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  1. it tells me they think highly enough of Damien to give him first shot at the starting role. And it’s unlikely they draft another rb early- but the third round on would not surprise me. I’m half expecting it. Any injury or mediocrity from Damien will open the door— and in this system... it may not shut again.
  2. IF being the key term. The starting chiefs back has changed for the last 5 years. Be wary. You mean a mid round afterthought like kareem Hunt? could def happen by midseason. I haven’t seen Damien handle a heavy load for a season yet.
  3. This Hunt has nothing to prove, there’s 20+ games of tape. Whether the suspension is 6 games or 16- there will be teams ready to part with assets. Heck, it might even be Chubb that gets dealt. You could claim that the Browns will get more if Hunt is cleared this season before trade deadline.... but it’s a win either way.
  4. Yep. Fantastic move by Cleveland. Zero guaranteed money after this season and he’s restricted. Trade one of Hunt or Chubb and enjoy a half season of the dynamic duo in the meantime.
  5. He will be. 6 games is my guess for suspension but it could be less for time served or some other penance. Bold prediction: post bye week
  6. Fox I wouldn’t hate as an owner of a rb. Jordan Howard rb 4, rb9 in 2 seasons. CJA got big loads in Denver under Foxy when health permitted. Sooooooo happy VJ and Gase are out. That’s huge for my dynasty team. /csb
  7. All fair. And there are certainly more egregious examples you could reference. Bottom line tho- you can’t hesitate to take these young rbs just because of a small nfl resume. Especially when the talent and situation is off the charts.
  8. Howard- new coach and scheme third year, second year he was like rb9. fournette- injury and suspension CJA- only 22 carries his rookie year then went to the pro bowl in 2014. But he always struggled to stay healthy. Can’t predict injury but outside of that- Chubbs situation couldn’t get a whole lot better. That team is loaded with cap space and young talent.
  9. You mean DARREL Williams? He’s possibly in the conversation for backup duties...or could go back the practice squad if they pickup/draft someone else.
  10. Yes we know- Do they only need one rb? Ware is dirt cheap and able to pickup any slack. Let’s not pretend Damien is some proven workhorse. He deserves more chances but that doesn’t preclude a cheap vet like ware sticking around.
  11. And that’s probably the only case they re-sign ware. If they plan on him being the backup again. He’s well suited for the role. Smart, good team player, reliable.....
  12. Almost spit up my coffee on that last sentence ware should be updating his passport and pricing real estate in Canada
  13. Shocking that it’s so difficult for some of these people. It wasn’t injury that kept Lindsay’s score down..its his lack of other weapons due to injury and poor play. And his minimal involvement in the passing game. Plus the risk of Royce vulturing a short one as he’s prone to do. Since Sanders injury- Denver is bottom 5 in total offense. Their season is cashed and they know it. Williams- lead back on the best offense in football, with a major pass catching role to boot. “Experts”.
  14. Well u have to consider amount of opportunities available with the first stringers. Damien was a UDFA castoff- who had to learn the playbook and prove hes worth a spot. He didn’t impress anyone in Miami that’s for sure. Ware was the logical choice for backup considering he knows the offense and has the trust of the coaches.
  15. Congrats to those who took the risk. CJA delivering big time
  16. Super risky. 3 backs getting carries...workload split unknown. Id go D Williams Ingram and M Davis over any Rams back $.02
  17. stud rookie goes off last week...let’s give Brandon Bolden the ball more.
  18. Its so Fournette to troll everyone on their benches for the finals lol
  19. Adam Gase trolling everyone lol hate that guy- never again with his players.
  20. I like Ballage quite a bit- he’s basically drake with more power
  21. And Royce freeman doesn’t? Even Booker gets way too many snaps on passing situation. Williams all day over Lindsay