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  1. VERY VERY INTERESTED!!! Please email me at chadwalker13@yahoo.com if there is a spot for me
  2. The open team has the 1st overall pick in upcoming rookie draft and 1st pick in all the other rounds as well, it has a very solid defense, some pretty big names on the team, and tons of cap space. If you would like to see the roster please let me know!!! chadwalker13@yahoo.com
  3. 70 man rosters Offense and IDP Salary Cap and Contracts IR and Taxi Squad 7 Round Rookie Draft If you have any questions or would like to see the open team roster please email me at chadwalker13@yahoo.com

    Still looking...
  5. Any IDP players in here ??

    I’m looking for a full Dynasty IDP league, something with salary cap/contracts and 53-70 player rosters if anyone has anything??? chadwalker13@yahoo.com if you do
  6. I am looking for a full IDP dynasty league! Preferably with salary cap, contract lengths, 50-70 player rosters but am open to what’s available Email me at chadwalker13@yahoo.com if you have something, thanks!
  7. ESPN - Rookies

    Does anyone know when this years rookies will be added to ESPN? I don’t remember it ever taking this long
  8. I have an open team that needs a new owner. Anyone interested I can show you the teams roster. $50 league fees each year would be due as soon as you possibly can. Here is some more info... League is on MFL website $50 league fees each year Offense and IDP league Salary Cap Contract Lengths Anything else you want to know or interested email me at chadwalker13@yahoo.com
  9. Need a replacement owner for one team. Free league on ESPN 12 team league 8 keepers Offline draft for rest of team will begin once this team is taken! More info or questions email me at chadwalker13@yahoo.com FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!