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  1. The raptors lost too. Serves him right!
  2. Starting lineup should be rondo Kuz, bron BI and javale
  3. In his last three starts Tyus is averagin 13.7 points and 9 assists. Wish they would announce Teague is getting shut down!
  4. If he gets shutdown it's more than 25 minutes!
  5. Agree he was bad tonight but still got 33 minutes. I'm holding for awhile!
  6. Who cares Pelicans were actually smart by not playing him in the 2nd quarter.
  7. Hey Kawhi maybe you should stop sitting out games cause you are rusty as hell bro!!
  8. He's starting Friday! It really is sad a guy in the prime of his career, getting a week off and they still have a blurb on him starting. There shouldn't be any questions he's healthy.
  9. I'm happy for the Pelicans to rid them of this cancer that is Anthony Davis. Bye felicia!
  10. Him and his big mouthed agent did this by saying we don't want to play on this team anymore. Makes no sense to play him. AD owners are freaking delusional.
  11. To be fair this trade was done like 6 days before the trading deadline. I was sweating man.
  12. I traded him for Kawhi and joe ingles. I guess i'll take the Kawhi headache over AD
  13. The butthurt from AD owners are hilarious. You knew this was coming. Should have traded him!!
  14. It's called being smart they are preserving their best trade chip, and developing a very talented and young big in Okafor.
  15. I don't have a source but the beat writer said they need to sit him down and after the all star break more than likely will happen. The head coach is sick of it too. Look at how embarrassing the game was last night.
  16. AD is gonna get shut down. Jahlil is as must own as it gets
  17. As the losses pile up AD will be done, mark my words. Should have traded him when you had a chance!
  18. If I were his teammate I wouldn't pass him the ball. He doesn't want to be on the team so screw him.
  19. Nope that is false they won't be fined if they shut him down. You must have this guy I happily traded him for Kawhi and Joe ingles so have fun when he gets shut down!