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  1. apparently brewers have contacted mets about granderson
  2. i thought they said nobody has been asking about him lol i was hoping smith would come up
  3. lol i hope not!
  4. anybody think dominic smith will be called up if duda does indeed move to the rays?
  5. i agree, that rain delay sucked so bad!
  6. time to pick him up with duda being traded?
  7. sucks i started him in a weekly league, now his start got pushed back to monday ugh.
  8. especially when McCullers sucks.
  9. stanton had a lot of fluky injuries
  10. was trout's hit tool his biggest question mark coming into the majors?
  11. Barraclough to the DL with shoulder inpingement, here comes steckenrider!
  12. It said he is going to be hitting against right handed pitching only i do believe?
  13. hope you guys sold high!
  14. i say more like .240
  15. Drew Steckenrider, Miami Marlins AAA, ETA: July Marlins should be sellers at the trade deadline and could move a number of players including Yelich and Ozuna. Plenty of teams will be looking for relief pitching which makes Drew Steckenrider a call up option in July. He has an elite fastball that touches 97 and a slider he mixes in. He is currently in AAA, after a brief MLB stint, and is tearing it up with 39 strikeouts in 29.1 Innings. He also has a 1.53 ERA, a BAA of .131 and a 0.72 whip.