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  1. They at least moved him to 96 from 172, with that said I was surprised he wasn't ranked higher in the beginning of the season. He is progressing fast, mashing where ever he goes. just wait til he gets to PCL. I've bought stock in my dynasty league
  2. My first 3 picks last year: Fournette, Jordan Howard, and Kenyan Drake.
  3. Yeah and thankfully for Hader they traded him away for Bud Norris who did have one decent season with the Orioles.
  4. Andrew Vaughn looks to be a great fantasy player for dynasty next year. His bat looks great. As an Orioles fan Rutschman or Witt jr looks to be the first pick. Rutschman looks to be a great catcher but so did Wieters and he turned out decent but nothing like what he showed in college/minors. I'm not a fan of HS players especially when it comes to the Orioles. We have a history of screwing up in that department outside of Manny Machado.
  5. Needing a new prospect to stash and most of the top 50 are gone i went digging an came across Waters. Hes young, hitting for very good average at double A. Wished he'd walk more. Some websites i've seen have been high on him. Although the major ones not so much.
  6. He's been frustrating to own, feels like Alex Reyes all over again. first half way decent offer i get i'm getting off this ship.
  7. Hitting 312/17/5/23 with 394 OBP so far at A+. Glad i grabbed him, but i'd like to see him moved up to AA sooner rather then later.
  8. I was hoping not to see any threads on him till after my dynasty draft. He is someone I am targeting.
  9. I just want to thank Chubbs, Samuels and Aaron Jones (before last week) for getting me to the end.
  10. I'm firing up Mayfield after somehow surviving with Goff's let downs the past 3 weeks. If he could somehow throw a couple TD's to Chubbs ill be happy camper.
  11. I'm starting Samuels at TE. I've lost 3 different TE's to injuries this season and hoping if Conner plays Samuels still touches the ball hand full of times for some easy points.
  12. I take it you were not fortunate enough to get Samuels.
  13. I need Michael Thomas to not exceed 22pts. Of course the last time I played this team Thomas had his 211 yard game
  14. Oh btw the reason Cribbs had so much pts is because we did return yards and he was a monster there.
  15. Whats funny is, I actually had Ronnie Brown in 2009. Of course I also had Maurice Jones Drew, Ray Rice and Jamaal Charles. I think it was a ten team league, and ended up finishing second. I tried looking at the draft results but its not working.