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  1. oz-zay-EE-noe I'm pretty sure. And for people answering Ah-zee and the like, Ozzie is his nickname, they're asking about his real name - Ozhaino.
  2. I think the reality is the opposite. The only reason people are defending him recently is because of the start to the season.
  4. In this case it wouldn't because ISO is already zero. In the real world yes, I get it.
  5. Words mean things . 100%, means always. Starting from 1-1 with a single. Next at bat a line out. ISO remains the same.
  6. It isn't necessarily yes. You'd have to assume those outs were extra base hits and not singles for it to negatively affect ISO.
  7. I'm starting him in my weekly h2h league this week for the first time all year.
  8. Snitker batting Adonis Garcia 2nd has to be one of the dumbest line up moves in all of baseball.
  9. I get where you're coming from, and don't mean to nitpick one name from a list, but he asked for ones with AS MUCH upside and seeing Sims there really stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I'm glad he's started off well this year, but I really don't foresee fantasy relevance for him unless it's in the bullpen.
  10. So if what Sims has done is great, what is what Berrios doing called?
  11. Sims?! Sims is not in the same league as Berrios at all.
  12. His fastball speed was a few mph off. Throwing a lot of 91-93 pitches instead of 95-97s. He isnt a guy who can live at that lower speed right now.
  13. If I remember he was playing with an injured ankle or knee or something most if 2015. His numbers have been there when he's healthy, but it's a roller coaster sometimes.
  14. The doctors can only go off what they hear from the patient. Noah saying no to the MRI also probably came with an "I'm fine". If he lied, that's on him and clears anyone on the team for anything legally wrong. It does not, however, clear them from the charge of being stupid.
  15. I'll say as a non-owner, Braves fan that he doesn't look lost up there to me. He is taking tough pitches and the swing looks ok to my untrained eye. He isn't getting totally humiliated up there, but he also isn't producing a ton of loud outs. He is hitting decent liners to to outfielders coming in hard and infielders. Sort of a mixed bag, he's necessarily getting robbed of extra base hits, but he is missing out in a lot of solid base hits that just aren't falling.