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  1. Rather roster L Miller or D Lewis?

    I would pick Miller, he's been frustrating but I DO believe he's the most talented back in Houston
  2. Antonio Brown vs Mixon trade WHIR

    I like this deal to get Brown. You have the RBs to cover and we are still early enough in the season where some producer will pop up on the waiver wire. Anyone in the Pats offense is a crapshoot. Gordon may have scored this week but next week it could be Hogan or Gronk its frustrating. I like the Brown end of the deal.
  3. Drake for Olsen? WHIR

    Hell no. As big of an Olsen guy as I am I wouldn't trade a potential RB2 for him.
  4. Got Stafford on bye was thinking either Mayfield vs Chargers or Manning vs Philly Not sure who to drop my team 0.5 PPR QB - Stafford RB - Sony Michel RB - Bilal Powell WR - Diggs WR - Mike Evans TE - Jared Cook Flex - Brandin Cooks Flex - Jarvis Landry Bench - Fournette Bench - Kenyan Drake Bench - Buck Allen Bench - Corey Davis Bench - Greg Olsen Was thinking Powell or Buck Allen
  5. Chubb is droppable, sure he had a good week but he only had 3 carries.
  6. Breida for Fournette? WHIR 100%

    All day HUGE reward to be had when he comes back healthy.
  7. I would start in order White, Thompson, Jones
  8. A few weeks ago I would've said take it, but I think you need to hold here. Hill is really lighting it up this year with the new QB. Steelers have sucked this year, yes it's AB but I think Hill and Collins value outweighs his.
  9. Gurley/Lynch or Barkley/Mixon/Michel?

    I would prefer Barkley, Mixon, Michel side of things. Thanks for help on mine!
  10. 2 separate trades WHIR

    Oh that's money then. Javorious Allen has been annoying stealing the goal line carries but I honestly believe in Collins talent he was really good towards the end of last season plus they got a juicy matchup with the Browns this week.
  11. Easy ?—-Please help! WHIR

    Vance Macdonald Everyone but Boyd
  12. Trade for Mixon? WHIR

    All day. I'm huge on Mixon this year guy has RB1 potential all day.
  13. 2 separate trades WHIR

    I don't really like either trade TBH Wouldn't trade a possible starting RB for a WR3 even though Collins is frustrating. Cook and Fournette too many unknowns on both. I like Fournette better obviously but who knows when he sees the field again.
  14. I would go Lynch here.