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  1. He's not in ESPN player universe.....that figures!
  2. Great value in points leagues...not so much in roto. Imagine what he could do if he could manage to just hit .250
  3. Heres a link to league. It will be 2 separate MLB and one for MILB roster. Draft will be MILB first as soon as league is full and will be slow draft on league message board. MLB draft will be next weekend sometime and will be a live snake draft in reverse order of MILB draft order. We only need one more owner...we had one back out.
  4. Anyone interested in joining a free startup dynasty league on ESPN? We need 3 more owners to get 14 teams. The owners we have now are very active and dedicated to the long haul as they are in other dynasty leagues with us. We are looking for owners who will stick around for years to come and not bail when it comes time to rebuild your team. We will have 2 separate leagues, one for MLB and one for MILB. Scoring will be H2H points. A unique feature of this league is you can only start one SP per day with a minimum of 4 starts/week. This places a premium on obtaining a rotation or at least 3/5 of a rotation so you dont have all your pitchers starting on the same day. If interested, feel free to ask any questions. Heres the scoring breakdown: Runs Scored (R)1.5 Total Bases (TB)1 Runs Batted In (RBI)1.5 Walks (BB)1 Strikeouts (K)-0.5 Hit by Pitch (HBP)0.5 Stolen Bases (SB)3 Pitching Innings Pitched (IP)0.7 Hits Allowed (H)-1 Earned Runs (ER)-2 Walks Issued (BB)-1.5 Hit Batsmen (HB)-1 Strikeouts (K)3 Quality Starts (QS)7 Complete Games (CG)9 Shutouts (SO)9 Saves (SV)8 Blown Saves (BS)-4 Holds (HD)6
  5. I just traded for him in a dynasty league...I hope he can stay healthy. If he does, he should bring pretty good value.
  6. C-Grandal 1B- Tyler Austin, Peter Alonso, Bird 2B- Jeff McNeil, LeMehiue 3B- Aranado, Vlad Jr, Nolan Gorman SS- Nick Ahmed, Gavin Lux LF- Corey Dickerson CF= Joc Pederson RF- Judge UTIL-Souza Jr This is a Dynasty League
  7. Im thinking of trying to trade Arenado for a top SS in my dynasty points league. I have Vlad Jr I can play at 3B when he gets the call and currently my SS sucks (Ahmed). I tried for Manny and Lindor already and have been rejected. What other SS would you consider an even swap for Arenado? Bregman, Story, Baez?
  8. I like Brasiers chances to close for Boston if Kimbrell doesn't re sign with them
  9. He had left shoulder surgery after the season ended. Supposedly its been bothering him off and on since 2017. Hopefully he will be back to 100% and show last season was a fluke. I saw a video of him working out not too long ago and it looks like he's lost weight.
  10. I'd be interested in Dallas if available
  11. I picked him up in a dynasty league off waivers...had an extra bench spot. If he pans out, good for me
  12. Dallas is trying something different this year with its WR's. Instead of having a true #1 WR, they opted for a bunch of WR's that run good routes and have an expanded route tree. This is what they call "Dak friendly". Will it work? Who knows, but I wouldnt be worried too much about losing Dez. He was a non factor the past 2 seasons. I myself think Zekes in for a big year. He already admitted that all the crap going on last year was a big distraction and he's coming into this season refreshed and with a clear head.
  13. I remember a guy named Judge having a bad MLB debut too. Give him some more time before writing him off