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  1. he was asstastic last night, what a s#!t show
  2. why so salty about him getting some air time? its a business and the entertaining players will obviously get more coverage, nobodys crowning anyone but what else are they gonna talk about in a Jags-Ten matchup? how Foles doesnt say or do anything interesting? Foles def didnt get the respect he deserved back in the day as being a competent QB but Minshew is a character with an interesting backstory, any business person would know to make him the big topic $$$$$ interested to see how his season progresses, looks like he could be serviceable for the Jags
  3. Listen to Pardon my Take on Minshew, about 30 mins in is his interview dude said hes blessed below the waist, above the knee and sometimes below the knee too
  4. Tyreek Hill's (clavicle) right arm is no longer in a sling. Per ESPN's Adam Teicher, Hill "(doesn't) look like a guy who is going to be out much longer." He was reportedly dribbling a basketball with both hands at the Chiefs' facility on Wednesday. Perhaps a Week 4 return isn't out of the question, but it should still be considered a long shot.
  5. has he practiced at all this week? if not tomorrows practice is huge, if hes out, he isnt playing, he gets in some practice, he will be active most likely
  6. Also taking the under on him scoring a TD, might be wrong, but benching nonetheless
  7. benching this week, Bills pass D is legit
  8. ESPN consensus was 19/20 RB so universally started by that measure, or owners should have started him if they weren't too busy getting cute Week 2
  9. Diggs is prime Djax this year IMO (obv not same player but boom bust type) at any moment he can win you a week (see that 95 yard TD called back) and some weeks he will lay a solid 4 points, but as a WR2 if drafted as such, not a bad spot to be in at all
  10. what makes you say he doesnt look ready yet? both have been mediocre so id assume howard doesnt look "ready" yet then either? im assuming your talking about pass protection or something?
  11. uhhh what? you can 100% blame everyone for benching a 4th round pick in most cases week 2, definition of overthinking
  12. Solid RB2, take the good weeks with the bad, end of season numbers will be there and thats all that matters, nothing much to really analyze here
  13. Idea Trade your Hill + to the Evans owner who is probably very annoyed atm (gotta wait on ESPN tho cause the geniuses there made it so you cant even propose trades with locked players smfh) my 2 cents......and what im going to be exploring
  14. WOOOOOT GO BUCS Edit: Streamer in fantasy/Bye week guy unless 2 QB league.....