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  1. 12 team h2h each cat 5x5 keeper auction league players cannot be kept two years in a row regardless of what team kept them, 3 total, 1 hitter, 1 pitcher, and 1 either league is going on year 7 so good group who go onto the chat daily this team has good keepers in Gleyber torres and Baez so good start for you PM or leave email here if interested Thanks!
  2. Prob equal chance for both of being shut down haha im going back and forth on whether to drop Avery bradley to grab Tyus since my teague isnt "out" status yet to protect myself smh the struggle
  3. Ride him ROS, gonna be a big factor in playoffs this year
  4. look at the bright side Us believers in our Lord will be able to get him yet again at a discount next year 😅
  5. not at all, but i just dont see what Baltimore is doing that hasnt been tried before to where defenses could use the excuse last season of being considered clueless on how to stop it, and LJ may improve ya never know with a full off season of being the guy
  6. not sure what point that even makes, Gus had a very good season out of nowhere and ingram is better than Gus
  7. eh thats the usual narrative said about anything new, ill believe it when i see it
  8. Yea ill throw out my expectation as well i wouldnt go top 10 but is not that far fetched that he has a top 10 RB season, top 15 RB by the end of the year is what im projecting
  9. correct me if im wrong but once LJ became the starter every D new they were running and still had trouble stopping them, why all of a sudden will they be able to creep up and stop the run? they couldnt before and they just got a better Rb than they had last year