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  1. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    I was referring to his hype.AJ was supposed to be a stud too..just go back and look at his thread here
  2. Miguel Andujar - 3B Yankees

    Andujar is only 22, so I can see the Yankees sending him to AAA to work on his defense
  3. Zack Godley 2018 Outlook

    Im expecting all Arizona pitchers to have a better season than they did last year due to the humidore
  4. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    I hope this guy dont turn out to be AJ Reed 2.0. I remember the hype for that guy was through the roof and it made me draft him in 2 dynasty leagues....what a mistake!
  5. AJ Reed 2018 Outlook

    I'd love to see him get a legitimate shot. Give him 200-300 AB's and see what he's got. It seems it takes him a bit to get it going every time he gets promoted to a new level.
  6. BP Dynasty 101 (free)

    Some of their rankings are out there. Robles above Vlad? Rodgers above Eloy? The worst has to be Gohara at 86!
  7. Austin Meadows - OF PIT

    Staying healthy is his biggest problem
  8. Need 4 more owners for new dynasty

    Email sent
  9. Free Dynasty startup league

    I'd be interested if it remains free. Im not interested in a money league for makes no sense for rebuilding teams.
  10. Trying to start new Dynasty League

    Im out if its a money league. Making a dynasty league a money league is stupid. Why would you want to waste money when time comes to rebuild?
  11. Trying to start new Dynasty League

    I'd be interested
  12. New Fantrax Dynasty league

  13. Miguel Andujar - 3B Yankees

    Im starting to think the Yankees may give him a shot at the starting 3B job this spring. As of right now they really dont have anyone else.
  14. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    I traded him this offseason in my dynasty league. I owned him for 3 years. His inability to hit lefties scared me off. He seems like he may get the dreaded platoon tag this year unless something clicks with him. Im staying away.
  15. Didi Gregorius 2018 Outlook

    He missed the first 5 weeks of the season too. He could have easily been a 30 HR guy. I could see him being somewhere around .275/25/70 while scoring a bunch of runs this year.