say its very likely he'll eventually need one but Tanaka (3 years ago), Chris sale (5 years ago) and Nolan Ryan (in 1986) were all told to have the surgery but opted not to and it seems to have worked out. I was reading a few months ago about a groundbreaking experimental procedure that a doctor is developing that young pitchers can have done which puts a ring (or some kind of bovine ring) or something like that on their UCL which will incredibly strengthen their tendons and prevents the tearing of it. it was still in the infant stages of passing the procedure. if I can find the link ill post it but it sounded like something that could really help protect pitchers.
  9. thanks, I didn't even realize that and I have him in my farm. But im just gonna wait until Hampson exceeds his prospect eligibility before I take him out because of how the rockies handle bringing them up
  10. I've owned Nathaniel Lowe for the last 2 months. I was so worried that what he was doing in HiA was a fluke until I dug into him and have been watching just about every AB he's taken with Montgomery. On the OFFENSIVE end (besides having 20 grade speed and being best suited as a full time DH because of his atrocious defense), Lowe is looking more and more like the perfect blend of high AVG, massive power and absoluely elite plate discipline with one of the best approaches of all 1B in the minors (and other positions too). Just look at his stats on the year. I separated his stats between HiA and AA because he didn't struggle at all after his promotion and he has had zero need to adjust to AA. Lowe just kept on hitting like he was still in HIA. Looking at the stats we can officially say that it wasn't just a hot streak in HIA. This is Lowes hitting profile and its looking elite. Im hoping the Rays promote him to AAA since AA is not a challenge for him. But them promoting a prospect more then one level in a season is extremely rare but they have seemed a bit more willing to move prospects that are hitting well faster. So a promotion to AAA should happen this season. Hitting Grades (Current/Future) Hit Tool: 55/60 Raw Power: 75/75 In Game Power: 55/65 Speed: 20/20 Plate Discipline: 55/60 Defense: 40/45 Arm: 50/50 Overall: 50/55 HIA 2018 Stats(Split stats because seeing how he handled his promotion in whats considered the biggest jump in the minors from HiA to AA is jaw dropping) HIA #'s ----- AA #'s PA - 220 ----- PA - 203 AB - 194 ----- AB - 171 AVG - .356 ----- AVG - .333 OBP - .432 ----- OBP - .433 ISO - .232 ----- ISO - .281 HITS - 69 ----- HITS - 57 1B - 44 ----- 1B - 35 2B - 15 ----- 2B - 9 3B - 0 ----- 3B - 0 HR - 10 ----- HR - 13 RBI - 44 ----- RBI - 39 RUN - 39 ----- RUN - 33 SB - 0 ----- SB - 1 CS - 0 ----- CS - 1 BB - 25 ----- BB - 30 K - 33 ----- K - 28 11.4BB%/15.0K% ----- 14.8BB%/13.8K% SwStr% - 7.5% ----- SwStr% - 8.1% GB% - 44.9& ----- GB% - 37.3% LD% - 21.5% ----- LD% - 19.7% FB% - 33.5% ----- FB% - 43.0% GB/FB - 1.34 ----- GB/FB - 0.87 BABIP - .391 ----- BABIP - .336 WOBA - .459 ----- WOBA - .458 WRC+ - 190 ----- WRC+ - 188
  11. 4 games in a row now since his last AB. 0 pinch hit apps. His last game played he went 2-3 with 1 walk and 1 stolen base. I get it DJ is back but Hampson was hitting. He only had a total of 20 ABs and had a .300 AVG and 5 walks to 4 strikeouts along with 1 SB. I can't post enough about the Rockies and their utter incompetence. They just demoted Tapia to the minors again. He was called up July 1st and demoted at the end up July. So he was basically brought up for the entire month of July. And when they brought him up, he was one of the hottest hitters in AAA before being recalled. and in the 27 games played during his callup, Tapia was only given 18 ABs. What is the point of that? To call up these guys and then never play them and then demote them basically saying they "struggled" during their callup, its as if management just sets them up to fail. I originally thought the Rockies should cut loose their deadweight and deal their veterans that aren't in their future plans. I mean, there are a couple veterans that are playing above their abilities...how could they have not dealt them while you can get something for them? But I wrong...getting rid of those players isn't whats most pressing...cleaning house at the top is whats needed for the Rockies to have any sort of future. Do it now while you have legit future stars in the minors. Or else their gonna screw everything up with that too. The rockies thought getting rid of the absolutely useless & incompetent super duo of Dan Odowd and Geivett would solve their problems but decided to promote in-house, and they promoted Odowds protege Birdrich. And it did nothing. Apologize for my rant...Rockies fan and it drives me crazy seeing how the front office is handled and how their farm system is being handled
  12. only downside I see is that he's in the Rockies system. So if they dont deal him in the next few years then he will most likely be 23 when they finally give him 1 or 2 ABs a week. And thats 5 years away.
