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  1. For a points league with Quality Starts instead of wins, which side would you prefer rest of season? WHIR
  2. I think Domingo Santana still has levels he can reach. But since he's just your 6th OF, it's not alot of risk in making that move. If Tucker/Yordan aren't brought up for another couple weeks (or even later), you'll still have enough players to field a full roster. And that makes it a low risk move for you. I have a team on the other hand where I have Santana as my 3rd-4th OF and even with him struggling, he still plays every day and hits in a prominent spot in a lineup scoring runs. So it would be a lot riskier for me to make that same move (I happen to be stashing Yordan), but that's a much bigger gamble than you would be making in this case.
  3. how many teams are in this league? where are you in the standings? who did you drop to get him? It's not enough info to really say yes or no
  4. I could see them reversing roles down the stretch and Eloy catching fire while Dozier cools. But I like Dozier's plate discipline skills. I think I'd go with Eloy because if you were to trade him, you'd probably get a better return even if both guys have identical numbers. I always tend to break ties by looking at things that way. Which player has a name that would be worth more in people's minds if all things were even? That would be the guy I'd prefer to have on my roster.
  5. It would depend on what the rest of your pitching staff looks like. My guess is in a 16 team league, there may be a struggle replacing Snell unless you have the quality depth for it. Otherwise going from Snell to Bieber and gaining Brantley and Mous is a good deal to make. If you only have streaming fodder for pitchers behind Snell, then I'd probably stand pat.
  6. i'd go with Alonso. i think his power upside is slightly higher.. if you have more of a batting avg need, go Abreu. Really depends on the need. But I think I'd roll with Alonso and gamble on him maintaining his current pace.
  7. I'd do trade #3 from the original list assuming the OF isn't like Trout or something.. getting Springer / Giolito is pretty decent.
  8. If you really want Betts, I could see this deal making sense. He hasn't been on his ridiculous pace of last year, but the potential of that is still there. Mondesi is good, but I think he may regress down a bit as Betts trends up to MVP form. I might ask for an additional piece since giving up a closer and up and coming SP like Soroka should be able to draw you at least one additional piece from the Betts side.
  9. Just wanted to know if this looks like a legit trade and/or which side you'd favor ROS. I'd be giving away the German / Lowe side and receiving Berrios / Biggio. WHIR
  10. i'd always go with the player that you think wouldn't get picked up the fastest. So Gurriel would be my choice. Martinez is on fire and should keep getting playing time (finally) because of it. so now wouldn't be the time to drop him.
  11. In a league this small with just 3 OF spots and 10 teams, you can just play the hot hand. Dropping Dozier or Carpenter and McHugh would be my drops. But just bear in mind that 7 days from now, you may be looking to drop Kepler to pick up the next hot bat on the wire. There should be an entire waiver wire full of hitters in a league like this.
  12. The upside of the Yankee offense when it returns to form would have me favor Voit, but not by much. Chapman being at 3B is a factor. 1B is super deep.
  13. Simple. Who would you take? WHIR