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  1. Yes. I think you need to handcuff Ware as you would any other top RB. Charles is the obvious choice but he may not be worth what it'll take to get him. West is a free pick up for most everyone.
  2. I think he is a solid -high RB2 this week, high floor. I'm not too concerned about his value after this week, he was a free pick up for just about everyone. Enjoy this week and if McCoy is out longer than expected, think of it as a bonus.
  3. Dropped him this morning. Being in a dynasty league, his value is lower than a redraft league, but I think he's droppable in redraft too (unless you're in like a 14/16 team league). He's not startable now and I don't see at any point in the season where you'd want to start him. Too much risk, low low floor and not a very high ceiling.
  4. Have the #1 waiver and just can't pull the trigger for Davis. I am starting my alarm for when waivers process to see if he is claimed (possible he is not claimed in my league given the late news on Lacy). I wouldn't be surprised if he presented solid RB2 value in a few weeks but he may only get that briefly until Lacy is back. That's IF he gets the lions share of carries.
  5. I think he's a solid RB2 this week
  6. Hope it's not the dreaded high ankle sprain for Lacy...
  7. Depending on who you have I think he's droppable. Limited upside, inconsistent and now fighting off some injuries. I've tried to add him in trades and have had people flat out tell me to keep him, they don't want the headache, I don't blame them.
  8. I see some potential value for the rest of the season but I think you can leave him as a free agent for this week. -He might get 10 carries this week, maybe. Lions may be playing from behind all game so more pass plays (Riddick). - Packers D has been really good against the run this year so any carries he gets yards could be hard to come by. - I think he's still second in line for carries this week behind Riddick when they actually run the ball. Best case scenario he plays well and earns half the snaps the rest of the year, becoming a low end RB2. I'm still planning on picking him up next week but I don't think he's going to be a season savor. He's still a 7th round pick who has had 6 regular season carries in his career.
  9. Only 2 weeks in but not only does Stefon Diggs lead the NFL in receiving yards, he leads the next closest receiver by 59 yards.
  10. I think if you have other options until Brady comes back you gotta sit Edelman. Once Brady is back I have no worries be well be a solid WR2 the rest of the year (as long as he's healthy).
  11. Looked like a miscommunication. Gronk never turned back for the ball, just kept running his route.
  12. I don't think it'll happen but I'm nervous he doesn't play. Like the comment above I think it'd be a good idea for everyone to move him to their flex spot and have a backup ready.
  13. If you're doing this every week, eventually your drops will pay off for your competition. I've found and seen more success this year being proactive than sitting back being scared that the guy you drop will come back and hurt you.
  14. I learned to always have a droppable player or two and take a flier every week on a backup RB after waivers. Some 1st string RB will get hurt during the week and if you are doing this every week you will end up with someone you can start at some point. Then you can use your waiver spot for someone you didn't pick up on already who is a hot pick up.
  15. I love Brown as a potential week 16 lotto ticket but I'm worried that they will sign some who may steal carries.