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  1. Tough loss for fantasy owners, he had a not terrible career at least..........RIP enjoy retirement and stay off social media/youtube for your own good
  2. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    risky to punt hitting like that mainly the RBI - HR cats thats like punting rebounds and assists in basketball, verrry risky punting main stream categories
  3. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Yea ive noticed myself when i dont grab one of the big 5 SP that ill snag like archer (rays homer here) or someone around that tier as my ace then grab all of castillo nola godley ohtani when possible once the hitter drop off (we all can kind of tell a point in the draft where we are like "meh" to EVERY bat left) happens which is usually toward the 75-90 range overall id still want an "ace" so id recommend still grabbing a SP within the first 5 rounds 6th at the latest but you just gotta find the SP bargain because someone WILL fall and then boom theres your ace haha
  4. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    As I mock more I am personally noticing where im shifting to going all bats with maybe one SP then as we get around picks 75-100 just go all SP and get the guys you want (castillo godley weaver ohtani whoever it may be) so by the time your getting into the 110+ picks you have your bat core nailed down with 4 SP's you feel good about with one being your ace
  5. 2018 Spring Training Notes

    mookie - benin obv xander ok bounceback sure jackie bradley is it i guess as the 4th id take the under on 4 players though haha
  6. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Stars and Scrubs in Auction FTW not like 16 team leagues tho............bad idea
  7. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Im in the camp of grab 2-3 elite or top couple tier SP and then one more solid guy like castillo or one of the hype guys to get a total of 5 arms you feel fantastic about feel like the main difference between elite hitters and the boring hitters you get around pick 100 is mainly the batting average category with the obvious small uptick (depending on the case) in the counting categories due to this i believe there is more value in the gap between elite SP and the sonny grays and other middling SP u can get after say pick 120 etc. where you wont have as many blow ups ruining your ratios that given week ive mocked and gone hitting early with a ton of upside arms later which is also solid imo but i enjoy having big names on both sides of my roster
  8. SP Rankings 2018

    this is how im noticing my mocks are going as well, get 3-4 SP's in the top 100 then go big on hitting to pair with the few stud bats u got early and snag a few flier SP late to round out the staff
  9. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    idk just based off of gut feeling think hes in for a good season, maybe even 20/20
  10. SP Rankings 2018

    Tier 1: Kershaw Scherzer Kluber Sale Tier 2: Bumgarner Strasburg Degrom Syndergaard Greinke Carrasco Tier 3: Severino Ray Darvish Verlander Tier 4: Archer Martinez Tier 5: Keuchel Nola Paxton Ohtani Cole Quintana Tier 6: Castillo Tanaka Weaver Bauer Stroman Arrieta Berrios Godley McCullers Price Hendricks Gray Obviously in some scenarios im valuing upside/fun of owning factors Also listed in my personal order of preference from 1- end Not listing anyone else because theyre either too deep for me to rank atm or I have no desire to own them at all
  11. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

    his thread is in the MiLB thread since he hasnt played in the majors yet
  12. Chris Archer 2018 Outlook

    He indeed relies mainly on those 2 pitches but a new pitching coach i doubt helps with his issues, Jim Hickey is a wizard losing him is NOT a positive if theres one thing the rays know how to do besides trade away good players its develop pitching
  13. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    I get front row OF tickets for $20, ticket prices are actually one of the benefits of liking this team
  14. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    Rays acquired INF Tristan Gray, RHP Daniel Hudson, and cash considerations from the Pirates for OF Corey Dickerson. Gray, a first-round pick in the 2017 MLB Amateur Draft out of Rice University, batted .269/.329/.486 with seven home runs and five stolen bases over his first 53 professional games last season in Low-A Ball. The 21-year-old made 26 starts at second base and 18 starts at shortstop Gray was actually a 13th round selection but hey rotoworld keep hiring geniuses
  15. 12 teams or larger no buy in dynasty preferred on ESPN only post link and ill see if it fits what im looking for very active owner so youd be lucky to have me