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  1. Played the guy I lost the championship game to last year so beating him in round one this year would have been real nice. He has Bell of course. Then Desean Jackson (who I dropped earlier in the year) and Tyreek Hill (also dropped, but because I can't roster and root for someone with his background). He didn't even take Julio Jones out of his lineup, but it won't matter.
  2. Kelley has some real nice vision. That combined with him hard to bring down, he's the real deal.
  3. I love Diggs but he has too much risk this week for me to start him in the playoffs. The ineptitude of the Vikings offense coupled with a good Jaguars pass defense (at least fantasy wise) makes me think there is as good as, if not more of a chance of 3/4/5 fantasy points as there is 12+.
  4. I think this week is the week Lewis breaks out. 3rd game back, should be "eased" back in. Probably (possibly?) no Gronk, and a gimpy Brady who may want to dump it off rather than move around in the pocket to bide time or get hit.
  5. I think pairing them with someone like the Chargers D works well. Week 13 SD vs TB at home Week 14 MIN @JAX Week 15 MIN vs IND at home Week 16 SD @ CLE This is what I'm planning on and I may burn my top waiver to ensure I get the Chargers D.
  6. I'm right with ya. On one hand I think he might be special, no denying this kid has talent. But fantasy football is supposed to be fun and I have fun rooting for the guys on my team. There is no way I can root for him after what he did. If I can't root for someone and feel good doing it, no reason to pick them up. But to each their own.
  7. I don't think it's a thing where you ease yourself in. From everything I've read /heard it takes a few days to heal then as a precaution most athletes will take a week off. He should be at 100% now.
  8. Need Crabtree to get less than 9.9 points in standard. If he can be kept out of the end zone I feel good.
  9. Zero this season since the trade deadline has already passed.
  10. 2.7 points between Green and OBJ. Should be a shoe in but crazier things have happened.
  11. If Kelley wasn't facing the Vikings I may lean towards him but gotta go with Gurley this week
  12. If Seattle can utilize Graham like they should...
  13. Need 24 points between Baldwin and Graham. Probably means at least 1 TD from someone but more likely 2TD's will be needed.