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  1. 2 QB League Strategy

    I'd personally rather have Stafford/Rivers as apposed to like Rodgers/Smith. However - if I can find a way to get two of the top 5 guys in the first two rounds - I'd do it.
  2. Best Snake Draft Position 2018

    1st overall - as always.
  3. 2018 RB Rankings

    How many guys are more surefire in fantasy football than Melvin Gordon? People seem to use their own opinion about him being an unskilled player to drag his name. You would have the thought the sky was falling last season and in half PPR he only missed double digits three times. He's shown he can do it with efficiency. He's shown he can do it scoring a couple of times a game. He's shown he can do it with pure volume.
  4. Derrius Guice 2018 Outlook

    I know I am going to get burned on him this season, but I am just not feeling it. I think his talent got a little overblown. He's a very good player but I did not agree with some of the draftniks evaluations of his skillset. In .5 PPR I have him finishing at around RB19. I could see him having a similar season to the one Alex Collins did a year ago.
  5. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I love when people bring up Trent Richardson to trash Barkley. Even the slow and plodding Richardson got enough usage on a terrible team to finish as RB9 in his rookie season.
  6. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    I wish my Pontiac G6 gave me some warning signs before the check engine light came on. That thing used to run great.
  7. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    I feel like people are underselling Michel's upside in 2018. Let's all remember that New England ranked 11th in rush attempts last season 6th in rushing TD's. They lost coach's most reliable back who totaled over 200 touches and 9 TD's last season. This guy has legitimate 230 carry and 40 reception upside. I wouldn't put 1300 yards and double digit scores out of the question. His ADP is RB25 and I don't think there's a guy in the 18-24 range that I would rather have.
  8. D'Onta Foreman 2018 Outlook

    I'm not talking about redraft when I hype up Foreman. He will most likely miss 6 games to start the season. The hope is that when Miller is either hurt or wearing down during the final stretch of the season - they turn to Foreman. Getting a head start on what could be a player going much higher in 2019 startups.
  9. Brandin Cooks 2018 Outlook

    Well - we simply disagree then. McVay knows what he's doing and he's not going to sign on to giving a a first round pick and 80 million dollars to a player that he's not going to feature. I feel like a lot of the Cooks downgrading is coming from the lack of consistency we saw out of Watkins last season. There is strong reason to believe that the Rams will have a top 5 offense in the league this season and Cooks will be the leading guy on the outside. I could see him putting up similar overall numbers to what he did last season which made him WR12. Considering we may have yet to see the best out of Cooks or the McVay-led Rams ... his upside may be unknown.
  10. Brandin Cooks 2018 Outlook

    I'd love to hear someone name 20 WRs they'd rather have.
  11. Marcus Mariota 2018 Outlook

    You're most likely correct, but this is just a guess with no basis. Their head coach is a former LB who does not have any head coaching experience. Their OC was one of the few OC's in the league last year that didn't call plays.
  12. Marcus Mariota 2018 Outlook

    I don't really think he's that good of a quarterback. Maybe this is just random luck, but I've seen him in like 10-12 full games and have never come away impressed. Now we see him with an unknown coaching staff, a weak receiving core and what looks to be a strong running game. That being said - he's probably going right around his floor right now. QB18 is well worth the buy for a guy who was awful last season and was still QB17.
  13. Jordan Wilkins 2018 Outlook

    But ... he's not good. Neither is Mack or Hines. The Colts will be unable to run the ball yet again this season.
  14. Davante Adams 2018 Outlook

    I don't really see how he falls below WR10 the more I am looking at it. If we're all in agreement that the top 4 is in some order Brown, Hopkins, Odell and Julio - how are we ranking the next six? Is it some variation of Thomas, Green, Evans, Allen, Adams, Baldwin?
  15. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    I love Ajayi as a player. I think he's the most underrated RB in the league. The fact of the matter is that he does not have the touch upside of the guys going in his range. He saw a little over 11 touches per game with Philly last year. Naturally, some of Blount's carries will find their way into Clement's hand.