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  1. One owner needed for best team 20 dynasty

    Bump- really cool league, great people, improving as we go along, very very very high chance to WIN MONEY in a free league. Please hit me up! Fbaseball498@gmail.com is my email, or just message me here.
  2. Hello! Looking for one owner to inherit the best team in a 20 team dynasty. They will be making the playoffs and have a good chance to win it all. We play on ESPN, have a HTH league, it's 20 teams, and we have a very active group chat as well that we talk in a lot. This has been our first year, and we are planning to take steps to improve the league through rules modifications next year and beyond, but for now our rules are here: http://dynastysportshq.com/thread-8821.html. This is a free league but is sponsored for 100 dollars in prize money each year. Hit me up for more details! Really fun league.
  3. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Hes not hitting first... sb will decrease his average has always been fluky... gets on a 20 game hit streak then cold... horrible to own and painful his home runs he led the league in almost home runs, and only this year did he "break out" right when everyone else was
  4. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    I say mookie: 280 17 HR 17 SB
  5. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    Agreed, less than 10 HR, 275 AVG, and 40 SB. Seems reachable. But if your expecting this, why not go for Gordon. Or villar.
  6. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    Walk rate, mostly. Name a successful hitter with 3% walk rate
  7. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    Yeah another difference with Jennings is that he can walk, and Henderson was one of the prolific walkers of all time. So, turner is nothing like Henderson. This dude will not survive. Mark my words
  8. 2017 Starting Pitcher Rankings

    TBH I feel like that's wishful thinking. Maybe he was holding back his first spring start?
  9. 2017 Starting Pitcher Rankings

    Why do you think this
  10. 2017 Starting Pitcher Rankings

    Considering Paxton's success was tied to his fastball velocity increase... this is REALLY worrying, in my opinions. This is coming from a Huge Paxton supporter
  11. I think it would be lovely to get a semi casual rotoworld redraft league...maybe a redraft, free, ESPN/Yahoo?
  12. Justin Verlander 2017 Outlook

    I generally do not think people will improve or regress due to age alone, there needs to be factors for me to predict that.
  13. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

    Honestly I think he could be a superstar. I am really high. I may even consider him top 100 Edit: The "floor" is an injury but if he does not get injured, what is realistically his floor and ceiling? Floor: 3.50 ERA, 150 innings, solid Ceiling: 2.50 ERA, 210 innings, tons of k's, AL MVP. Fangraphs loves this dude.
  14. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

  15. Pitching Mechanics/Injuries

    I've been following o Leary for about half a year and he loves mad bum