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  1. Looking for two new managers to take over a first year keeper league. This league has been going on for 2 solid years with pretty much the same managers. The two teams available are; BroadStreet Bullies and Knights of Authority. Here is the link to the league to view the rosters and league settings. Keeper Rules are as follows: You will be allowed to keep six (6) total players. A minimum of one (1) forward, one (1) defenseman and a minimum/maximum of one (1) goalie.
  2. Which 3rd baseman to add?

    I'd go with Candelario
  3. Matt Olson 2018 Outlook

    He has officially arrived.
  4. Best SP - ROS (WHIR)

    Velasquez ERodriguez Gausman Duffy
  5. Stanton or Harper ROS? WHIR

    I just like Harper but you can't go wrong either way.
  6. Rank these OF's

    Rank the following in a H2H Points (H, R, RBI, HR, SB) Dickerson, Conforto, Hicks, Soto, Meadows, O'Neil.
  7. Puig and Mikolas for Haniger

    Exactly what i was thinking.
  8. Please rank the following ROS. Flaherty, Reyes, Pivetta and Manaea. Current SP's: Sale, Kluber, Cole, Archer, Manaea, Pivetta, Ray (DL).
  9. Keep Happ and drop Fulmer for Pivetta. Keep Flaherty on your radar he got nice stuff.
  10. Mengden or Cahill?

    Cahill if he can stay healthy.
  11. Which 3B would you want ROS?

    To be safe ROS i think keep with Seager. But i understand the frustration owning him so I would rank the following, Chapman Candelario Franco Harrison
  12. Good trade? I will be receiving Haniger. Flaherty, Velasquez, Reyes, Stripling, Skaggs are all available as replacements for Mikolas.
  13. Rank these SP ROS

    Cahill Musgrove Mendgen Hellickson
  14. Drop Aguilar for Moreland? WHIR

    I would ride Aguilar until Thames returns. But ROS i would go with Moreland.
  15. Rank these 5 SPs ROS - WHIR 100%

    I still think Manaea will finish with solid numbers at the end of the season. Top 3 for me right now Clevinger Pivetta Manaea