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  1. I have just been informed the owner will not be continuing in the league. This is a long-running league; most of the owners have been staples for years and many of them have been there since the inception 8 years ago. This is a FREE league. The team can be found here. League settings and scoring can be found here. Deadline to select your 16 keepers is August 1st end of day. The other 14 roster spots will be live drafted online at some point at the end of August. The team has the 8th pick of all of the 14 rounds. If you are interested; please respond here or send me a PM. Thank you.
  2. An owner has advised me that he will be backing out of the league.It is a large league with a lot of depth - 18 teams, 40 player rosters, including IDP (big play scoring).We are currently in the startup about to enter round 23 of 40.It is a slow-ish moving draft.The team is as follows: ... &teamId=18Rookie Picks drafted at this point: 3.01, 3.06, 3.09If you are interested - send me a private message.Ability to join GroupMe is a must.
  3. Someone has pulled out - they have 1.18 in the startup draft.If you are interested please let me know ASAP via PM.
  4. Another friendly bump. About half full now. Please continue to PM me if interested.
  5. Thanks for the PMs. Still some spots open - if interested.
  6. Hey everyone, I have been commishing for 8 years (one 8-year league on ESPN, another 5-year league). I am starting a new PPR/IDP with large rosters (40); IDP is based off of big-play scoring. It is currently slated for 20 teams; however if there is not enough interest for 20 it will be adjusted accordingly. Potentially down to 16 or 14. If interested, let me know.
  7. Depending on format - I would be interested in joining one.