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  1. Jumped them in the starting lineup? Who cares? GB has used 11 personnel (3 wide) for 71% of passing plays so far in 2019. That means a lot of snaps and chances for Lazard. His upside was never based on purely volume or switching roles. Rodgers either wants to give him chances or he doesn’t. He’s still the same high upside low floor flex candidate.
  2. They’ll go into the offseason still swearing Gordon is elite and Ekeler is a bum. ostrich meet sand
  3. Nothing has changed. You either believe Rodgers wants to make him a thing or you don’t. He’ll have plenty of snaps to be targeted either way. People gotta stop using Rb mentality on wideouts.
  4. love the confidence man- let’s get it 🦎 id consider 5/60/1 to be an awesome line. one of the hurt gb WRs being able to present the facade of a threat (decoy) is far better than Lazard trying to beat double coverage all game. We’ve seen this with young WRs time and again.
  5. well- I didn’t go quite that far haha. I just don’t care about Allison or MVS status. They’re jags and beat up. Lazard isn’t ready to be the wr1 game breaker beating heavy coverage. Kumerow and whatever other trash they throw out there isn’t going to help Lazard get open.
  6. This moment of reason brought to you by @SkinsChargersFan
  7. Smdh....As if he’s a backup rb needing injury to see carries. All that matters is AR trusts him enough to throw the ball his way. I’m fairly confident he does.
  8. What a poor post from top to bottom. joe Flacco didn’t give up- that’s just his demeanor. He’s Joe Cool when it’s working well— and a bum who doesn’t care when it doesn’t. 🤷‍♂️ just media spin. You don’t drop a wr1 for a guy who’s been a ghost most of the season. or...maybe you do? I’d spend my entire FAAB budget on Sutton should some poor sap drop him.
  9. If only one of MVS or Allison play- that’s optimal for Lazard.
  10. I have no problem with it- it’s your team. If a bye week opens up a buy low window on a stud...and your record is good enough to take the L...absolutely do it. On the flipside If you’re 1-5 and clinging to playoff might need to deal an injured or bye week stud for 2 good players with great matchups. There is no tomorrow for a 1-6 team. All that said- don’t drop good players for worse ones simply because of when their bye weeks fall. That’s just bad roster management and won’t help you field the strongest team down the stretch.
  11. My money is on a post bye return- especially if they keep winning. In redraft I’d trade Adams for any first/second tier wr— unless I’m deep enough not to need him and sitting at 4-2 or better
  12. if anyone can scheme a gameplan for a limited qb it’s Reid. What would such a gameplan look like? Might it involve a lot of short passes and runs to setup play action?
  13. Have you uploaded your consciousness into emoji form?
  14. Doesn’t seem like the right time to drop Shady. If they’re running the football- Chances are he’s the one doing it. And there will be plenty of short passes to keep Moore from forcing the ball. Mccoy is either a flex start or benched...not dropped.
  15. Rodgers sees the difference. Thats why he advocated for him to get in the game, targeted him consequently on deep routes, and trusted him to pick up another key first down. Then he heaped praise on Lazard after the game- “He’s been doing this in practice for a while now and just needed an opportunity...” Add the injuries and Oakland’s propensity to allow big plays.... it’s not crazy to think he does it again
  16. If he was playing with your choice of mediocre qb up to this point- maybe. Case and Flacco are completely different stylistically. And Flacco trusts Sutton- that pass he threw up for grabs down the sideline was pure chemistry. Should have been picked off. They both knew exactly where the other one would be. Lock was up and down in limited camp/ PS action- so that’s not an upgrade in redraft. The best thing for Sutton is status quo. JMO buddy
  17. sutton has been more consistent and productive with Flacco than any other qb to date. There’s chemistry and trust. A terrible half for the entire offense doesn’t instantly validate the backup as a better option for one particular wr. BTW- Lock is eligible to return to practice this week if that’s a route Denver wants to take.
  18. Mccoy 2009 R Mathews 2010 eddie lacy, Lev Bell, Lynch, AP, Addai...all exceeded second year expectations. considering a top 3 round rb only carries a 50% ROI hit’s natural people would key in on second rbs as “busts”. The simple fact is- you have to take chances on guys who could provide value.
  19. Don’t think a rookie qb coming off IR is the answer any Sutton owner is looking for. Not in redraft. Take the steady production and hope Flacco/ Oline play better next week. They prob will.
  20. Exactly right. You take chances on upside players in great spots. No need to break your arm patting yourself on the back. breakouts and busts come from all different backgrounds and situations. Condolences to those who paid the piper for Damien when he was a hot item. Don’t let it dissuade you from taking risks trying to win. Never easy to beat 11 other guys in any game.
  21. you’re gonna get something from Royce almost weekly- so there’s value in that. He just hasn’t had the explosive games that Lindsay has.
  22. extremely lucky. the whole offense was horrid and Freeman was very fortunate to get enough 3 yard plods and a GL plunge. Nothing to see here.
  23. Possibly the worst display of offense I’ve ever seen from Denver. I’m happy to get anything from Sutton after that. Brutal night
  24. This guy is Spencer Ware with ankle weights on.