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  1. gonna risk it and start him in my weekly.
  2. looks great..glad I was able to add him at the beginning of this week
  3. 2-2 so far with 2 singles. C'mon Shatkins.
  4. Newcomb sent to Triple AAA, Touki likely to start Friday in Cleve.
  5. in the lineup for Buffalo today, batting third.
  6. well at least he hit the ball hard today and a couple full counts..still swinging at bad pitches he normally takes and that's getting him in trouble.
  7. starting to think this guy is a pumpkin! He can't even hit fastballs down the middle or fastballs in general anymore dating back to 2nd half last year..all he does with them is pop them up..sad.
  8. just when your manager starts you two days in a row you have to go and have 4 brutal at bats tonight..great lol. See you in a week, Willians!
  9. we need full time starts for Barnes and Astudillo!
  10. I guess this guy will play every other game as long as Martin is with the Dodgers?
  11. the thing that worries me about Ramirez was he was pretty awful in the second half last year....batted .302 with 29 homers and 70 rbi PRE all star break and then POST all star break he batted .218 with 10 homers and 35 rbi..he's looking much like the post all star break hitter to start this year..I watched most of his at bats last year, and he looks the same this year as he did post all star break last year...BUT, yes he did start real slow last year, so hopefully he figures it out.
  12. what a joke this guy has been lately (2 months)..i almost don't want to draft him next year cuz he did us dirty second half! Shoulda benched him during my run for the championship this week..who woulda thought we'd say that..crazy.