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  1. Nobody making Nandrolone is going lace a GNC type supplement with it. It doesn't make financial sense. As for the accident, I'm not buying that either . You aren't manufacturing a valuable drug and accidentally putting it in an over the counter supplement. It takes a bigger leap of faith to think he accidentally took steroids from a tainted supplement than to just assume he's stupid. The only possibility of him mistakenly taking this would be if he thought he was taking a less detectable steroid but was sold this without knowing.
  2. David Does Dahlas and Natural Born Pillaz is what I went with this year .
  3. He's had a weird schedule to start the year, first game pushed back a day and has played all day games so far. He just needs to sleep in.
  4. Via Eno Harris Twitter- From chat now: Dolomite” Exit velo of each RBI hit off Cotton last night: Simmons - 65 MPH Espinosa - 65 MPH Trout - 76 MPH Pujols - 80 MPH
  5. 95/17/80/12
  6. I have had my eye on him a little just because he always seems to be filling up the box scores when I look through them. No power to speak of, but good on base skills. Doesn't have a great track record for steals, but should have some decent run totals if given a shot at top of the line up.
  7. So is he for sure playing 2nd while Kipnis is out? Like enough to gain espn eligibility...
  8. I got him at 158 in a 14 teamer Sunday.
  9. A hard weekly innings cap is a punishment to better pitching staffs in H2H points leagues. If you have a team with good pitchers going deep into games they get less shots at wins than the guy streaming the 5-6 inning starters because they burn more innings per start. This is especially true in points leagues with 10 points for wins, it is the scoring that makes it worth it. 2 mediocre pitchers streamed is often better than the one quality starter. Limit it to one other two moves a week or drop the reward for wins down.
  10. Andrew Triggs, RP eligibility on Yahoo helps too if you miss on high end closers.
  11. Atl- Teheran
  12. Personally, he's quite a bit below Kipnis and Pedroia for me. He can't draw walks, is on lesser run producing team, and he SB% isn't that good. He is fast, but he isn't Billy Hamilton. Quite honestly, I see him as an Alcides Escobar replica.
  13. Is this about Degrom, Paxton, or Giolito? Because the reports I saw on Giolito were 90-93...
  14. It doesn't look like McCullers' front foot has even made contact with the ground yet in that photo while Schererville has nearly all of his weight transferred to his front for already. Not a great comparison. Look at O'learys' example, they are at similar spots in their pitch and pretty close on arm position. Also, that O'leary guy loses any and all credibility because he flat out said Price was one of one or two guys with perfect mechanics and then turned around and said he saw the injury coming after the fact. The guy may know some stuff, but he is just throwing darts blindly and taking credit for the couple that land.
  15. I don't think most of us care who dominates the city.