  13. I know a lot of people are very high on him. I believe some people coming into the season disagreed on who had a higher ceiling between Garcia & Yasel Antuna. But one thing has become clear, Garcia is much more polished, will stick at SS and is showing decent future power. Its a known fact that Garcia knows how to make consistent contact but still tends to hit too much on the ground. Either way, he's a double plus runner with a plus hit tool and plus defense. And on top of all that he's in HiA as an 18 year old. If you watch his ABs you can see how advanced his approach is. I can easily see him developing into a prospect who walks as much as he strikes out. And the Nats are proving to be the kings of developing international prospects. And they are not shy with rewarding them with quick promotions. Young Nats prospects are the best to own. They get developed, they are rewarded for succeeding and they get to the majors quickly. Its like the polar opposite of being an elite Rockies prospect. Garcia should be owned in all dynasty leagues. The way he's hitting in HiA, he should finish this season there but will most deff be starting next season in AA. And if Garcia completely breaks out next season, the Nationals will not be afraid to give him a shot similar to Juan Soto this year and Robles last year.
  14. Couldn't agree more. Also I am a huge believer in Mike Tauchman. I know they actually gave him a shot and didn't do anything with it but before he gets labeled a quad-a prospect, this is the year they should be seeing what they have in some of these guys. And Tauchman is someone I believe will be good when given another shot. The problem is that I can't even imagine what goes thru these prospects heads in the rockies org. They must be under some serious pressure since they only get this teeny tiny window to show what they can do and if theres just one mistake or one hitless game, their gone on the bench to never see at bats again. Or they are given one or two ABs a week and it usually comes against the opposing teams best flamethrower. Its a freaking joke. But the prospect the Rockies do give a long extensive look to is no ceiling underground floor Noel Cuevas. And the Rockies have a talented farm system well at least in terms to their wealth of high upside hitters.
  15. Sorry I didn't see this. anyways since then in only 176 total ABs on the season Eddy Diaz taken his BA from .265 to .307 AVG. And is up to 54 SBs and only caught 8 times and 30 walks to an incredible 14 strikeouts. He's got a nice lean build for a young kid and you can tell he's gonna fill out a bit but might not put on that much more weight. heres a pic of him, not recent tho, this was from early 2017.
  16. he is too good for the minors. The Padres should have just skipped AA altogether and had him pitch against career minor leaguers, ex-mlb players and great quad-a players in AAA. I don't think he'll get a taste this season. im expecting them to shut him down in a month. Scary stuff because of his extensive injury history. If Paddack stays healthy, we could possibly be looking at an elite #2 SP in the majors but you gotta figure its just scary figuring out the perfect way to handle him. you don't want to be too gentle or else he's always going to break. You want to find that perfect medium. and once they unleash on MLB hitters, you're gonna want to unshackle him and just let him pitch. Paddack always dominated on 2 pitches his plus fastball and triple plus changeup (I believe he has the best changeup in the minors except the Indians Eli Morgans changeup is just about as devastating but Paddack at the moment dominates both lefties and righties with it something Morgan isn't quite there yet with his). But whats taken Paddack into a different stratosphere is his curveball. Ive watched almost every AA start by Paddack this year on milb.tv and caught 2 starts in person @lake Elsinore since I was lucky that I live in Los Angeles. Paddacks curveball at times is downright lethal. but what makes it more lethal is what makes it elite, his fastball and changeup. The development of his curve is what, imo, has solidified his chances at being a starter in the majors along with raising his ceiling to an elite #2 SP. If anyone has not watched Paddack pitch, do so...he is very very fun to watch, works fast and leaves hitters baffled and embarrassed. He is not striking out hitters at such an insane rate at AA but I believe its only because of the adjustments he's making and because he's throwing his curveball more then he did in HiA (and im happy to see that since the development of his curve is detrimental to his overall development). just think of this...Paddack has never had a SwStr% of under 16.7% (absolutely insane) in his minor league career. At the moment in AA he has a 10.7 SwStr%. That will change and go up. While 16.7% just seems too unrealistic for the upper levels although nothing in regards to Paddack shocks me anymore...
  17. its his 2nd injury this season and its a strained oblique. im sure you're familiar that oblique=unknown eta. sometimes it could be quick and sometimes it could be a month or two until a player returns from those pesky oblique injuries
  18. The Nats would be insane to deal Robles. Get what you can for a rental in Harper. But the Nationals should roll with a future double plus elite outfield in Adam Eaton, Juan Soto and Victor Robles. Just imagine what they will do if all those 3 stay healthy. Eaton is one of my favorite players in baseball but the longer he stays healthy the better he will be. Thats the biggest issue with Eaton tho, staying healthy. Robles and Soto have the chance to be the best players in baseball...cannot imagine the Nats passing on that possibility.
