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  1. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Decided to go down the list. There's a few more questionable situations than I initially thought. Yankees - Chapman Red Sox - Barnes ? - Have to imagine Barnes is the guy if Kimbrel doesn't re-sign. He was pretty solid last season. Blue Jays - Giles Rays - Alvarado Orioles - Givens Astros - Osuna Mariners - Strickland Rangers - Leclerc Angels - Allen Athletics - Treinen Indians - Hand Tigers - Greene White Sox - Colome Royals - Peralta/Boxberger ? - Apparently Yost isn't naming a closer. That's always fun Twins - May/Rogers ? - I would assume May, but who really knows here. Phillies - Dominguez/Neris ? - Seranthony showed so much promise last season then kinda fell apart as the season went on. Gotta think he's given the first chance this season. Mets - Diaz Nationals - Doolittle Braves - Vizcaino Marlins - Romo Dodgers - Jansen Rockies - Davis Diamondbacks - Bradley/Holland/Hirano ? - Holland was laughable with the Cards but elite when pitching for the Nats last season. They like Bradley as their multiple inning guy. Holland might get the first crack here. Padres - Yates Giants - Smith Cubs - Morrow/Strop ? - Morrow was treated like a baby last year. Strop had a career year. Most will be drafting Morrow, but I think I'd rather take Strop here. Reds - Iglesias Pirates - Vazquez Brewers - Knebel/Jeffress/Hader ? - Jeffress was so good last season. Seems like they prefer Knebel in the 9th though. Hader will do Hader things and kill everybody from the 8th on whenever he's used. Cardinals - Hicks/Miller ? - I could see Miller creep back into the 9th if he shows he's still got it, especially with Hicks' inexperience.
  2. Madison Bumgarner 2019 Outlook

    For where he's going I think you could certainly do worse. It takes players a while to come back from injuries. And this is Bumgarner were talking about, not some meddling middle of the rotation journeyman. These kinds of picks are what can make your draft. Bumgarner is going as an SP2, possibly SP3. For someone who has ace upside, I don't see why you wouldn't take a chance on him that late. Especially when he's only 29 coming off freak injuries, rather than a ton of soft tissue problems.
  3. Victor Robles 2019 Outlook

    Cause of the speed he can provide. Even Hamilton and his sub .240 batting average was drafted pretty high for his speed. Any player who can offer stolen bases and flirt with a good batting average will go early. Dee Gordon is a prime example. Does nothing but steal and hit for average and isn't exactly ignored in drafts.
  4. Joey Votto 2019 Outlook

    It's interesting to see how 1B is getting drafted this year. I make it a priority to get one of the "top" guys before the cliff. Last season goldy, rizzo, freeman, votto were gone by the 3rd and abreu was the last one I was comfortable with and I grabbed him. This year you're seeing guys like Bellinger/Votto/Abreu being taken between rounds 4-7. Don't understand why it's happening, but I'll gladly wait on 1B if I can grab one of them that late. Hoskins - Struck out a lot last year, but will likely take a step forward after having another year under his belt Bellinger - For both hoskins and bellinger, you're really betting on upside over the older guys Abreu - Probably the most consistent floor aside from Votto. Season was cut short last year because of a surgery and then a thigh injury. It was right as he was getting hot too. Votto - Has the best lineup around him of these guys. Just be prepared for his 1st half tinkering lol Carpenter - he's being drafted this high because of an unsustainable hot streak last season. He's one of my biggest avoids. Aguilar - An interesting case. Not the worst fall back if you miss out on guys ahead of him aside from carp Murphy - This is interesting, though I think it'd be smarter to throw him at 2B with how shallow that position is this year Encarnacion - hard pass with the rebuilding lineup Olson - poor man's hoskins with a worse BA
  5. Tommy Pham 2019 Outlook

    Hoping to scoop him as my OF2 this season
  6. 2019 Sleepers

    Anyone else got their eye on Kike Hernandez? Seems to be improving vs lefties each year and evened out last season
  7. 2019 Sleepers

  8. Victor Robles 2019 Outlook

    Assuming Eaton is still around opening day, where does Robles project to hit in that lineup assuming Eaton/Trea will be at the top? He's definitely high on my short list of "upside" picks that I want on my team
  9. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I'm just excited for the 2019 closer threads
  10. Championship Rosters

    I did it boys. First time football champ. Down 23 with Mahomes going into the game and he bailed me out (and big shouts to Robby Anderson) For real though, I would have been mad as hell if I lost with all those points on my bench
  11. Gurley or Jeffrey WHIR

    Alshon. I don't think Gurley plays and if he does it's risky as he might sit for a good portion of the game
  12. DJ for sure CJA for upside, Michel for floor
  13. Start 2 - WHIR

    Fournette and Blue for me as well
  14. Flex Help - WHIR 100%

    Alshon for me