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  1. Jagmanrules@gmail.com I have some interest. Can you tell me if you have minor league rosters and how the propsect rules work?
  2. H Jagmanrules@gmail.com interested
  3. Jagmanrules@gmail.com I have interest in seeing the roster of the available team
  4. I like team 1. Can you email me so I can ask a few more questions jagmanrules@gmail.com
  5. Are all players kept year to year? I'm interested. Can I see full team rosters? Jagmanrules@gmail.com
  6. Interested in the 1st team with Machado jagmanrules@gmail.com
  7. I just accepted invite. Please email me so I can ask a couple questions. Jagmanrules@gmail.com
  8. Jagmanrules@gmail.com How many teams are in this league?
  9. Jagmanrules@gmail.com Interested in seeing which players are available to draft