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  1. 5/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    3 run bomb for Tyler O’Neill. 3 days in a row with a hr for him.
  2. Odubel Herrera 2018 Outlook

    It doesn’t count.
  3. Jordan Hicks 2018 Outlook

    This was from yesterday but shows the movement he has on his pitches:
  4. Jordan Hicks 2018 Outlook

    Those pitches register as a sinker too lol the downward action on his pitches are insane
  5. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    There is absolutely no way they can not afford to have his bat in the lineup. Pham and JMart are literally the only two players hitting worth a damn in that entire lineup. Yes the defense has been atrocious but he’s not going to be getting any additional “rest days” anytime soon trust me.
  6. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    They've played like 2 games this entire week lol. Just hit a 2 run bomb FYI. Kid will return plenty of value over the course of the season he’s just getting started.
  7. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Kendricks ruptured his achilles tonight.
  8. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Juat checked his splits. Hitting well over .400 the past 2 seasons vs lefties. Granted he hasn’t played a ton of games.
  9. Alex Reyes 2018 Outlook

    Choo choo
  10. May Closer Thread 2018

    The guy sucks lol
  11. May Closer Thread 2018

    Greg Holland lol How many saves opps will he cost Norris by giving up the lead if they keep bringing him in for the 8th inning.
  12. Charlie Blackmon 2018 Outlook

    Just hit a 2 run bomb
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    JMart going off tonight damn