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  1. Is he coming back this week? Not much out there on waivers I rostered Davis this week. All the good TEs are gone whats left is Dissly, Ebron and Reed lol
  2. What's Jaylen Samuels going for you guys think?
  3. I'm giving him a stream tomorrow vs SF
  4. ok guys home runs 2 days in a row are we seeing something? He was dropped in MANY leagues
  5. Anyone worth grabbing this week? I had to get at least one share of Christian Walker. Had a big HR total in the minors and with Jake Lamb on the DL this is his chance to shine and so far he looks good.
  6. OK, so I am running a keeper league in our second year in yahoo. This is the first season where we select keepers. I have it set so people can keep two players. I would like to make the settings where you lose the respective draft pick where you took the player you are keeping, (EX: Ronald Acuna taken in the 19th round you lose your 19th round pick) How do I do this? Thank you so much for the help
  7. Hell no!!! Collins is way better pretty much a walking double double and Green got hurt last night
  8. I'm in a similar situation I'm in 1st place and have Davis. I currently have an offer of Davis for Marc Gasol that I'm considering accepting. Let me know what you do!
  9. Depends who your picking up. I would hold all three but if one goes it's Isaac
  10. Definitely not a veto. Only time a trade should be vetoed is collusion between two owners. The guy trading Nurkic could have his reasons for wanting Westbrook
  11. I like Luka over Harris and Middleton over Lamb so Def. Luka side
  12. Depends how are you doing in rebounds/blocks/3s Portis balled out last night and doesn't really have competition for minutes thad is really the worst player on your roster in a 12 team?! You gotta have another drop
  13. Portis huerter Beasley Kyle Anderson