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  1. I want to say that I think you are one of the most important and helpful people hereĀ 

  2. This dude cannot take a walk. Lol
  3. My point is also sort of that it typically does not increase as you go through stiffer competition, except in outliers
  4. Its obviously not NEEDED, I am just saying it is not a good thing
  5. Am I crazy or do I see, when I look at the minor league stats of most players, a good walk rate in all levels of minors?
  6. I am saying, look at good MLB players and their walk rates at HIS level right now. They had already developed. Because, unlike you all are implying, walk rates tend to go DOWN with each level, especially when going to majors. And do not give me some of the only exceptions to the rule- like any rule, there are exceptions- but in GENERAL, it is not good to be having such a low walk rate at such a low level
  7. let's be realisitc. He has a 5.1% walk rate. I can name on one hand the really good players who have a 5.1% walk rate. This is in low A ball. When he gets to high A ball, the walk rate will lower, k rate will increase (is normal this way). Average will go down. In majors, a DEFINITE decrease in walk rate, increase in k rate. It happens to everyone. If Eloy cannot take a walk, and strikes out, his average will plummet. Even Stanton (a comparison)...had a good walk rate in AA.