  19. Nice to see Hampson in the lineup tonight batting 7th
  20. Yes, really high on Miguel Vargas too. Anther guy I really really like a lot that doesn't get much love is Colorado's 17 year old Cuban SS/2B Eddy Diaz. At the moment he's got a plus hit tool with 80 grade speed but is already as advanced as they come when it comes to stealing at such a young age. He already has 43 SBs in only 35 games and has only been caught 6 times. Currently he's got 20 in game power but he shows potential in developing future power. To add on top of his plus hit tool and double plus hit tool is his double plus plate discipline. So far he's got 25 walks to only 13 strikeouts in 132 ABs with 43 SBs and a .265 AVG. Diaz is looking like a future leadoff hitting star. And to think he's got more to come is pretty incredible
  21. Thank you, I totally forgot but meant to mention Roberto Ramos. But he was just promoted to AA and I think that's a good place for him and for him to adjust to the much more advanced AA pitching. But his power is absolutely legit. Saw his 2nd AA game on Milb.tv and the power he hit it with was Gallo-esque.
  22. I was just reading that the Nationals are gonna keep sitting Eaton against lefties and play him against righties. This is ridiculous. Eaton has only 20 ABs against lefties this year and only has 3 singles. But 20 AB is tiny and you can't base anything on that. Last year Eaton was pretty much injured the entire season. And before that Eaton has always hit lefties well. He has zero power against lefties but he can hit them. I know the Nats are straight up stacked in the OF. But Eatons is one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball when healthy. And he needs to play consistently to get hot. I'm just bummed to see this and shocked Eaton isn't an everyday player.
  23. This was the last thing I read on him since july 7th. It doesn't get specific but mentions the severity and how he's coping. But other then that, no major news. It was said to be 6-8 weeks but with it being a prospect in the minors, it could take months or they may just opt to eventually not bring him back this season minus work in instructionals and maybe opt to play him in the AFL (I didnt hear that but it happens to a lot of prospects that dealt with multiple injuries in a season). Here's the link: https://www.milb.com/dunedin/news/family-faith-teammates-helping-pearson-persevere-through-injury/c-284503262
  24. I will never get the rockies (along with the Mets). Tapia was one of the hottest hitters in AAA. And he's been MLB ready since opening day last season. But you call him up to get 1 AB every 3 days while playing a guy like Cuevas, who has no upside and will never be a MLB regular. How can any hitter prove that he belongs when only getting 1 AB but then gets demoted when hes not 'hitting much'? I read the other day that since the rockies are doing somewhat ok in the last couple of weeks, that they want to hold off bringing up prospects. First things first, the rockies are going nowhere this season. I can't even believe that their management thinks that their little win streak means they could be a contender. They need to shed their dead weight, trade the guys that aren't in their plans for the future and start calling up their future. Generally young prospects either come in and do well from the start or they struggle. But they all hit walls and then it's the adjustments they make after that that has them tapping into their true potential. It's better to get thru that in a down season rather then calling them up, and not playing them daily. Then sending them down at the slightest hint of a struggle. There's nothing worse then that in player development. It causes the players to overthink everything and be in constant fear of being demoted. Rather then letting them make the necessary adjustments. The Rockies need to: Play Tapia everyday. Make the necessary trades and cuts. Callup Garrett Hampson immediately (I believe Hampson has a bit more untapped power that's coming and he will be one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball with his truly elite plate discipline, hit tool and advanced ability at stealing bases), also he's got nothing to prove in the hitters paradise of ABQ. And f-ing give Jordan Patterson a legit shot. His power would be a much needed shot for the Rockies offense. Start promoting your prospects that are too good for their levels like Brendan Rodgers, Colton Welker, Sam Hilliard, Tyler Nevin and Brian Mundell. And please promote Chad Spanberger & Casey Golden(Spanberger is one of my favorite unheralded prospects in the minors/Spanberger is going to be a monster for the Rockies one day). And they should skip HiA for Spanberger. He doesn't need to play at Lancaster, it won't even be a challenge. I hate seeing my Rockies do nothing positive for their rebuild. They have legit future monster hitters but they don't seem to challenge them and take forever to make the necessary moves to bring them up
  25. What happened to Victor Victor? I remember him being the #1 rated IFA and already defected Cuba. Also what ever came about in regards to 18 of the top 20 international prospects testing positive for banned substances? Im guessing it didnt effect their eligibility to sign or anything. But I just haven't heard anything about it again. Man, Phillies starlyn Castillo hitting 98mph as a 15 year old. That's super impressive. And he doesn't have a violent delivery from the small video sample I saw.