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  1. If the celts get butler then i hope bradley is in the deal
  2. They said he was available that does not mean definitely
  3. This is the most efficient he has ever been in his career not sure if i am buying it totally but he is really good
  4. evans is going to get waived. so that's good.
  5. he will just take a huge usage hit
  6. the 2nd place team in my H2H league (harden owner) traded harden/fournier/crowder FOR westbrook/klay thompson. i agree i would love to have harden in an 8 cat.
  7. too bad okafor is terrible.
  8. coach clifford didn't say anything about it after the game, i think it is just soreness
  9. points league's suck
  10. still he is 34th in 9 cat in the last month, hard to complain about anything
  11. not a bad trade, but i think you are right you should have went for a PG.
  12. never seen so many complaints about a top 45 player
  13. the 95-96 kentucky wildcats