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  1. Agree, that's what I was getting at. He's to the point where he's an autostart regardless of how many starts he has this week. Obviously if he starts faltering we re-evaluating, and if you have an all star team of aces maybe it doesn't apply. But it's odd to me to see someone questioning how many starts he gets this week. I have him on a couple rosters and never considered benching him at this point.
  2. Curious, are you benching him if not? He's been on fire for a month!
  3. He asked for 12 Ks and only got 10. I wanted to make sure wasn't too disappointed
  4. I have good news and bad news for you....
  5. I cannot imagine anyone is selling after this.
  6. Surely you jest. That's called data variance. Christian Walker is 28 years old - he has fewer steals in his professional career (minors + mlb) than Puig has in his last 521 AB. Using April numbers in this fashion is a joke. Come on...
  7. You are correct sir. That's a huge part of it. If you draft several guys with 15 steals it keeps you from drafting rabbits that drag down your power and average (or obp) and runs and rbi, etc. I didn't know this was such a hard concept for some in this thread to grasp. Steals are down (~10% fewer steals now than there were just 5 years ago). Every steal is worth more in a relative sense than it has been in the past.
  8. And.... he's still Homer Bailey exactly like I said he was.... am I wrong?
  9. If you are playing a retro league that only counts stats accumulated so far that's definitely true. Otherwise. No... not true at all.
  10. Amazing, it's like players regress to their true talent level and don't continue hitting .170 when they are .260 hitters. Who would have thought??
  11. It's funny to compare his numbers right now against 2016 - same IP, same W, same K, same BB. He's the same guy as he was in 2016 (which is not a good thing).
  12. Got it, you don't want to provide any data to support your position. Color me uninterested in your contribution, but carry on!