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  1. True, but I mean irrelevant in the way most McCoy owners want him to be
  2. What's more likely, McCoy becomes the lead back and D Will is irrelevant, or they go into Week 4 and nothing changes? Based on fantasy history, it's the latter. Maybe McCoy is involved more but I think this one might actually be a committee going forward
  3. Wednesday is vet day. Lots of guys rest. While McCoy is probably just getting reps in.
  4. I have no idea, but I think he'll be a good outlet for Jones. Who else do they even have honestly besides Barkley, Engram and Shepard? He basically becomes the WR1 in that offense by default. I think you need to add him if you can make room.
  5. week 1 hardman: 78% robinson: 63% week 2 hardman: 74% robinson: 91% ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How do you view him once Hill is back and everyone stays healthy?
  6. who do you guys think is the better WR to own ROS - hardman or robinson? right now they both look good, but once tyreek comes back isn't hardman filling that role right now? won't he just go back to special teams and punt returning? because best case they are both behind hill, kelce, watkins but one will inevitably take a bigger hit than the other
  7. fwiw hardman played 78% to robinson's 63% in week 1
  8. I'm a little lost about whether to target Robinson or Hardman. Granted they should both be dart throws until Tyreek returns, but who is the one to own beyond that?
  9. "Hunt is just a guy" "Hunt was a product of the KC system" "Hunt isn't good" "Hunt won't eat into Chubb's workload" I keep seeing these scattered throughout this thread, and they have absolutely no merit to them. From what we've seen from Hunt is that he is good. Granted that was from the KC system. And we haven't seen him out of the KC system, so you can't exactly say he sucks yet can you? Hunt is going to be a factor whether you like it or not. And Chubb getting spelled on 3rd downs (for some guy named Johnson) even when the game was in hand is not great. How do you imagine that shakes out when Hunt returns?
  10. I'm gonna try and sell. Schedule gets harder from here on out, and Hunt coming back is only going to make things worse. If you don't think Hunt will be that involved, you're only kidding yourselves because he's a capable back
  11. Because how do you stop the KC pass offense? lol
  12. Yeah let's be clear here. Big Ben did not look good through the first couple games. That being said, sometimes guys start slow to a season only to regain their normal level of production. If you wanna sell Juju, fine. But don't do it until after Week 3 when we can see what the rookie can do