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  1. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    The point is scoring less points (bad thing) would have helped his consistency(good thing). That's the tail wagging the dog.
  2. Christian McCaffrey 2017 Season Outlook

    He muffed punt and recovered. Only thing I can think of. Classic case of looking at the box score and not the game itself I assume.
  3. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    He is definitely not a drop for me. I'll keep him around as long as he gets more or less a guaranteed 12 carries a game.
  4. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    The difference in perceived value is the only way buying low/selling high works. You need different opinions on value or else everyone would value all players the same and you just be buying and selling based off of roster needs only. Not everyone will value these guys the same, and that's the point. If you like a guy's future, you hope the owner in your league doesn't like it as much as you. If he likes him more or the same you would just be buying, not buying low so you move on or decide to pay the higher price. Obviously it's the same thing in reverse for selling.
  5. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    I already spelled it out out in eloquent prose and it didn't work. James white also had at least 7 chances in 9 games and no less than 5 in any one game. One back with a high workload almost every week, and another with at least 5 every week, and usually 7. Seems like a pretty clear 1 -2 punch. When Belichick has a back who is strong, durable, and effectice he's his number one. The secondary back gets his chances pretty steadily in the passing game too.
  6. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    Again, 15/17.
  7. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    A lot of things used to be common knowledge. That isn't a valid arguement.
  8. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    He did post numbers. Blount got 15 plus touches in all but 2 games last year. Even if he's wrong, this is typically where you would give evidence to support your claim now. That's how arguments work.
  9. Fangraphs' Summer Top-100 Prospects List

    I think the lack of Ks is probably a part of what is keeping Allard's ranking down. He has had more lately, but they were only around 7-7.5 k/9 for a while.
  10. Ozzie Albies 2017 Outlook

    oz-zay-EE-noe I'm pretty sure. And for people answering Ah-zee and the like, Ozzie is his nickname, they're asking about his real name - Ozhaino.
  11. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    I think the reality is the opposite. The only reason people are defending him recently is because of the start to the season.
  12. Tyler Flowers 2017 Season Outlook
  13. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    In this case it wouldn't because ISO is already zero. In the real world yes, I get it.
  14. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Words mean things . 100%, means always. Starting from 1-1 with a single. Next at bat a line out. ISO remains the same.
  15. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    It isn't necessarily yes. You'd have to assume those outs were extra base hits and not singles for it to negatively affect ISO.