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  1. Based on that cost differential I wouldn't take it. $40, probably. I feel like Mondesi is the real deal, maybe not a Betts but a perennial first/second rounder.
  2. I agree on sell high. Turner is just a better player.
  3. I like Lucchesi a lot for the future but if this isn't a keeper league I'd probably look at making the deal. He's going to have a lot of up and down still this year.
  4. I've been on the Verdugo train for a long time so I'd probably lean his way but it's pretty fair either way. All depends on your personal preference and view on their future performance.
  5. I'd probably stick as well...that power potential is tough to ignore. Plus, Dahl has shown to be made of glass in the past, without more of a track record of staying healthy I wouldn't feel like I could trust him.
  6. I agree with Montas. Fiers has too much up and down potential.
  7. I've had some injuries on my SP staff but have some depth on the offensive side. Both of these offers are on the table. This is an auction keeper league where I could keep Story or Bell forever. Story would be $15, Bell $4, Ryu $11, Cole $31 Other SS: Mondesi Other 1B eligible: Hunter Dozier, Daniel Murphy, Jose Martinez, Yandy Diaz Worth taking either of these deals?
  8. I got him for $6 in a keeper draft. I'd think you're still under $10 for him.
  9. Thanks Showdown. It is a weekly head to head category league. 13 categories, if you have a better ERA, for example, you win that category. A lot of weeks you'll see a 7-6 or 8-5 final score which is one "win" for the year long league.
  10. Auction Draft: K/QS/W/L/SV/ERA/WHIP Hader: $4 Verlander: $35 I could see Hader possibly getting that closer role during the year and those ratios are nice. Verlander is obviously a top 5-10 pitcher and could probably help me in more cats. I'm leaning Verlander but that keeper tag is pretty high. I could always try to get the one I don't keep back in the draft.
  11. I'm in a 14 team auction league with 12 keepers and escalating keeper values. Been holding Senzel with expectations of him coming up later this year but due to the injury that will obviously not be the case. Now I'm looking to deal to a non-contender who is looking to build for the future as he's someone I feel like could be held for 10 years. He's currently $1 and will be escalated to $4 next year. $7, $10, $13...etc... Looking at some of the following pitchers: Morton - $7 Guerra - $4 Manaea - $5 Paxton - $25 I'm assuming Paxton is probably out of reach despite a higher keeper tag. Am I overvaluing Senzel here? I could hold and keep but I have a championship contending team.
  12. Got him in both my leagues. Loving him playing to his potential.
  13. I'd be hesitant to weaken your pitching staff that much comparatively to your offense.
  14. Haha, accidentally posted before finishing.
  15. I'm in an odd 14 team league where you sign players from anywhere of 1 year to 5 years. Minor league draft picks give you six years of control. Total budget is $150. We start C, 1B. 2B, SS, 3B, RF, LF, CF, UTIL AND I have an extreme logjam at SS. Current SS: Corey Seager: 1 yr., $0.5 Carlos Correa: 1 yr., $0.5 Jose Iglesias: 1 yr. $1 Trea Turner: 3 yrs. $0.5 yearly Bo Bichette: 6 yrs. $0.5 yearly Cole Tucker: 6 yrs: $0.5 yearly I can offer a qualifying offer to both Seager and Correa and if I don't sign them I'd receive a pick at the end of the 2nd round in next years minor league draft. Should I look at trading Seager's rights despite being out for the rest of the year? Move Correa and hope turner can stay healthy? Other starters: C: Lucroy 1B: Rhys Hoskins 2B: Jonathan Schoop (INJ), Jose Peraza 3B: Anthony Rendon LF: Starling Marte CF: AJ Pollock RF: Hunter Pence SP: Montgomery, Taillon, Price, Odorizzi, Musgrove (Buehler, Garrett, Fernando Romero) RP: Devenski, Garcia, Raisel Iglesias, Kela, Neris, Strickland, Gsellman, Hader