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  1. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Nurkic - Ibaka - Aaron Gordon - Mirotic - Capela - Myles Turner etc etc etc where are we putting collins amongst all these other types of bigs for value ROS? i think i prefer ibaka mirotic gordon to collins then nurkic and Capela im kind of iffy on might prefer capela i guess but anyway yea i was curious to see some comps for valuating our boy Collins in trades and such
  2. id go higher than collins, maybe ibaka mirotic types
  3. do that asap homie
  4. Use my #2 Waiver???

    the guy holding no.1 prob wont use it on him and then youll miss a great claim anyway still being no.2 so levert is a solid grab since hes due back but they might baby him tho coming off of that id prob claim em
  5. Get Ben Simmons? WHIR

    split room eh hmmmmmmm anyone else haha
  6. Use #1 waiver claim?

    yea id go for otto
  7. Booker for Capela/Lou Will? WHIR

    yea id do that as well homie
  8. Trade Redick for Payton? WHIR

    probably yea, although reddick now as one of the few shooters left on philly should be nice still prob payton tho
  9. Big Trade WHIR

    nooooooooooo 8 team ALWAYS get the best player in ANY trade, too shallow
  10. Wes Matthews or Derrick White

    white fur sure
  11. Rate my team (WHIR for sure)

    assists is prob a weaker spot for you and then maybe a few more boards but being that those are the two main categories you can stream and pluck guys from the WW so id stand pat and play the wire until we get further into the season your steals 3's blocks specialty cats look solid all around
  12. the SAC one? yea def worth it IMO for a 14 teamer
  13. Get Ben Simmons? WHIR

    thanks guys anyone else?
  14. Get Ben Simmons? WHIR

    prob gonna try and get dinwiddie or hart instead of crowder fyi haha