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  1. Impossible to say. But until then he’s a monster start in your flex. How many flexes can legit go for 150/2 any week? And what makes us think there won’t be other injuries to KC skill players? To pass on a piece of this offense because you think you know what will happen 2, 6, 10 weeks down the road is not wise. Grab Robinson now.
  2. Interesting how 2 people can see the same game so differently. I thought he looked sharp with decisive moves and jump cuts. Davis would come in and the difference was immediately noticeable. Good power too- with no mistakes. This was a tough battle in a place few opponents look their best.
  3. Wr13 when he went down last year not an accident
  4. That was after Denver took a D holding penalty in the end zone. Monty was in the whole time before that too
  5. I know y’all didn’t sit Sanders this week 👀 he is the one broncos offensive player you never bench. Almost had a second too.
  6. He’s a must add. I’ll start every chiefs wr weekly and take the huge with the mediocre. Too many points to leave on the bench. Mahomes = 🐐
  7. Freemans not bad at all lol. It’s the bears D 🤷‍♂️. Denver did basically squat until the last 2 drives. Both guys had moments of flash but it was a grind. Next week doesn’t get much easier. @lambeau
  8. Pretty good Cable. Some nice cuts...a good dive over the top to get the TD. And no major mistakes This was a defensive battle but he was favored heavily- especially in RZ.
  9. Great signs for Monty- He dominates touches over Davis. Cohen is what he is. I’m ready to endorse Monty as a flex next week
  10. Monty leading the backs is good to see. Patterson is not 😡
  11. 12 targets. Can’t say it was a bad play...just never broke loose. DK is getting more attention weekly too. Keep the faith 🙏
  12. Mustard was squirting all over the field today. Very impressive performance by SF. He’s in my lineup next week
  13. So far, so good. 4 catches is about what most expected. Solid- but a lot of mouths to feed. Pats win many different ways.
  14. Good posts 👆 agreed. the other thing BB mentioned was how little carryover there was from Pitt system to NE. I don’t get the impression Brown is book smart as much as an incredible instinctual athlete with many years of chemistry built up with Big Ben. Brady’s not a scrambler or extend the play guy. Do your job, run your route perfectly so the throw is on time and target. No one man is bigger or more important than their system. Belichick also mentioned multiple times that they’ll use brown in whatever way benefits the team needs- no more or less than that. So against a cupcake like the Dumpster there going to be enough opportunity for 3 stud WRs to all eat? Many handoffs would be the logical outcome for a blowout. Like others have said- it only takes one big play for AB to be worth a start—I just don’t feel confident this is the week we start to see that. GL to other owners starting him. Pure gut call here.