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  1. Looked like a miscommunication. Gronk never turned back for the ball, just kept running his route.
  2. I don't think it'll happen but I'm nervous he doesn't play. Like the comment above I think it'd be a good idea for everyone to move him to their flex spot and have a backup ready.
  3. If you're doing this every week, eventually your drops will pay off for your competition. I've found and seen more success this year being proactive than sitting back being scared that the guy you drop will come back and hurt you.
  4. I learned to always have a droppable player or two and take a flier every week on a backup RB after waivers. Some 1st string RB will get hurt during the week and if you are doing this every week you will end up with someone you can start at some point. Then you can use your waiver spot for someone you didn't pick up on already who is a hot pick up.
  5. I love Brown as a potential week 16 lotto ticket but I'm worried that they will sign some who may steal carries.
  6. Even if Gronk doesn't miss any time I think Chandler needs to be picked up as a handcuff for all Gronk owners.
  7. Oh thank you for this, feeling a bit better.
  8. Unremarkable yet ok day for Hoyer. Didn't hurt you but won't win you any games.
  9. Saints really need to start scoring to keep the Houston O moving along.
  10. Andy being Andy
  11. Hoyer 7 for 7, 55 yards and a TD on the first drive
  12. I'm in the same boat and was going to go with Brady but I just picked up Hoyer and I'm going with him. There are just too many reasons not to play Brady this week. He's now missing his top RB (a pass catcher who was his check down) #1wr, #3 WR, #4 & #5wr's (Dobson & Martin) and there are 3rd stringers starting on the offense line. And now he's playing by far the top defense this year on the road coming off a short week. I love Brady in fantasy as much as anyone else (I built my team around him and the Pats) but this week couldn't be a worse matchup. Hoyer with argueably the top WR on the game against possibly the worst pass D... It's gotta be Hoyer this week.
  13. So why would they consider Tebow? Sell some jerseys, give some fleeting reason for dinner interest in the team, scout team QB. A better question is why not?
  14. I think this will be a White game. Denver run D real good and Pats down a lot of WR'S. I see them using White more out of the backfield to replace Edelman/Amendola's production. Prediction for Blount: 12 carries 47 yards
  15. I'm going to lose by about 10. If I had won I'd be in sole posession of 1st place (we have top 2 teams with a bye). Now I'll be tied for 3rd. - No one scored a TD this week on my team (just Brady with his pass TD) - Would have won if the Amendola play continued and he scored - Would have won if I played White over Williams (which I was mulling over)