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  1. Agree with being cautious, however late bloomers do exist - see Max Muncy for exhibit A
  2. You are correct on his numbers overall. But his numbers have started jumping off the page since he was traded to TX (although granted, smaller sample). .347/.386/.653 with 10 HR and 2 SB in 30 games would project out nicely (if it worked like that...) He's going to get playing time. He's on track to being a full time starter next year (now as to what position, I have no idea).
  3. Solak (who plays a similar type utility, all over the field role as Santana) got called up for Mazara.
  4. What does "make up for the missed time" mean? I have him in multiple roto leagues and he will be very valuable down the stretch. Losing him hurt, but that's why you have a bench!
  5. Homey Bailey over Manaea seems... dumb
  6. I wouldn't compare Harper and Acuna. They are vastly different talents. Acuna is much closer to Trout.
  7. That's called an embarrassment of riches. Which of Springer, Altuve, Brantley, Bregman, Alvarez, or Correa are you thinking deserves to be moved back in the lineup?
  8. Candidate, sure. Yordan Alvarez, John Means, and Brandon Lowe are good candidates as well. It'll come down to how they close out the last 60 games
  9. Yup - this will be their 4th start together out of Yu's last 6 starts. No surprise at all.
  10. Sorry, read your sentence differently than you allowed
  11. Hmmm, are you sure *he* allowed all 6 to score? Because only 3 had scored when he was pulled.
  12. Any news on why he only went 2 IP yesterday? Ejected hopefully?
  13. 5/20 is the standard I've seen across many leagues. I think 10 came along with one of the big box stat providers later on.