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  1. Tony Delk scored 50 in a game too so what
  2. I doubt it.
  3. Well to be fair he never has been that good anyway
  4. Well he can score so we know that now can he do anything else lol
  5. Bobby Portis is not very good at all
  6. walton will do what MAGIC JOHNSON tells him to do
  7. frees up minutes for mirotic/portis/lauvergne split lol
  8. they just got McDaniels too, so he will get some minutes too
  9. good luck with that draft class coming in
  10. yeah play poorly lol
  11. it was one game, against the nuggets. lol
  12. like we all didn't see this coming lol
  13. if you can find a player of the same caliber on the WW, then go for it.
  14. he is doubtful for next game FOOL